Uses And Benefits Of Lemon Oil

Nowadays, finding a shortcut or an easier access to a problem is the norm among most of the countries around the world even when it comes to a headache.

The go-to solution to most of the problems is gobbling down an antibiotic or painkiller before going to school or work.

Taking a pill for issues such as headaches, swelling, body pains, fatigue and typical fever may be a commonly observed habit but in accordance with researchers, people from all age groups should avoid getting used to taking medication.

Medicines even over the counter ones are available and consumed worldwide mostly due to the prevalent belief of their effectiveness as well as lack of side effects. Usually, the pills with serious side effects are not given without a prescription.

Hence, many believe developing a habit of taking a painkiller every other day to avoid a headache at work is completely safe. According to the statistics, common painkillers are the most common drugs bought in the United States.

Does this corroborate the statement of typical drugs being completely safe and harmless?

No. In fact, what this does indicate is that a lot of people are getting dependent on antibiotics and painkillers as well as being totally unaware of the fact that such a practice can have a number of harmful effects on their bodies.

A study conducted in 2014 showed that suicide with the help of popular antibiotics and pills is one of the widespread methods. This supports the claim of normal medicines can be potentially harmful if one takes them every other day.

In addition, another study observed the effects of adopting a habit of taking medicines for everyday issues on people. The results varied among the subjects while most of them started getting no results from the drug.

This means that there is a higher chance of developing resistance upon taking too many medicines. Secondly, some of the subjects became dependent on the drugs. Many of them felt the need to take pills even when they did not do their normal day’s work.

In some cases, people have reportedly overdosed on common medication available without a prescription. Consequently, most of the doctors and physicians have started to recommend using as fewer medicines as possible.
The suggested alternative to medicines especially for everyday problems is usually home remedies because of no side effects and their efficaciousness.

Essential oils have been used frequently for curing health conditions, beauty, and therapy.

Some of the most well-known essential oils are olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, and flaxseed oil. These oils and their benefits in every day can be found in many healthcare or beauty magazines, websites, books as well as research papers.

There are many essential oils that people might not have heard of but have some of the most amazing benefits for health, skin, hair, and diet. One of these is lemon essential oil. This particular oil has been gaining popularity ever since the number of researches conducted on it increased.

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One of the most prominent things about lemon oil in the studies is that it can be used for various purposes other than for health or physical appearance. It is one of the most beneficial oils to have in the home.

What Makes Lemon Oil So Beneficial?

Lemon oil has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. The particular oil is more popular in South Asia and the Middle East in comparison with the Western countries. Ever since the claimed benefits of oil have been backed by science, its usage has increased in the latter.

In addition to its previously mentioned usages, there is another reason this which makes lemon oil better than other oils in some aspects.

In accordance with International Journal of Food Microbiology, lemon oil is the most powerful antimicrobial oil in comparison with other essential oils.

This is one of the reasons why lemon and lemon oil both were used in Ayurvedic medicines. Applying lemon oil to wounds, cuts, injuries instead of over the counter ointments is seen even today in rural parts of Asia.

The benefits of lemon oil are countless as it can be used for things one cannot even think of. For example, a study published in Experimental Biology and Medicine found that the scent of lemon oil can help with the neurological activity that is responsible for the breakdown of fats in the body.

According to Alva’s Ayurvedic Medicine College, lemon oil also has the following benefits for health:

  • Purification and cleansing
  • Improving digestion
  • Cure for Abdominal Colic Pain
  • Remedy for Halitosis
  • Good for oral health
  • Relieving nausea
  • Balancing pH levels
  • Preventing malabsorption
  • Natural Cough relief
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Relieving dehydration
  • Nourishing skin and hair
  • Instant solution for overeating
  • Massaging for muscle ache
  • Helping with cramps and fatigue

According to the latest research, lemon and lemon oil both have been observed to be of great help for a person suffering from high cholesterol levels.

Both of them help in decreasing the amount of cholesterol in the blood, effectively lowering chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Secondly, both have also shown great results in gut health. A study conducted in 2003 showed that patients with digestive disorders or poor digestion had improved health after including lemon oil in their diets.

Although there is limited information on uses of lemon oil for improving mental health, a number of researchers have concluded the scent of lemon oil can be used in curing anxiety, depression and ADHD in earlier stages in people.

What Are Some of The Uses of Lemon Essential Oil?

Lemon oil can be used to improve gut health, promote weight loss, and for better skin or hair. Its medicinal effects have now become somewhat popular with the common people which is why lemon oil has been frequently used in medicines and seen on aisles in medical stores or local grocery stores.

But, can lemon oil be used for other purposes? Yes, of course. Lemon oil can be of great use around the daily house chores!

Many people are astoundingly unfamiliar with the uses of lemon oil regardless of its many benefits such as lack of chemicals, no reported harms, and economical price. Some of the ways lemon oil can be used in other ways are:


Many people leave their clothes in the washer long enough for them to catch a nasty smell. Just add a few drop of lemon oil to the clothes while they are still in to give the clothes a nice, fresh smell.

Teeth Whitener

Mix lemon oil with baking soda and coconut oil in equal portions. Rub it on teeth with either fingertip or by applying on the toothbrush for 2-3 minutes after brushing in the morning or at night. Not only will it whiten teeth but help in avoiding bad breath.

Household cleaner

Most of the usual household cleaners have chemicals that can be extremely harmful.

Normal disinfectants and household cleaners can be replaced with lemon oil mixed with tea tree oil and water. Add 20 drops of tea tree oil to 40 drops of lemon oil.

Mix in a bottle with water and use for daily cleaning in the house. An additional advantage of this is that it will leave a nice smell in the air.

Jewelry renewal

In some of the old movies, seeing people put their tarnished jewelry in a bowl of water was common. Ever wondered why they did so? A mixture of water and lemon oil spruces up jewelry, especially if it is silver.

In addition, lemon oil can be effective in polishing wood as well. Just mix with equal amount of water in a spray water for cleaning wooden furniture.

Uplifting mood

Adding lemon oil scent in the air can help uplifting the mood and help a person stay focused on their work.


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