Top 4 essential Oils For Anxiety

In the modern day world, an increasing number of people rely heavily on medical science researches for guidelines on how to live a healthier life as well as treat many day to day health conditions. Nearly all the treatments used today are backed up by studies.

A distinct feature of development in medicine today is that since the early twenty-first century, scientists have started testing and considering some of the earlier techniques used in the past centuries.

Consequently, it has turned out that the treatments used back then are highly effective even today to treat many health conditions. The herbs and plants that were used in those cures are now being used in a much more advanced way.

Using essential oils for many diseases and issues was also common in older times. Today we see a whole separate therapy done using many different combinations of essential oils known popularly as aromatherapy.

Essential oils have been around for years now for their many benefits across different cultures including Southern Europe, China, India, and Egypt.

Today, these oils can be used in a variety of ways to treat health conditions – including mental health issues such anxiety which is one of the most commonly faced disorder by people in today’s world.

In accordance with the studies, anxiety levels in teenagers today are almost on the same levels of hospitalized mental patients back in the mid-twentieth century. Life has become so stressful that every other person develops anxiety easily.

Anti-anxiety medicines have been proven to bring many side effects along which is why many people are finding natural ways to get rid of it rather than conventional treatment and all of the risks.

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The reason essential oils have become so popular in the modern times is that they are all natural and contain no chemicals. They can be extracted from the roots, bark, flowers, or leaves of the plant.

Unlike the pills and medicines taken by people around, they bring no harmful effects unless taken in a more than needed amount or without checking all of the current health issues. These oils can certainly serve as a useful cure for anxiety.

What Are The Best Essential Oils For Anxiety?

Since anxiety is hard to overcome keeping in mind the lifestyles today that are loaded with stress, it is important to have an all natural essential oil treatment. When used properly for the needed period of time, these oils can be really helpful.

According to a study conducted by American College of Healthcare Sciences in 2014, aromatherapy and massage using essential oils can be greatly helpful in relieving anxiety as well as depression in people.

The research observed 58 hospice patients who were given hand massages along with aromatherapy of an oil blend which included almond oil, lavender, bergamot, and frankincense oil for a week.

All patients who received the therapy reported a great improvement in anxiety, depression, and even pain.

The essential oils that are best for anxiety and other mental health issues are:

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the most commonly used oils when it comes to aromatherapy and treatment of mental health diseases. It relaxing and soothing properties make it useful for restlessness, irritability, disturbed sleep patterns, nervous stomach and panic and anxiety attacks.

According to the ‘Handbook of Essential Oil: Science, Technology and Applications’ there have been a number of studies that have concentrated on the role of essential oils in the treatment of anxiety patients.

One of the trials included inhaling the oil for instant calming especially when experiencing a potential anxiety or panic attack. Almost all of the subjects reported a great reduction in the levels of anxiety.

Another study used lavender oil orally in the form of capsules and discovered that the heart rate varied had an increase in comparison with the placebo during movies listed as anxiety triggers. This means lavender oil is an effective anti-anxiety cure.

More studies took heart patients before they went into coronary artery bypass surgery and their anxiety levels. Lavender oil was able to reduce the anxiety levels and keep the patient’s mental health stable.

Rose Oil

Rose oil is used more for relieving anxiety, depression, panic attacks, shock, and stress than anything else. It is also one of the highly recommended oils for stabilizing anxiety levels in patients before a checkup or surgery.

According to a study that concentrated on women who were pregnant for the first time published in the Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal, rose oil can help in reducing anxiety in an active stage in nulliparous women.

Two groups, each of ten pregnant women were observed. One of them was given a footbath and aromatherapy with rose oil while the other was given a footbath with lukewarm water.

The study concluded that the former groups showed a significant drop in levels of stress and anxiety in comparison with the latter group.

Vetiver Oil

Vetiver oil is also one of the oils used specifically for people with mental health problems. The fresh and soothing effect of the oil is often useful in helping patients with stabilization, calmness, and self-awareness.

One of the things vetiver oil is well-known for is its use in shock and panic attack treatment as it has shown to reduce hypersensitivity and jitteriness.

A study published in Natural Product Research examined the effect of using vetiver oil on patients with anxiety and concluded that the oil does not only help with anxiety attacks but helps prevent the development of other mental disorders with it.

Bergamot Oil

Many people you may know have tea when they are stressed. Earl Grey is one of the biggest and oldest brands of tea consumed by people today. What is one of the brand’s big secrets to help its consumers calm down?

The floral scent of the tea and its calming effect is because of the presence of bergamot oil in it. Having earl grey, therefore, is an effective way to not only fight anxiety and depression but also reduce agitation.

A study conducted in2011 observed the effects of massaging a blend of oils including bergamot and lavender oil on a number of patients.

The study had interesting findings including a reduction in hypertension, better blood-sugar control, and a stabilized pulse rate.

The subjects also reported a great improvement in body aches including neck and lower back pain. The patients reported being far more relaxed and calm than the other control group.

Bergamot oil is generally safe but one thing to keep in mind is that it is photosensitizing which means it can increase chances of sunburn and rashes. It is better to not use it topically before heading out in the sun.

Can Using Essential Oils Have Any Risks?

While essential oils do not cause any significant harm to the person, consulting a doctor is recommended especially if a person has any other health conditions.

Pregnant women and children should also not ingest any essential oils before proper medical supervision.

Another thing to remember allergies and sensitivities have increased nowadays. Many people are allergic to some of the essential oils. Make sure to do a patch test before using the essential oil in any form.

Try to get the best, 100% form of the chosen essential oil. Some companies tend to sell oils that are filled with chemicals and nowhere close to being natural. These oils will also often have dyes in them and will look unnatural because of their color.




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