New Research Tells That Avocados can help to treat metabolic syndrome

New Research Tells That Avocados can help to treat metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is not just one disease but also a number of risk factors that may affect your health. Some examples of metabolic syndromes are type-2 diabetes, heart problems, and stroke.

The latest review of studies on metabolic syndrome and avocados has concluded this interesting aspect that there is a satisfactory effect of avocados to treat metabolic syndrome.

The risk factors for metabolic syndrome often exhibit obesity, low level of HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol- that is good for your health- high levels of triglycerides, hypertension and high blood sugar too.

All these effects damage your health and are often considered as warning signs for indicating metabolic syndrome. The American Heart Association says that metabolic syndromes are so common that in the US, 23% of adult population has been affected by it.

New Research Tells That Avocados can help to treat metabolic syndrome

The only possible way to treat the condition is by eating a healthy diet. Regarding this treatment, a group of researchers reviewed studies on various metabolic conditions and avocado.

It is published in a peer-reviewed journal named “Phytotherapy Research”. It tells that avocado should be a part of this specialized diet for the people at risk of metabolic diseases.

You can read the complete research by clicking here.

Avocados, as most of the people, know that is a fruit. It grows on the avocado tree that is scientifically called Persea Americana. This tree is a native of Mexico and Central and South America but is also found in other parts of the world now.

The review article is written by Iranian researchers and concludes 129 previously published researches that relate to the effects of avocados on metabolic syndrome. The benefits of avocados are attributed to the fleshy part of the fruit that you eat. But some of the studies also consider avocado leaves, peels, oils and pits for their medicinal effects.

The review study tells that avocados have high effects on cholesterol level. If you start using this fruit daily it will maintain your LDL, HDL, triglycerides, and phospholipids altogether.

When this lipid is lower, the hypersensitivity, diabetic risk, obesity, thrombotic effect, cardiac problems everything becomes under controlled. This study is sure that avocados deserve a place among super fruit lost for its numerous health benefits.

New Research Tells That Avocados can help to treat metabolic syndrome

Avocados can also help to remove the stubborn belly fat, which is otherwise impossible to shed. Although they are high in fat, if you compare them with other fruits, you cannot eat them too much.

Eating avocados more in diet ensures a slimmer waist than those who don’t eat it. It has fewer calories and makes you lose weight. They are also a high source of antioxidants, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. It is better to treat metabolic syndrome with diet, which is safe than the synthetic medicines.

The best thing is that avocados can be used in a number of food recipes. You can eat them raw but also they can be added to sweet and savory both types of recipes. They have a fulfilling effect and make the food taste delicious.

New Research Tells That Avocados can help to treat metabolic syndrome

There are so many studies on avocados that tell about the health benefits of avocados. The bioactive compounds found in it mainly cause the benefits of avocados. These may include carotenoids, fatty acids, minerals i.e. calcium, zinc, iron, and vitamins.

All these reasons make avocados a perfect dietary source, which needs to be added to the special diet for metabolic syndrome patients.

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