Never eat these foods when you dine out

If you are a foodie which loves to eat, there is something which you need to know. Eating your loved food items is fine but it is necessary to know which food items are benefitting you and what’s damaging you.

What your body shows mainly depends on what you eats. The famous quote of “you are what you eat” is real, not by literal but exemplary term. Of course, you can’t be a burger if you eat burgers. It means that the nature of food that you eat decides the status of your health.

We have gathered a list of some extremely scrumptious foods which you never want to miss. But, the list has reasons on why you should never eat them whenever you decide to eat out. Check the following foods.

Medium Rare Beef Burger/Steak

For all the fans of medium rare meat, it is necessary to know that medium rare is not exactly a cooked version of meat. If you order a burger or steak, you are given a choice on how you like your meat Pattie or steak to be cooked.

When beef is not cooked on a certain temperature which is 160°F, it remains uncooked. It leaves room for some nasty bacteria to reside inside. It is technically an uncooked food what you call a medium rare beef steak or medium rare beef burger.

To avoid this, make sure to cook or get cooked your meat on at least medium level.

Alcohol With Diet Soda

You may think that it looks perfectly fine to have a booze with diet soda. But, this low calorie measure that you are taking is not helpful. It adds the obvious risks and a prominent one of them is to feeling extreme temptations.

A Special Value Meal

It feels amazing to find that your favorite restaurant is offering some low price value meals at lunch hours. Most of the fast food chains gives such offers to attract more customers. Now look at what you get inside this value meal.

Most of the times, it is a chicken/cheese single or double pattie burger along with fries and a frizzy drink. Now calculate how much calories does this all make. It is close to 50g fat and over 1000 calories.

Taking such a non healthy and calorie rich meal every now and then will increase your weight and eventually leave you obese. It will also affect your nutritional count and may cause a metabolic problem too.

Dishes With Lemon And Lemon Water

Now this doesn’t look like a problem but lemon with water is not as simple as you know. Lemons are most likely to be contaminated with bacteria if you are ordering them at a restaurant.

Most of these food joints ignore the inexpensive tiny lemons for the hygienic measures and it’s the customer which suffers the most. Lemons in addition to any food recipe brings so many bacteria to your plate.

The risk is more with lemon water because water is the most contaminated food item in outside dinning. So, don’t try lemons unless you are sure about the hygienic measure of the restaurant.

A Large Size Popcorn

If you love to watch movies, you must know that it can’t go well without a popcorn pack. One thing to remind you here is that pop corn may look like a snack which you can much on anytime.

To your surprise, a large tub of popcorns has as many as 1200 calories. Even a small popcorn pack will also have between 400 to 700 calories. So, know this before you much on them. Especially when you are watching your diet, avoid popcorns.


Pasta For Dinner

Pasta is an inexpensive and yummy food item which takes easy time to make. Even the recipes are simple and quick. That’s why you may find pastas served in nearly every restaurant. The newest thing to witness is all you can eat pasta meals.

It is a marketing way to advertise the free refill offers for the customers. In reality, it is a very bad deal for your health. The usual serving of pasta is so much by quantity, the refill offer is no more than another health trap.

The profit of the restaurant comes to your waist. Next time if you order a pasta, eat only the half and take the other half home to eat next day.

Free Drinks Refill Offers

Does free food excite you? You might have seen such offers as bottomless drinks, free refills and all. In reality, it’s just another marketing strategy which is so high on your health status. One serving of soda has approximately 120 calories with 33 grams of sugar which makes nearly 8 teaspoons.

Now consider all this for a second or may be third refill. It’s not at all a healthy choice and it will badly disturb your food habits.

The Diet Soda

The diet soda is not really a diet food. It’s not a good choice to use it when you are on diet watch routine. It is strongly criticized that diet soda doesn’t make you lose weight at all. More than that, using a soda in any form is a soda. It will make you gain weight by all means.

This means that doesn’t matter if you are using the normal soda or diet soda, either way it is damaging your health at large.

Entrée salads

This special section looks absolutely delicate and charming on restaurant menu cards. But the reality behind these entrée salads. The innocent pile of random salad items with an exotic salad dressing is not what the purpose of a salad is.

Such fancy salads are not the salads that you are looking for. Rather they are just extra dose of calories. Surprisingly, these entrée salads may have over 1200-1500 calories in them which is even more than a main course dish.

Raw Oysters

All the seafood lovers are a fan of oysters too. It is a warning which no restaurant gives you but we are telling you to try them on your own risk. Raw oysters are a carrier of hepatitis A and certain bacterial which can upset your stomach.

Such an infection can be fatal for the people that are already on medication. A common thing to feel after eating oysters is to feel nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. To avoid this, always order the cooked oysters.

Frozen Yogurt

The famous frozen yogurt commonly called Fro Yo is not so healthy as you may think. It is a smart desert only if you know how to take it. Only with a small serving size of 4 ounce it may has 32 grams of sugar in it. It is the same amount which a soda can has.

Adding toppings on it makes the calories even more. The real deal is nothing but a little amount of so many extra calories. Know this before you plan to eat Fro Yo on diet, considering them healthy.

 Fries With Cheese And Ranch Sauce

Apart from the obvious health problems, this combination is a complete disaster. It has more than 5000mg of sodium which is damaging for the heart. A normal range is to have no more than 1500 mg in one day. It is even more destructive for the blood pressure patients.

Healthy Green Smoothies

It may not look so damaging but any smoothie which you order from outside is nothing but calories. The green color and the veggie ingredients are a good cover on 70 grams of sugar and over 500 calories in one single smoothie. More than a detox drink, it’s a desert which you consume without knowing what is inside it. Watch out for the ingredients before you order it. Homemade smoothies are exempted from this risk if you are making them with detox diet recipes.

Creamy soups

What’s your favorite soup? If it is cream of tomatoes or creamy mushroom soup than here is a bad news for you. The purpose of taking a soup before meal is to consume less calories in the form of main food course.

Soup has usually less calories which fills you up and you don’t really feel that hungry. But, creamy soups can’t be added to this list. The main ingredient in creamy soups is the cream which is full fat dairy cream. Can you manage to use full fat cream when you are ordering soup to eat less later?

If you are watching your weight or want healthier options, always select veggie or chicken soups prior to the main course.


It is necessary to know what your favorite foods are doing to your body before you start stuffing them inside. Not just the quality but the quantity of the food also matters. For a fit and healthy life, cut down the unnecessary calories and give yourself a good health.

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