Modern Lifestyle Is Making Teens More Depressed- Know The Reason

Teens are at greater risk of getting mental stress which aggravates the health issues affecting their routine activities.
According to a research conducted by National Institute of Mental Health, 6.3 million teenage girls and boys are affected by anxiety in America. The percentage is given as 30 percent of girls and 20 percent of boys.
The number of teens experiencing depression has increased as high as eight times when compared to 50 years ago despite having better opportunities to grow and flourish in the corporate world.
Various factors contribute to increasing social problems related to stress and anxiety, modern lifestyle is one among them. Less extracurricular and recreational activities and extensive use of social media are among major culprits.

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The upswing in depression and mental stress is bad in teenage boys and girls already struggling with mental health issues. Such problems are observed more in people living independently and away from their families.

The isolation makes people more anxious on small matters. Family-oriented lives have known to upswing the happiness in mentally disturbed individuals, especially in their teenage.
Department of Health and Human Services, a reliable data source tells us that more than 2 million American teens are experiencing depression. This disturbing figure requires proper identification of reasons behind it and finding a solution for it.
Unhealthy lifestyle has profound effects on individuals causing an elevated level of mental stress. Prioritization of daily activities, healthy food, and regular physical activities offer a wide range of benefits in this regard.
Upon failure in tackling with mental stress, teens are at greater risk of getting suicidal thoughts. Now the rate of suicide has increased from past. When compared to ten years ago, now more people are taking their lives with an increase of 100 extra annual suicides.
Mission Australia has found that young men are more likely to make a suicidal attempt, whereas girls are as twice as likely to be in a state of intense psychological distress.

It has also been reported that 28.6 percent of the young girls were found suffering from severe mental stress in 2016. This observed increase was more than 6 percent in a period of just five years.

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The mental illness has also been related to the period observing social media boom. Many studies done in the United States have found a significant increase in mental illness and other problems during that particular related period.
University of Queensland researcher has related mental health with the intensive use of smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices. The hyper-connection with such devices and less or no physical activity is thus associated with the poor health.
The vulnerability of today’s youth to mental distress is more frightening for parents. Their supervision and help to build healthy relations with peer groups could bring positive change.

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If children are suffering from depressive disorder it is necessary to guide them for doing better in life. Their vulnerabilities may build up into a mental illness and burden with time.
Intervening at a proper time and promoting their engagement with society could help them to flourish in the environment free of battling with depression. Interactive environment stimulates the mind and prepares them to get away from stubborn routine.
Medication has been quite helpful in dealing with symptoms of depression and anger in teens. Furthermore, finding better solutions for happy and healthy life helps to reduce the illness in a better way.
Coping up with the mental health problems by creating a balance between activities may help to keep a regulated routine. It maintains the real world scenario in an effective way.