Home Remedies For Treating Diarrhea

Diarrhea is an everyday health problem which can affect anyone. It doesn’t see the age, gender or the condition of a person. This medical problem can attack anyone.

Diarrhea is caused by an infection which could be bacterial or protozoan. Either way, it’s the contamination of food which is majorly responsible for it. The condition becomes uncomfortable an uneasy once it strikes the victim.

Diarrhea is manageable once at the initial level. It doesn’t even need medicines if you have right ingredients at your house. Nature has blessed various therapeutic properties to many such ingredients.

Best home remedies to try for diarrhea

Controlling diarrhea at an initial stage is convenient. There is no medication needed if you know the following remedies which are very much helpful for treating diarrhea.

Remedy number one- Control it with food

Not exactly a remedy but many of you don’t know that diarrhea can be controlled only through managing the diet. Some of the things which you can do are;

  • Eat a lighter meal when you have diarrhea. Eating a full meal is extra labor on your digestive organs which makes the condition last for more time. When in diarrhea, the appetite naturally becomes so less. So eat less in such condition.
  • It’s better to eat simple food. By simple food, here we mean that use basic foods such as fruits, grains, and rice. All such foods are easy to digest which makes the system repair in a few days.
  • Incorporate a home based remedy along with light eating. For example, flaxseed oil is helpful for treating diarrhea. Other useful things are honey and ginger.
  • Take help from natural food sources such as fruits and vegetables in fresh form. Avoid canned and processed food.

You also need to avoid certain types of food which make the condition verse if you take them during diarrhea. For example.

  • Conventional dairy products are hard for your digestive system to tolerate which means it will make diarrhea worse. The only yogurt is helpful from all dairy products.
  • Sometimes diarrhea is caused by an allergen which is a typical case of food allergy. Avoid all the foods which you think can induce an allergic reaction.
  • Avoid consuming fats and oils. Using them can make your stomach sensitive which can make the situation more serious.
  • Stop using sugar and any sweeteners.
  • Lower down your caffeine intake.
  • Do not take any carbonated drink.
  • There should be no use of alcohol at all.

Remedy number two- Hydration

You already know that diarrhea makes you run to the bathroom now and then. This condition proceeds with dizziness and weakness. And all of these leads to the dehydration.

Dehydration is not a problem itself, but it is the cause to make diarrhea severe. When the body is losing water content in the form of losing motion, it is a dire need to balance it again by rehydration.

When suffering from diarrhea, it is better to take 16 ounces of liquid every hour. These fluids can be in any form either water or drinks. It doesn’t include coffee, tea or carbonated drinks like soda.

Drinking useful home based drinks such as chicken broth make it easy for the body to get the right amount of water content. It additionally gives vital nutrients back to the body that is excreted out during diarrhea.

One of the best things to take in diarrhea is coconut water. It is a natural drink which has the maximum amount of electrolytes in it.

Remedy number three- Complete rest

More than what you eat and not eat, one important thing is to take rest. Too much exertion or physical work makes the condition worse. Even a little effort is wrong.

You should take complete bed rest when suffering from diarrhea. The continuous excretion of fluids will make you weak for which the rest is essential.

The rest includes minimal physical activity and taking proper sleep daily.

Remedy number four- Take help from supplements

A more direct approach to ease the condition is by using any health supplement. These probiotic supplements are to improve the gut function and over all digestive system. It makes the food process quick and more absorbent.

Some of these supplements can be any from the following list.

  • Probiotic supplements- These are helpful for fighting against infection. It makes the healthy micro flora of the gut increase which makes sure that the digestive system is working well. The daily dose of 50 billion units for an adult person.
  • Enzymes- These digestive enzymes in the form of supplements will make the nutritional absorption better. The usual dose of digestive enzymes is two supplements before every meal.
  • Glutamine powder- An amino acid such as glutamine helps to rebuild the digestive track. It is better to take them only in a chronic condition.
  • Natural products- A safer version of supplements is available in the form of aloe vera juice and raw sprouted fiber which is extracted from chia and flax seeds. Such remedies help to make the bowl movement better, and excretion is modified.

Remedy number five- Essential oils

Essential oils are easily available at local superstores but how exactly to use them is a big question. Many of the people are unaware of their usage. The truth is that essential oils are a total win home remedy for many problems.

The research studies are here as evidence that many essential oils such as peppermint oil are helpful to reduce the internal inflammation and strengthen the digestive tract.

The ingredients of peppermint oil such as methanol have high anti-spasmodic properties which are necessary to control the calcium channels. It is characteristically critical to reducing internal cramps and pain.

All these remedies work on adults. Anyhow they are not a suitable choice if diarrhea is due to an after effect of a disease. Also, when the victim is an infant or a child, it is not a wise idea to use them on him.

Diarrhea in children

Infants and children are more susceptible to dehydration which often leads to diarrhea. Also, some food allergies can initiate chronic diarrhea. It often hits them because their digestive systems are not as active as an adult person.

Another factor is that it ‘s hard to predict food allergies when in childhood. The parent may never know from which food their child is allergic. It is not safe to start medication on kids.

The better treatments to give to the children are as follows.

  • Give the child more liquid. In fact, make the fluid intake a lot more than regular. It can be in any form such as juice, broth, soup or fruit cocktail.
  • It is better to give them electrolyte when the excretion is very much increased. It will balance the sodium levels inside the body.
  • Instead of probiotic supplements, for children probiotic foods are available. You can give them any of these foods.
  • Diarrhea goes away in a couple of days. Using these cares and home based remedies make the situation easy and it goes away within three days. In case it doesn’t go away, it is better to consult a doctor.

Consulting the doctor is necessary because it may have developed into a more severe infection. It is important to diagnose in time for the effective medication and treatment.

General precautions for the diarrhea patient

Diarrhea is a minor disease. It usually heals in days, but sometimes it takes more than that. If the condition lasts or the pain doesn’t go away, you might need to change your eating and lifestyle habits.

If you experience diarrhea frequently, there must be a reason within your routine which is not clear. Check the quality of your food in particular and also try to find if you are allergic to some food ingredient.

If the symptoms of diarrhea persist for more than one week, it could be more than just diarrhea. Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you.



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