Grandparents May be A Potential Health Risk for Kids- Report Says

Grandparents May be A Potential Health Risk for Kids- Report Says

One new research that is catching the attention of readers is that grandparents are also a risk to the health of kids. The report further says that grandparents spoil their grandchildren by giving them unnecessary eatables.

This food mainly includes fattening food and sweets, which are not a healthy eating choice for children in young ages. Another risk, which was surprising for everyone, is that grandparents expose the lungs of their grandkids to second-hand tobacco intake or passive smoking.

The Public Health Sciences unit of the University of Glasgow conducts the research. The report clearly tells that the behavioral impacts such as exposing to smoke and treating young kids with unhealthy food make them suffer from health issues in later ages.

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A similar research told the roles of parents and how it affects the susceptibility of their kids to cancer and other diseases. It is always the parents, which share the lead role while determining the health of the kids.

The role of grandparents is less, and not generally considered important. The report is based on the data analysis of 56 studies, which are gathered from 18 countries. So you cant say that it is only based on the numeric from the USA. This report is an analysis of international research results.

Each of these 56 studies had some influence of grandparents on the grandchildren. Overall the conclusion was very astonishing. Contrary to the role in life, the health impact of grandparents was minimal.

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The logic behind rewarding kids with sweet treats is love. It is more of a rewarding thing, which is completely opposite to the young age requirement that a kid requires.

Smoking on the other side is such horrible thing to infect young kids. Together all these things, poor diet, no physical activeness, passive smoking, obesity and others increase the factors of various diseases including cancer.

The report also explained that various factors that were linked to the long-term risk of cancer were reported to be experienced within the family set up of the patient. That explains how this could have started in childhood.

The report elaborates excessive feeding of the children via grandparents can be affectionate but it is surely unhealthy. Rewards in the form of sweets and unhealthy fattening, fried food is the worst expression may be.

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Another factor that was evident in this study is that poverty and hunger which a few subjects (grandparents) faced themselves when they were a child, made them believe that being fat is being healthy.

For such subjects, being overweight is the sign of being healthy. The smoking habits of grandparents are a highly negative thing, which exposes children to the passive smoking. There is no study on alcohol consumption by grandparents and its impact on the grandkids.

Contrary to this, one amazing thing that researchers found is that all these negative impacts are balanced by the physical activeness and the support of grandparents in it. The scientists found that they encourage their grandkids to take part in activities, which make them fit and active.

There was no study to evaluate the emotional bonding of grandchildren and grandparents. But it is believed that the time and activities of love be it negative or positive have some amazing emotional strengthening impact on both.

So the verdict of this research is that it’s a mixed message on what grandparents and grandchildren share in common. Parents and grandparents find it very difficult to understand and discuss the over pampering and over treating the kids. This research is published in the online journal Public Library of Science ONE.

The author is a Medical Microbiologist and a healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. She is an author of six research papers and currently working as a research associate in a Research Lab.

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