Affiliate Disclosures


The purpose of this page is to clarify how the content on this website is generated and how do we connect with product companies, manufacturers and distributors.  This is a public disclosure by FTC’s “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising“ 16 CFR, Part 255.

Product Receipt

Sometimes the companies send us a free sample of their product to consider for a review. This follows a proper channel and only receiving a product does not assure its review to be published.

The content of these product reviews is based upon honest opinion. This opinion is based on supportive information available on the manufacturer site and the information that is published with a specific product. We do not individually test or try the product.

Affiliations and links

Some of the reviews published on this site may give you “affiliate links.” It means that if a viewer clicks this link, it will take him to the manufacturer’s site to confirm the order. If he wishes to make a purchase, he can use this link directly, instead of searching the manufacturer’s website and buying a product from there.

For all the purchases made through our affiliate links, we may receive a negligible commission. However, this doesn’t come to the customer. We may also provide a discount coupon for a product that our readers may use. Using this coupon will automatically track the source (our website), for which we will receive a small commission.

Note that not all companies pay us a commission and sometimes it is just a complimentary payment. To show that our reviews follow a system of transparency, we will disclose a list of affiliated companies (either direct affiliation or coupons).

We may also add a few general sellers like Amazon or informational websites where we receive an affiliation fee. We may not have a direct relationship with the website or the company.






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