5 Benefits of Tongkat Ali For Men That You Should Not Ignore

5 Benefits of Tongkat Ali For Men That You Should Not Ignore

Tongkat Ali- What is it about?

Tongkat Ali is commonly called longjack. Its scientific name is Eurycoma longifolia. For centuries, Tongkat Ali has been a part of traditional medicines. The modern research acknowledges its potential.

Tongkat Ali is best known as a natural aphrodisiac and energy boosting properties. It is helpful for men and women both. The native areas of its growth are Southeast Asia, which includes Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

It is famous by various native names such as Pasak Bumi and Tung Saw. For the aphrodisiac properties, it is sometimes called as herbal Viagra as it improves the sexual dysfunction in humans.

As the men age, it is natural for the body’s testosterone levels to decline. It may bring some problems related to sexual health, for which Tongkat Ali can help.

The proven benefits of Tongkat Ali for men

  • Tongkat Ali boosts testosterone levels

The root of Tongkat Ali has been widely used to raise the testosterone levels for men. It’s been used for the respective purpose for over centuries. The chemical compounds inside Tongkat Ali have shown a drastic increase in testosterone level.

This increase in testosterone level brings back many benefits including those which affect the sexual performance and overall health. Tongkat Ali enhances the muscle strength and stamina. It also produces more semen, which eventually shows a rapid potential for male fertility.

This benefit of Tongkat Ali is proven by research. A study from 2012, conducted in Malaysia tells that 76 men used Tongkat Ali, out of which only 35% had a normal testosterone count.

After a month of usage, they have tested again for the testosterone level. This time the testosterone miraculously rose, making 90% of the study participants to have normal testosterone levels, which were otherwise low. It shows that testosterone raise is one of the proven benefits of Tongkat Ali extract in men.

  • Tongkat Ali enhances male fertility

One big reason to use Tongkat Ali by men is to enhance the fertility. As the testosterone boosting effects of Tongkat Ali are already proven by research, it is no more a secret that Tongkat Ali can improve sperm quality and production. It means that it is helpful for all male fertility problems.

A research study from 2010 studied the change of sperm quality in 75 research subjects. These men were given 200 mg of Tongkat extract daily for months before testing the sperm quality. After a few months, they were tested for it and the sperm quality improved significantly.

Approximately 15% of the study participants reported spontaneous pregnancies after this treatment, which further strengthens the claim, that Tongkat Ali works best for enhancing male fertility.

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  • Tongkat Ali increases libido in men

Tongkat Ali is one of the best-known natural aphrodisiac agents that surely work. It is best known for the same reason in native areas of its growth, which has now reached, to the whole world. The modern use of Tongkat Ali is mainly due to the aphrodisiac property of it.

The root of Tongkat Ali is used for its potential help in increasing libido. The Southeast Asian countries have been using it for centuries to deal with the low libido in men. The number has been drastically increased over the past years and the spectrum of its usage is now across the globe.

A research from 2003, which was based on rats showed that Tongkat Ali is helpful in as less as 10 days. The subjects were given an extract of Tongkat Ali root, which increased the sexual function and mounting frequency in rats.

There are so many more studies, which show promising results, but none of them has humans as subjects. There is no scientific evidence that Tongkat Ali works the same for humans but it does have some effect.

It is not the scientific evidence but the high user rating and reviews that made Tongkat Ali pills as one of the best selling herbal aphrodisiac solutions. The ability to boost testosterone indicated that it could be a potential option for enhancing the libido, which is eventually proven by user reviews.

The users of Tongkat Ali particularly reported better and harder erections, stronger ejaculation and better sex overall.

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  • Tongkat Ali helps in fat loss and to gain lean muscle mass

One of the biggest problems that are hitting the human population right now is weight gain and obesity. There are plenty of products, claimed to be working for weight loss but sadly most of them are nonfunctional or a scam.

Tongkat Ali is very popular among fitness watchers or weightlifters for the said benefits of lean mass gain and weight loss. The research and user reviews prove Tongkat Ali to be a helpful agent to change muscle to fat ratio.

However, it is not just the professionals, which can get all these benefits. You can also use it for the said benefits without causing any harmful effect or side effects. There are absolutely no known risks of using Tongkat Ali for weight loss, which makes it a better fat burner than all commercial products.

The increase in testosterone also helps you to burn fat. This increase is mainly caused by Tongkat Ali, which eventually makes you lose fat and gain lean mass. It has a better effect if you exercise along with it and follow a healthy diet plan.

A study published in 2002 tells that Tongkat Ali has high potential to improve lean body mass. It was a double-blind study in which 7 men were given 100 mg Tongkat Ali

extract daily. The others were given placebo for a total number of 5 weeks.

The results were notes after five weeks. The men using Tongkat Ali extract experienced a 5% increase in their lean body mass and they showed a significant weight loss in all this time which was not seen in the placebo group. These results indicate that benefits of Tongkat Ali for weight loss and lean mass gain are valid and functional.

  • Tongkat Ali improves the bone health

Ever thought that a fat burner and aphrodisiac agent like Tongkat Ali can be helpful in bone health too? Having low testosterone levels can increase the risk of getting weaker and brittle bones, which eventually lead to health conditions like osteoporosis.

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Taking minerals like calcium, magnesium and vitamin D can help to reduce the risk of the said disease. Using Tongkat Ali for testosterone boost indicate that it can be a helpful thing against any nutritionally deficient condition such as osteoporosis.

The users of Tongkat Ali are said to have an overall better bone health than other non-users of Tongkat Ali.

How to use Tongkat Ali?

If you are convinced of the benefits of Tongkat Ali, you might like to use it to let it work for your health and problems too. Following are a few guidelines that you must note before using Tongkat Ali.

  • It is available in root extract form and pills. A user can select any form as per his choice and preference. Just make sure to select a reputed manufacturer for the product.
  • Read the manufacturer’s label before buying any Tongkat Ali product.
  • It is better to start with low dose and gradually increases it with time.
  • It is better to be within the standard dose that is 1200 mg to 2400 mg in a day. It can be split into 2-4 dosages of 300-500mg each.
  • It is better to rotate the dose for better effects. The professionals take Tongkat Ali for 5-8 months and then take a break before using it again.
  • For new users, shorter cycles are better.
  • For men that only want to use Tongkat Ali to improve sex drive, using small dose repeatedly several times a day with a short cycle of usage is highly efficient to show results.

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