Green Tea and Weight Loss- How Does Diet Green Tea Work For Losing Weight?

Green Tea and Weight Loss- How Does Diet Green Tea Work For Losing Weight?


Green tea is a common type of herbal tea, which is widely famous for its user benefits. The green tea is made from the unfermented leaves of a plant called Camelia sinesis. This is the same plant, which produces black tea and oolong tea as well.

It is due to the high antioxidant count that green tea plant is adapted towards stress. This stress is usually an outcome of inner reactions of the plant i.e. Photosynthesis.

The process creates energy inside the plan and helps to develop a number of useful chemicals called polyphenols. Polyphenols are great health benefits. They have the major potential as an antioxidant. They also reduce the risk of certain diseases and fat loss.

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Green tea for weight loss

If you are a fan of hot beverages and want to lose some pounds, there is nothing better than green tea. You will be sharing this healthy ritual along with 158 million fellow Americans who have opted for daily green tea intake.

The number of people converting from black tea/coffee to green tea is increasing day by day. Although black tea is such a popular choice that almost all tea lovers. But the trend of healthy lifestyle adaptation is making people embrace green tea in place of black tea. One widely accepted reason is green tea’s role in weight loss.

Green tea for weight loss

How green tea loses your extra weight?

There are several studies that claim that flavonoids of green tea and caffeine content help to increase the metabolic rate. It further increases fat oxidation and improves the insulin activity in the bloodstream.

Those who prefer to use green tea are able to lose up to 4 pounds in 12 weeks even without any diet or exercise. If someone adds green tea to a preset routine of restricted calories and exercise, this lost weight is a lot more.

You know what is the best thing? You don’t even need to consume a lot of green tea for weight loss. The weight loss benefit varies from person to person. Drinking only 2-3 cups of the green day is sufficient and it helps to lose weight.

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Which ingredient in green tea makes you lose weight?

If you trust green tea, consider it a hot mug of benefits. It’s not just hot water, which feels tasteless to many people. All the bioactive substances are dissolved in the water and make it a perfect drink.

When you are sipping this tasteless water, you are actually sipping the dissolved nutrients in water with feels well and soothe the body. The most efficient compound of green tea is caffeine. Only one cup of green tea has 24-40mg caffeine. It is far less than coffee that normally has 100-200 mg caffeine. But the overall effects of green tea balance this deficiency.

Caffeine is a stimulant, which is a natural fat burner. It improves the performance in exercise, which is even proven by a number of studies. But what makes green tea really appreciable is its wide range of antioxidants. They are called catechins.

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The most important catechin is called EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), which is an extreme metabolic booster. The benefits of weight loss by green tea can be obtained by either sipping tea or by consuming supplements.

Green tea for weight loss

Green tea for breaking down the fat cells

When you plan to lose fat, it is first required to break down into smaller parts to be a part of the bloodstream. The chemicals inside the green tea help in fat breakage.

The hormone EGCG helps to inhibit the action of an enzyme, which breaks the hormone norepinephrine. This inhibition causes norepinephrine to be abundant in the blood.

This hormone works like the alerting signal for fat cells. When the quantity of norepinephrine is high, this signaling and breakage are more efficient.

The two compounds, caffeine and EGCG both are a natural part of green tea. In a combination both these bring a synergistic effect as they enhance the effect of each other.This is the reason that the end of taking green tea regularly is fat breakage and eventually weight loss.

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Green tea has fat burning property during exercise

You may have never noticed this before but try to read any fat burning pill label. There are high chances to find some herbal tea as its ingredient.

The best explanation of this ingredient is that herbal teas especially green tea has repeatedly shown positive results against fat burning when the body is rigorously working out. There are several research studies to support this.

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Green tea boosts metabolism

Metabolism is the natural breakdown of food. Human body continuously burns the calories even when you aren’t working out. While you are sleeping, watching TV or carelessly lying in bed, the body is burning calories.

All these body functions that are running inside need the energy to complete them. There are several studies to suggest that green tea can help to burn more calories than routine. However, the amount of calories burnt depends upon various personal factors.

Green tea for weight loss

Can green tea suppress appetite?

Yes, green tea is an appetite suppressant too. It works on your weight loss plan by reducing the appetite so that the user takes fewer calories than routine.

There are several scientific studies to prove the role of green tea on appetite. The studies with animal models suggest that green tea can reduce the amount of fat that is usually absorbed from food but no such effect is confirmed in humans.

Overall, it looks like that green tea works by increasing the body’s metabolic rate, which burns more calories and suppresses the appetite. It doesn’t show any results. At the end of the time, you see a noticeable change in your diet.

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Green tea to get rid of stubborn belly fat

If you are one of those people who have stubborn belly fat, which never goes away even after losing a huge amount of overall body weight. When it comes to weight loss, the effects of green tea’s weight loss are evenly distributed.

It suggests that the belly fat would not be spared from the magic of green tea. Green tea helps to lose lower abdomen fat in many people but for a few people with medical conditions, it doesn’t work at all.

It’s not that green tea sometimes work and sometimes it doesn’t work. It’s just that the effects depend on several factors, which may vary in persons. No two people can get exactly same benefit from green tea.

Green tea detox

Some green tea varieties work better for weight loss

If you specifically want to try green tea for losing weight, you may need to know about the different types of green tea. Some of them have surprisingly better results for weight than others.

One such example is Matcha green tea, which has the highest amount of alkaloids and nutrients in it. Even the certified dieticians explain the use of green tea to be better when you are using a right type of it.

Use the right form of green tea when plan to lose weight

When you are brewing the tea, make extra care as the boiling water may lose the precious catechins of green tea. Don’t forget to give the tea a rest after boiling so that the nutrients are settled. Then you can use this tea as per your need. The brewing time may vary depending upon your choice for the tea to be strong or light.

Overall benefits of green tea

Other than weight loss, the antioxidants in green tea are anti-cancer and brain enhancing. Regardless of why you are using it, it will make you lose weight along with various other health benefits. All herbal teas are healthy and beneficial but the status of green tea is not even close to any other option.


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