Best Herbal Teas for Detox and Cleansing

Best Herbal Teas for Detox and Cleansing

Detox by food is a trending topic these days. Everyone will probably suggest you try it for improving health and weight loss. The importance of detox doesn’t need any certificate when it comes to removing toxins naturally.

Do you know that you can even detox a little bit every day? There is no need to wait for several days to see the effects. Each coming day will bring a noticeable change in your health. Eating organic foods and balancing the calories is one thing but the way to detox the body is through detox drinks.

These detox drinks have high ability to cleanse the body. Rotating these herbal teas will give you the highest amount of antioxidants required to make your body healthy. These are simple, easy and inexpensive ways to get top health benefits. Take a look at the following.

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  • Red Clover Tea

An unusual flavor in herbal tea is red clover tea. The ability of detox by red clover tea is due to its high antioxidant compound. These antioxidants give the body the necessary boost required to kill the toxins. These free radicals otherwise cause extreme damage to the body.

If you happen to use red clover tea in routine, it will promote the natural defense of the body and provides a high impact on it. The daily boost of antioxidants comes from red clover tea, which enhances the immunity, real quick.

You can buy it from all leading health and grocery stores. If you happen to get the plant, the flowers of the plant are used for the cleansing purpose. The dry flowers can last for months inside your kitchen. The historical evidence suggests the use of red clover tea in traditional Chinese medicine for removing the toxins from liver and body.

Red clover tea for detox

  • Burdock Tea

Not a very common herbal tea, burdock tea has intense detoxifying effects. It has been used for more than hundred years for the same reason. It purifies the blood and works as a natural diuretic, making the body excrete toxins in urine.

The active organic compound of burdock tea is called polyacetylene, which has a potential of electrical conductivity, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. The natural cleansing effect of burdock tea is due to this compound, which is also helpful against acne and stubborn pimples.

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The reason why it is helpful to these skin conditions is that it purifies the blood, clears the acne and abscesses and hence the epidermal layers of skin are detoxified. The immunity boost from burdock tea is the most desired attribute of it. It helps the body to become highly functional by removing the toxins out. Just one-two cups of burdock tea each day will give you all these effects.

Burdock tea for detox

  • Milk Thistle Tea

For the health of the liver, there is nothing better than using milk thistle tea. As you know that your liver is responsible for most of the activities of natural detox of the body. When the liver isn’t functioning well, these toxins pile up and cause the radical damage.

The detox plan, which you are planning to use, must include the liver health and effects. Milk thistle is not a  regular tea but it is is very helpful for the digestive system. It removes the toxins from the body and allows the digestive system to take them out.

The main functional ingredient in milk thistle is called silymarin, which protects the body against unwanted toxin attack. It also reduces the internal inflammation especially on and around the liver. Milk thistle tea is so robust that it can even reduce the risk of liver diseases. For that, you must use a brand that ensures 80% or more concentration of silymarin in tea. Anything less than this may not give you the required benefit.

Milk thistle tea for detox

  • Cayenne Pepper Tea

A popular choice for herbal tea is cayenne pepper tea. But fewer people know that cayenne pepper tea is one of the best teas for body’s detox. People are adding cayenne pepper in their diet for the so many promising effects.

You can either incorporate this pepper into your diet recipes or make a drink of it. Either way, it brings the best effects on the health. The benefits of cayenne pepper tea go directly towards the body cleansing and raising the energy levels.

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Using cayenne pepper will stimulate the bloodstream, and the circulatory system will work more efficiently. As a result of this, blood sugar, digestion, blood pressure and all related functions will be improved. It also helps in digestion and gives the body the right amount of energy required by it.

The natural pathogenic properties make cayenne pepper an excellent choice to be added to the diet. It also prevents the colds and allergy attacks in flu season. If you happen to take cayenne pepper twice a day, you will get all the up listed benefits every day.

Cayenne pepper tea for detox

  • Garlic Tea

You already know about the benefits of garlic tea. The only problem with adding garlic to the detox tea is that you may not want to leave the house. Eventually, you will make you the least kissable person for its distinct smell and taste.

Garlic has so many health benefits but using garlic tea is not as popular as using garlic as an ingredient in food recipes. Garlic cleanses the body and provides all the necessary nutrients to the body. By using garlic, the body will detox naturally.

Garlic tea for detox

  • Ginger Tea

Another name in herbal tea is Ginger tea, which is an extremely beneficial food ingredient. The cleansing properties of ginger make it a perfect choice to be added to your herbal tea.

For those users who are new to herbal teas, the flavor of ginger tea may be too strong. They can add honey or any other flavor enhancer to overcome the harsh flavor of ginger. Contrary to the taste, ginger is very gentle for the body.

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Ginger tea is a perfect detox drink idea which you can use every morning and evening. The best is to take it thrice after every meal so that the food is digested properly. Ginger is one most popular ingredient famous for detoxification along with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer properties.

The working of ginger tea involves improvement of digestion, blood circulation and sweating the toxins out. It is particularly helpful for liver and colon by removing the accumulated toxins at these locations. For best effects, use ginger tea thrice a day.

ginger tea for detox

  • Cilantro Tea

Cilantro is a common name as an herbal ingredient in food recipes. What you don’t know about cilantro tea is that it is a natural detox option. It tastes amazing, and inside a tea, it brings the best that a user can hope.

The working of cilantro starts from improving the digestion so that the toxins are removed through excretory system. The benefits of cilantro are so many that you probably can’t even count. It is rich in phytonutrients, flavonoids, as well as active phenolic compounds.

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The main ingredients in cilantro tea are linoleic acid and cineole, both these contain powerful anti-arthritic and anti-rheumatic compound ds, along with another compound called dodecenal. It is double potent than the standard antibiotics and without the risk of inside effects and future threats.

Cilantro tea can also reduce the effects of heavy metals. Using cilantro tea daily will give you quick results. Only in a matter of days, you will see a drastic change in your health and energy levels.

Cilantro tea for detox



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