Best High Impact Exercises For Working Women

Best High Impact Exercises For Working Women

Managing health and fitness with a work routine on an average day seems hectic to most of us. It is hard to find time in a busy schedule to go to the gym and do the hardcore workout. But what seems more the problem is that by the end of the day, there is no energy left to do exercise.

When the workload increases, it drains the energy so much that you almost feel like jumping on the bed as soon as you reach home. The situation is even more twisted if you are working women.

The average day seems like a second job where you have to manage your professional work as well as a home. Additionally, if you have a family and kids to take care, it’s a never-ending duty.

It is very hard to take out time for yourself and invest it in your health. For working mothers, caring for their health seems more efficient. They need energy and physical fitness to do all these duties. To do them in a better way, a mental boost is required too.

All these requirements can be fulfilled only if you make a regular exercise or workout routine. Planning for it sounds terrific and implementing it practically seems impossible.

Ask anyone, and they will tell you to go running as it’s the best exercise to do. If you are among those who are lethargic or lazy for exercise, there are certain alternatives to help. The medical studies prove that running is dangerous for you if you are on the verge of osteoarthritis or any other similar problem.

Various studies show that doing a cross-training program can help to maintain your health and beneficial for your fitness. It is helpful for all; not just the workingwomen but others can try these simple alternatives to running too.

Whether you are in need of a recovery time, bored of the regular running plan, lethargic, lazy or just want to try new things, here are a few options that you should give a chance.

  • Go cycling

We all remember the time when cycling was fun for it. No one knew that it is an excellent exercise for the body, which you may be doing at older ages too. Cycling is the perfect alternative to running. Like running, you can do it inside on a machine or outdoors.

It is better to try the outdoor cycling for at least one hour per day. It will enhance your fitness without putting the extra pressure on your joints and knees. You can even ask a friend to join you or take the whole family on cycling.

  • Try the elliptical trainer

Not a fan of running? Try this fantastic elliptical training machine, which is an excellent alternative to running for those, which want a less tiring cardio plan. If you are injured or have a pain in joints, the elliptical workout is the best to do.

The machine of elliptical workout makes you act like you are running by standing on a standing cycle like the machine. It has weight inside which low impact the joints.

So the workout that you do on elliptical machine burns the same amount of calories, but you are not that tired which running usually makes you. Love it or hate it but elliptical workout makes you fit and slim in days.

You can replace your morning or evening jog with this fantastic cardio plan on an elliptical workout machine. It will help you to maintain your fitness.

  • Try water running

Running is boring and tiring but combining it with a fun activity makes it interesting.

If you want to try anything other than running, try water running. It is also called pool running.

As the names may give you can get the idea, it is running b

ut inside the water. You go deep end of the swimming pool, wearing an aqua belt to give your body sufficient buoyancy.

When you try to walk, the pressure on water acts like weight, and it burns more calories than anything. To do water running in the pool, focus on the form and practice it more and more.

Try to make a routine of it. Daily practice will make you an expert after a few times. This is the best alternative to running.

  • Try brisk walk

Many people think that walking never helps with fitness and weight loss. Contrary to what people may tell you, walking is the best and gentle alternative to running.

American Heart Association published a study that walking is just as effective as running. It mainly helps those who are a patient with high blood pressure, cholesterol, uric acid, diabetes and heart problems.

It is nearly impossible to run with all these health conditions. A mild exercise like the simple walk is useful but not damaging to the patient at all. You can also try brisk walking which is a modification of regular walk.

You run for a few steps or minutes and follow it by simple walk. You can either follow a set pattern or randomly do it. Along with the fitness benefits, you get the fresh air and goodness of nature, which eventually makes you feel better.

  • Start doing step aerobics

Running, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. all these are the cardio exercises. If you don’t want to make yourself tired. Or you cant go out of the house and have no mechanical equipment at home to do these exercises, don’t worry.

You can do one most useful exercise of all times that is called step aerobics. Taking a class of step aerobics or performing it at home at high intensity and low impact workout is easy for everyone.

It increases the heartbeat and makes you shed calories like anything. It is the same thing that you get from running or walking. The only trick to take out maximum benefit out of step aerobics is to perform it with care.Try to take the proper steps so that there is no risk of injury.

  • Combine it with healthy diet

You can combine these high impact exercises with a balanced diet. If you think that it is a suggestion of crash diet, it is not. All that you need to know is

  • Eat healthily
  • Eat the right portion

Eating healthy means that you have to incorporate all essential ingredients into your diet. It may be proteins, fats, vegetables, fruits, etc. It is better to try the foods in their natural form.

Avoid using processed or frozen food. Try to prefer the home-cooked meal to junk food. Leave the unnecessary sugary and fizzy drinks. Make a habit of hydrating your body with sufficient amount of water now and then.

Next is to know how much you should eat. Eating healthy doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you want, regardless of the quantity that you are taking. Try to work on determining a healthy portion size for each food type.

If you plan to lose weight, reduce the portion size for a targeted time and combine it with exercise. In a combination, these two make sure that you meet your target goal.

If you don’t intend to lose weight, just focus on standard portion sizes. Avoid the unnecessary calories that will never benefit you. In this way, you can take care of your health and fitness without trying any gym or a weight loss program.


The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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