Why Should You Never Eat Deep-Fried Foods?

Why Should You Never Eat Deep-Fried Foods?

There are various ways to cook food. One of these methods is deep-fried which is famous globally for the unique, easy and inexpensive way to prepare food. Almost all big brand fast food chains prefer to serve deep-fried food to their customers.

Examples of deep fried food include fries, meat strips, cheese sticks, fish, and others. You can deep-fry anything, and it will taste good. This is not a lie if we say that deep-frying makes the food taste delicious.

However, these deep-fried food choices have adverse effects on health. They have a high amount of calories and trans fat in them, which cause you to gain weight. This article tells you why deep-fried food is bad for you and what are the healthy options if you want to maintain weight.

Extremely high-calorie count

If you compare deep-frying with other cooking methods, you will notice that it added so many unnecessary calories to the food. Almost all deep-fried foods have some coating on it. When they are put into oil, the water content is reduced, and fat absorption is high.

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For example, if you bake one small size potato, it will have 93 calories in it with 10 grams of fat. But for the same weight French fries, you will be eating 319 calories and 17 grams fats. That is too much to handle for your body.

This example shows that foods retain extra calories when you fry them. But if you bake or grill the same foods, they have much less amount of calories in them.

Trans fats are high in quantity in deep-fried foods

Trans fats are an unsaturated form of fats, which is an outcome of hydrogenation. It is a technique used by food manufacturers to increase the shelf life of the product.

It is completed at a very high temperature, which changes the chemical structure of fats. They take up such a shape in which it is difficult for the body to break them into small pieces. These trans fats increase the risk of many diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart problems, etc.

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Fried food has these trans fats in high amounts. As they are cooked/fried on high temperature, all the fat that they have turned into trans fat. Additionally, the food is fried in oil, which is processed from vegetable or seeds. They already have trans fats in them even before heating to a boiling point.

When these oils are heated to a high temperature, the fat content of the food increases by many times. It is important to know that there are artificial trans fats and natural trans fats. Natural trans fats are a part of means and dairy products.

Natural trans fats don’t have adverse effects on health like artificial trans fats.

Fried foods increase the risk of catching a disease

Fried food is an inducer of many chronic health risks, which is proven by research too. The highest risk is to get diabetes type 2 with eating fried food. It also increases the chances of heart problems and obesity.

Deep fried foods have acrylamide in them. Acrylamide is one of the toxic substances, which are produced when you cook food at a very high temperature. It means deep frying food also produces acrylamide in it. Other techniques of cooking such as baking or roasting also make acrylamide.

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Acrylamide is formed when there is an interaction between sugars and a particular type of amino acid called asparagine. When you are eating starch-rich foods, i.e., potato, the amount of acrylamide becomes even higher. It is a potential risk to cause cancer.

There are several research studies to prove that using acrylamide increase the negative impacts on health. Most of these studies are performed on animal models and not on human models. More research is required to verify the hazards of deep fried food with regards to acrylamide.

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Try using healthy alternatives to deep fried foods

If you are a foodie and taste is what whole food matters to you, there are other options to try too. You can use healthy oils to make your food or change the cooking method from deep frying to roast, grilled or baked.

What are healthy oils?

The oil that we use in food recipes has different origins. If you happen to stop by for grocery shopping, you will see that there are so many varieties of oils. Some of these oils are healthy, and they are good for health. Whereas the rest can cause dangerous interactions.

Certain oils have a higher capacity to tolerate high temperature. Oils that are high in saturated and monosaturated fats are those, which are stable even at extremely high temperature. It regards coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil to be the best for health.

What are unhealthy oils?

Other than saturated and mono-saturated oils, there are certain oils, which are rich in poly-saturated fats. They are far less stable and are not safe for health. At high temperatures, they can form acrylamide, which is one reason you should never use poly-saturated oils.

The unhealthy oils which you should never use include canola oils, soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, grape-seed oil, sesame oil, rice bran oil, cottonseed oil and safflower oil.

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Unfortunately, not many people know about it. Even the high-end restaurants use these unhealthy oils to cook the food. Not only the deep-frying, but these oils are also dangerous even for other means of cooking.

What should you do if you want to stop deep-frying food?

Deep-frying food is not the only way to cook it. There are several other methods that you can consider trying. Some of the best and healthy cooking options are as follows.

  • Oven-frying

Oven-frying is a different method, which is baking, but the temperature is so much high. It is usually above 230°C. This high temperature makes the food a little crispy even when you are not using any oil in it.

  • Air-frying

Air frying is a new method to good food. The amazing thing is that the food tastes the same, but it is made with minimal oil. You can also try an air fryer for everyday use.

This machine operates at a very high temperature, which makes the outer surface of the food crispy and tasty. It is somewhat moist on inside which tastes the same like deep-fried food, but the oil is 80% or less than an actual recipe.

You can also “fry” foods in a hot air fryer. These machines work by circulating extremely hot air around food. The foods end up crispy on the outside and very moist on the inside, similar to traditionally fried foods, but using 70–80% less oil.

Closing thoughts

Eating food is an enjoyable thing, but it tends to work both ways. You can either eat foods made by unhealthy ways or eat food that is made healthily. Both impact the health in entirely different manner.

If you eat the healthy food ingredients cooked in a very unhealthy way, i.e., deep-frying, it will bring nothing but health damages. The worst is diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart problems, circulatory problems and what not.

Considering all these points, it is the best idea to control what you are eating and how you are cooking it. The best is to use safe and healthy cooking choices and leave unhealthy deep-frying technique to cook food aside.



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