The Best Anti-Aging Essential Oils

The Best Anti-Aging Essential Oils

Essential oils are truly a gift of nature whose benefits can be used in many ways. Besides all the amazing benefits of these oils for immunity, better health, and beautification, they have now also been observed to help combat the harmful effects of aging.

The most visible effect of aging includes the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and loss of glow on the skin. More people are worried about the impact of aging on the skin than they are about the effects on the organs and rest of the body.

Fortunately, the historical use of different essential oils to maintain the beauty and recover from skin-related conditions now has a scientific backing. These oils are used by many famous and well-known celebrities and beauty bloggers.

Why Should You Opt for Essential Oils?

Regardless of the benefits majority of the essential oils have to offer, many people raise the question of why should they give them a try where there are many treatments available that have shown to combat aging effectively.

No doubt there are many products that can help with the signs of aging on the skin in a very short time. There actually are specialized products and even whole product ranges designed for reversing aging of the skin or prevent it even first place.

In addition, there are also many other options such as skin rejuvenation treatments from high-end spas and parlors. Such skin therapies are also taken by many to maintain glowing and healthy skin as soon as they reach the age of thirty.

However, in both of the situations, one needs to have a good amount of money. Especially if one wishes to get a spa treatment to look young like all the celebrities do, a lot of money is required even for the most minor of the therapies.

On the other hand, the products manufactured specifically are also heavy in the pocket especially if they are from big brand labels. The cheaper alternatives to these products are also available in local grocery stores.

Studies on beauty products have revealed that both the expensive and cheaper versions contain chemicals that can potentially harm the skin instead of helping with the signs of aging where the former has less harsh chemicals than the latter.

Cheaper creams, serums, lotions, cleansers, and masks actually have a reputation of working faster than their pricey counterparts. How does this work?

These products even usually have a guarantee with them such as seeing results in a month or even less.

The answer to the question on how these products show results so fast is that they are in fact, loaded with steroids which can show results in a very short time, even in a week, but are harmful in the long run.

Side effects of steroids in beauty and skincare products include hormonal imbalance, chemical burn, allergic reactions, growth in facial hair, and other skin problems and diseases including the increased risk of skin cancer.

Still want to try the serum recommended by some colleague that shows results in two weeks?

Everyone wants fast results especially around the holiday season or whenever a big event/ceremony is coming up. However, the results of using such products can leave a person to regret his/her decision later on.

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Which Are The Best Essential Oils For Aging?

Technically, many of the essential oils can be used on the skin for beautiful, glowing skin every day as they possess properties that can be beneficial for the skin. For instance, many of the essential oils are loaded with antioxidants that can have amazing effects on the skin.

However, in order to combat the signs of aging on the skin, some oils have additional properties that can get rid of the symptoms and avoid their comeback in the future. The essential oils that can help fight or prevent the signs of aging on the skin are:

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is actually not that popular in comparison with other essential oils but is perhaps one of the best oils for the skin. It has the ability to hydrate the skin better than any moisturizer and that too, in a very non-oily way.

The oil contains many nutrients that can do wonders for the skin such as copper, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, chromium, zinc, and silicone. It can even help in a person’s iodine deficiency as it is loaded the nutrient. The oil has around 82 percent iodine which gives it its healing ability.

The use of jojoba oil cannot only combat the signs of aging on the skin naturally due to its antioxidants but help to balance oils in the skin, acne, and even major skin diseases such as eczema. The oil stimulates collagen synthesis and speeds up healing of the skin.

A study conducted in Germany in 2012 looked at the effects of using jojoba oil in face masks for 2-3 times per week for a month. The 194 participants in the skin showed a reduction in wrinkles, breakouts, dry skin patches, as well as lesions on the skin.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Pomegranates, in general, are known for maintaining youthful and glowing skin. Additionally, the pomegranate oil is one of the Bible healing foods. The oil is a popular ingredient in the anti-aging creams and other products.

The reason for the effectiveness of pomegranate oil for the signs of aging on the skin is because of the presence of bioflavonoids. The dark red color of the oil is also because of the bioflavonoids in it that can offer amazing benefits including fighting skin cancer.

The dark color of the pomegranate oil can also act as a natural sunscreen as well as treat the signs of sunburn. It can be used on the skin immediately after symptoms of sun damage start to show up.

Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is perhaps the most popularly used oil in the world because of its amazing benefits. It is also probably the best among all other essential oils in the healing of skin conditions and related diseases.

The oil is also specifically known for beautification purposes including reducing signs of aging such as dark spots. It is also gentle enough to be applied to the skin without any carrier oil. A bonus is its amazing fragrance.

Secondly, lavender oil is specially used in beautification because it helps fight free radicals. Free radicals are among the biggest dangers in the United States that not only ruin a person’s skin but are responsible for many severe health conditions.

Antioxidants are needed to fight chemicals and also to keep the skin healthy. Guess what? The lavender essential oil helps the body produce three of the most powerful antioxidants – glutathione, superoxide dismutase, and catalase.

Try applying lavender oil after waking up and before going to bed to get rid of dark spots, discoloration, and lines on the skin.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is a powerful astringent which makes it a good remedy for dark spots caused by the sun and aging. Secondly, it can also treat discoloration, blemishes, large pores, wrinkles and patches on the skin effectively.

Perhaps the most amazing benefit offered by frankincense oil is that it can strengthen skin and show improvements in elasticity, tone, a defense mechanism against microbes, and overall appearance of the skin.

The oil can be applied anywhere on the body the skin is sagging or showing other signs of aging as it can lift and tone the skin.

A bonus that can come with applying the oil on the body is that it can reduce the appearance of any surgery scars, stretch marks, cracked skin, pregnancy marks, and dry skin.

For added benefits, try using a combination of frankincense oil and lavender oil before going to bed every morning. Visible improvement of the skin will start to appear around 5-6 weeks of daily application.

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