Are Hot Dogs Dangerous For You?

Are Hot Dogs Dangerous For You?

Hot dogs are found frequently from the hot dog stands in streets, events, games, and matches as well as in the parties especially during the summer time. Everyone loves serving and having hot dogs at barbeques and family gatherings.

This particular food item is not only well-known and consumed in the United States but other parts of the world as well. However, some researchers have forwarded their views on re-considering whether the hot dogs are fit for consumption.

The traditional version of this favorite snack is prepared from pork or beef, buns, and a number of toppings. The chosen meat is enclosed in the bun with the person’s choice of topping which is mostly mustard, ketchup, and relish.

There are also many other types of hot dogs available at certain events. The local carnivals and festivals seem to have the biggest variety of hot dogs. No wonder why they were consumed more at local festivals than any other snack.

The hot dogs that you might buy from the supermarket are made from trimmings of pork and beef along with many additional ingredients to enhance the flavor along with preservatives such as sodium nitrite to increase shelf-life.

Where hot dogs can be easy to make and a fulfilling snack in comparison with the others, they can be considered harmful.

What makes the hot dogs harmful?

Not only is the meat used in making a hot dog among the well-known processed meats but the snack is filled with potentially dangerous chemicals such as nitrites, MSG, and nitrates. It just might be a time to cut out this not so healthy snack from your diet.

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If you watch the news frequently, you might be already aware of the different concerns about the consumption of hot dogs and other related issues such as the problems with the packaging of the standard hot dogs that are available in grocery stores.

There have been major recalls for making and consumption of hot dogs by many researchers as well as brands in the recent years.

For example, the company that makes hot dogs for well-known brands made a hot dog recall due to the presence of tiny metal pieces in its packaging.

Other recalling hot dogs cases have been on the issues that have increased due to the consumption of hot dogs, the presence of dangerous chemicals in hot dogs, and problems with packaging. One of the popular recalls was on signs of listeria contamination in hot dogs.

The makers of hot dogs or people who have watched the process of making hot dogs also claim that once any person gets to see it, it is not hard to figure out why the idea of hot dog consumption should be reconsidered.

Additionally, if the details of food-borne illnesses, contamination of bones, and metal shards are not enough for you to keep hotdogs out of your diet, there are many other and much worse side effects of your favorite snack.

Not only are hot dogs filled with additives for preservation, enhancement of flavors, and better color, they have also shown to cause heart-related issues such as hypertension, increase in blood lipids, and a higher risk of cardiac arrest due to the high amounts of sodium.

Secondly, the World Health Organization has already classified processed meats as carcinogenic along with other harmful substances such as tobacco.

More on WHO’s decision here.

This decision was based on multiple studies which looked at the link between consumption of processed meats such as hot dogs and the increased risks for certain types of cancers.

Another thing that you might not know about hot dogs is that it might contain some hidden ingredients you would normally not appreciate in a diet. Many times ‘other meats’ or similar words are used for such ingredients.

What does this mean?

The ‘other meats’ are usually different parts of the animals used in the hot dog including organs like kidney, heart, and liver. It can even be mechanically separated meat or MSM which was banned in 2004 with diseases like the mad cow disease.

Research on the presence of MSM has shown that it is still present in hot dogs. A hot dog can even contain up to 25 percent MSM.

It just might be the right time to cut out these snacks completely from your diet and opt for healthier alternatives.

With an academic background in Food Sciences, Klaire is interested to read about the latest news on nutrition, therapeutic benefits of foods and health. She is a practicing dietician with a focus on improving women’s health. Before joining the team, she has worked as a researcher and freelance writer.

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