Best Tips For Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Best Tips For Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life. For many women, maintaining a healthy pregnancy is the only concern whereas for the others, achieving a healthy weight after the pregnancy is also a major concern.

Taking care of a newborn is a hectic routine. Managing it along with work and household stuff is even more difficult especially when your body is recovering from the pregnancy effects.

However, it is important to take care of yourself and get back to a healthy body weight especially when it is your first pregnancy. This article has collected the best advice on how to lose post-pregnancy weight by the most simple approaches.

  1. Start by getting a realistic approach

Despite what you see on TV shows and fashion magazines, it is normal to gain weight during and after a pregnancy. All these celebrities that you see don’t naturally get that amazing figure even after giving birth.

In this case, if you have become overweight after pregnancy, that’s a very normal thing. You can control this extra weight by a proper weight loss plan. The World Health organization (WWH) studies 1,743 new mothers from various participant countries and concluded the average weight loss between 4.7 kg between two weeks and two years after the last pregnancy.

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The amount of weight that you lose is directly proportional to how much weight you have gained during the pregnancy. If you have gained more weight, it will take more time to shed it off. With a proper diet and exercise, you can easily drop it.

  1. Crash diet is never a good idea

Crash diets are a type of eating practice in which you eat minimum calories, which just make your systems work. It is not healthy and absolutely not normal but it does shed lots of weight in a minimum time.

It is important to know that after the baby’s delivery, the body needs a good healing. This healing only comes when you have nutrients and minerals to recover. Additionally, if you are a breastfeeding mother, you need double care.

A low-calorie diet such as a crash diet will make you deficient in the vital nutrients. It will make you weak, restless and in stress. So, a crash diet is not a recommendation for post-pregnancy weight loss. However, you can reduce your calorie intake to a considerable level, which is not unhealthy.

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  1. You should breastfeed your newborn

To your surprise, breastfeeding has certain advantages for the mother and baby both. It is a perfect nutritional plan for the baby, which provides immunity. Breastfeeding reduces the size of mother’s uterus, which gets back to its normal size after the birth.

It also reduces the health risks to the newborn by strengthening the immunity. In a similar way, it reduces the health risks of the mother too. For example, it helps the mother to have a low risk of type-2 diabetes, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and postnatal depression.

  1. Count your calories for losing weight

Counting the calories is a way to keep a record of your food intake. It also helps you to understand where is the problem that is causing you to gain weight. If you reduce the calories of daily food intake, it will help you to drop the extra weight like anything.

However, it is better to take help from a nutritionist or a dietician in this regard. You need to have a balanced level of all vital food ingredients. You cant just skip one thing or overdose another thing.

There is online help available to tell you about the average calories in particular food items. Moreover, there are phone apps, which keep a record of what you have eaten all day. Using all these techniques can help you to lose weight in an effective way.

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  1. Eat foods that are high in fiber

Fiber is an essential food ingredient that has proven to help with weight loss. Soluble fiber makes you feel fuller for the long hours so you won’t feel hungry after a few hours. It also reduces the hunger hormone level, which helps you to control the appetite.

Soluble fiber ferments itself in short-chained fatty acids inside your gut. These short-chained fatty acids increase the levels of fulling hormones which are called cholecystokinin (CCK), glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) and peptide YY (PYY).

All these factors help to improve the digestion and the result is a healthy post-pregnancy weight loss.

  1. Eat lean protein

Protein is an important component of the idea of a healthy diet. Eating significant amounts of protein can boost your metabolism, lower your appetite and makes you eat less than what you normally eat.

Not just for itself, eating protein creates a thermogenic effect for all the nutrients. It means that the body uses energy to digest these foods and this loss of energy burns the calories.

Protein also suppresses the appetite so you won’t feel hungry time to time when on diet. Healthy protein sources include lean meat, fish, nuts, eggs, legumes, dairy, and seeds.

  1. Prefer to eat healthy snacks

The famous quote of “you are what you eat” is accurately true. The foods that you eat influence your body structure and functions by the maximum impact. Studies show that usually, people prefer to eat a snack that feels delicious to them, regardless of them being healthy or unhealthy.

If you are watching your weight after the pregnancy, it is better to stock the healthy snacks i.e. fruits, nuts, seeds, yogurt, grains etc. Eat this snack when you are hungry but not too hungry. It will make your excessive weight gain stopped. Additionally, all the healthy snacks are high in nutrition. You will get double benefit in this case.

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  1. Stop eating sugar

Sugar and the refined carbs are extremely high in calories and minimum by nutritional value. Eating sugar and refined carbs make you gain more weight and also causes you to have an added risk of diabetes, heart problems, cholesterol, and cancer.

If you want to shed post-pregnancy weight, you should avoid using sugary drinks, processed fruit juices, fizzy drinks, bakery items, spreads, and sweets. While at the grocery store, only pick up the fresh and healthy food ingredients and leave the products if they have a high amount of sugar in them.

  1. Do not eat processed foods

Processed foods may be convenient to use but there are no health benefits of eating processed foods. In the situation after pregnancy when you are managing the baby, work, and home altogether, you may think processed foods as help. In reality, it is not.

Processed foods are high in sugar, fats, salt, all of which are a useless intake of calories. They are not even nutritious and all you can get from processed foods is just extra calories and weight gain.

If you want to lose the post-pregnancy weight, stop buying pre-packed foods. They include chips, cookies, baked foods, ready to eat meals, frozen and half cooked foods. Prefer eating fresh and healthy food with reduced calories intake.

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  1. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is never a healthy choice even if it tastes delicious to you. You already know that using alcohol is strictly prohibited during pregnancy. Even the small amounts of alcohol impact the body functions so bad that the baby can suffer from health damages.

After the delivery, you should never revert back to alcohol immediately, especially when you are planning to lose the weight. When it comes to weight loss, alcoholic beverages is nothing but extra calories to offer.

It makes you gain weight, reduces the breast milk production and can make its way to the bay through your breast milk. Think of all these disadvantages of alcohol and be sure that you don’t want these damages.

Combine all the up-listed tips with following a healthy weight loss.

  • A daily check of calories
  • Increased hydration
  • Exercise
  • Resistance training
  • Positive thinking
  • Regular sleeping cycle
  • A regular record of your weight gain/loss



The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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