Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts That You Should Know

Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts That You Should Know

Planning to expand your family and are excited about the pregnancy? Before the baby, it is your responsibility to create a perfect environment to ensure his good health.

Contrary to what you may hear from the people around you, there are many things, which can or cannot help you during pregnancy. Following is a list of pregnancy do’s and don’ts that you must know either you are pregnant or are planning to start a family.

Multivitamins are necessary during pregnancy

The intake of a balanced diet is even more critical when you are pregnant. It means that you should eat healthily and provide your body with all essential nutrients. So that there is plenty of growth nutrients for the baby.

In this regard, the only diet may not work for everyone. Usually, the gynecologist recommends using supplements that help the pregnant mothers to maintain the nutritional count.

Some specific nutrients like iron, folic acid, and calcium are required more than average during pregnancy. All of these are necessarily needed nutrients are given to the mother in the form of supplements. You must know that these supplements are necessary. Never avoid using them if your doctor has recommended you to use them.

Quit smoking when you are pregnant

You may read this everywhere that smoking during pregnancy is strictly prohibited. The pregnant mothers are asked to quit smoking. The babies who are born to smoking mothers have a higher tendency to have a low birth rate.

Also, they are on the verge of having disabilities, i.e., learning disabilities and growth disabilities. Also, they tend to be smoking at a very early age when they see their mothers smoking. These are the reasons that you should know to decide about quitting smoking.

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Lots of sleep is required in pregnancy

The pregnant mothers feel fatigue, stress, and anxiety for most of the time. The best way to treat is to sleep for a maximum time. Pregnancy is demanding, and it includes a resting phase too.

Whenever you feel tired, take a nap. Set your bedtime and never compromise on it. The average sleep requirement is nine hours. When there are symptoms of fatigue, take proper rest.

No alcohol in pregnancy

Alcohol is damaging to the body. It becomes more damaging when you are pregnant. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy initiates a high risk of the baby infected with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

The fetal alcohol syndrome makes the baby’s weight to be very less at the time of birth, behavioral and learning disabilities. The baby can also show lagging growth which can affect whole his life.

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That is why everyone asks the pregnant mother not to drink or use any food that has alcohol content in it. Quitting alcohol in pregnancy may be a problem for those who are used to it. A doctor can help you better to quit it.

Exercise is the right thing in pregnancy

Whoever tells you that a pregnant woman can’t work out, ignore him at once. Gone are the days when women used to avoid the weights and lifts during pregnancy, considering it to be damaging for the baby.

The modern research tells that working out during pregnancy is the right thing to do. Regular exercise helps you to be healthy and gain a normal weight in pregnancy. It can even regulate your sleeping patterns, stress, and fatigue.

If you had a habit of regular workout before pregnancy, maintain it during pregnancy. However, you can’t do it with the same intensity and exercises. Your fitness trainer can tell you more about what type of exercise is better for you.

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No raw meat eateries in pregnancy

Avoid using any food that includes undercooked or raw meat of any type. The raw and undercooked meat has the highest tendency to carry specific microbes on it. It can increase the risk of many foodborne diseases such as listeriosis, toxoplasmosis, and food poisoning.

If not treated on time, these conditions can cause illnesses that are general congenital disabilities. It is necessary for the baby’s health that the pregnant mother should avoid all these foods that can cause a problem. It includes seafood and deli meat.

You can do sex when pregnant

A popular disbelief is that the pregnancy stops the person from having sex. It is not true. During pregnancy, sex is fine as long as you don’t have a medical condition that prohibits you from doing so. For example placenta previa or any other disease that makes your pregnancy of high risk can be the reason for not having sex.

If there isn’t any such reason, you can have a safe intercourse. Talk to you doctor freely if you have questions about it.

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No unpasteurized milk products during pregnancy

Like uncooked and raw meat, unpasteurized milk and its products should not be used during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the mother needs high amounts of calcium to build the bones of the baby.

For that, unpasteurized or raw milk is not safe for pregnant mothers. This type of milk may have bacteria which can cause an infection, i.e., listeria. The highest complication of these bacterial infections is miscarriage, congenital disabilities, and other disabilities.

Yoga during pregnancy is perfectly fine

If you are worried about your regular yoga routine to be disturbed during pregnancy, the good news is that there is no need to avoid it. You should avoid only the Bikram or hot yoga. But all other modalities are fine even when you are expecting.

It is better to practice mild or gentle yoga exercises. Some classes are particularly designed for the pregnant mothers. The instructor will only tell you the exercises that are better for you. He may also tell you which yoga practices to avoid.

No hot tubs, sauna or jacuzzi during pregnancy

All of these practices are relaxing due to the high heat environment. For expecting mothers, this heated water may feel soothing for the body and relieve the muscular pains. But they can be too dangerous for pregnant moms.

The research suggests that any of these practices during the first trimester may increase the risk of miscarriage. For the safe side, avoid trying any of such hot water experience.

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Control the caffeine intake during pregnancy

Drinking too much coffee may be problematic for the expecting mothers. A high amount of caffeine may make its way to the placenta and increase the baby’s heartbeat.

The research says that pregnant women should only follow a safe dosage of caffeine. In this way taking a maximum of two cups of coffee during pregnancy is fine. Anything above it may trigger the problematic phase for you.

Control your weight gain during pregnancy

Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal. But eating more than normal should not be an excuse to eat tons of your favorite food. The pregnant women must be strategic to manage their weight.

Decide the quantity of the food after consulting you, doctor. Take hold of your weight gain and check it now and then. So that you don’t get overweight during pregnancy or after the delivery.

Avoid cleaning cat’s litter box

If you own a cat and are going through pregnancy, avoid cleaning her litter. Take special care of your hygiene when you own a cat. The domestic pets hold some parasites and microbes that can make you sick.

Take care of your oral hygiene when pregnant

Make sure that you follow a regular dental hygiene practice. In pregnancy, there is a highest chance to get a tooth infection as the bacteria become opportunistic during this phase. For the safe side, make a routine of regular check-ups at your dentist during pregnancy.




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