Cinnamon Is The New Help To Burn Fat

Cinnamon Is The New Help To Burn Fat

Carrying a bit extra fats never felt a problem unless you have to attend a function right after a vacation. Taking out time from the busy schedule to pamper yourself with your loved ones to a lovely vacation is no harm.

The only bad thing that it may bring for you is the additional fat layer. How about someone tells you that only a basic spice can help you to maintain your weight? Yes, that’s true; here we are referring to cinnamon, which is no doubt a wonder spice.

If you are cooking something special for a special occasion, just add a pinch of cinnamon powder in it. The aroma and taste are amazing and it doesn’t turn the flavor bad. There is the least number of people that believed cinnamon taste isn’t good enough, rest loved it.

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More than just a flavor enhancer, cinnamon helps you to lose weight. Cinnamon has fat burning abilities, which is the main outcome of a recent research.

The yummy holiday treats often are sugary, high calorie and non-healthy. They bring nothing but the extra amount of calories on your side, which later becomes a problem for you to handle.

If you are worried about these highly fattening but yummy treats, here is a simple trick to help you. You can add a pinch of cinnamon in them. It will reduce the risk of getting fat.

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The Life Sciences Institute (LSI) of University of Michigan (UM) conducted the research that we are talking about here. The scientists investigated the fat burning effects of cinnamaldehyde on human fat cells.

The inspiration behind this study is taken from the fact that cinnamon is an ancient ingredient, which is associated with enhanced metabolism. Logically, anything that affects metabolism in a good way certainly can help with losing weight.

There were other similar studies from the past which were based on the role of cinnamaldehyde to help the humans against the obesity in order to prevent hyperglycemia. It wasn’t a direct study on losing weight. However, the idea suggested testing cinnamon against fat cells only.

The researchers wanted to study the pathway which cinnamon uses to increase the metabolism of the user, hence controlling the obesity. It was tested and trialed on adipocytes extracted from mice and humans.

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The results revealed that cinnamaldehyde has a direct influence on the fat cells. The process that they use for their activation and support is called thermogenesis. It burns the fat, which has been stored under the skin.

Adipocytes are the specialized cells, which store lipids. When someone wants to lose weight, they can simply put effort to get rid of these adipocytes, burning of which reduces the weight. Read the complete research here. 

Making the body to initiate the thermogenesis is a whole long process. The reason to conduct this study was based on the hypothesis that cinnamon may help to induce this process of thermogenesis.

The research was done at the molecular level. They found some high expression genes and enzymes, which helped to induce and enhance lipid metabolism in adipocytes cells. The main ingredient to help in this regard was none other than cinnamaldehyde.

Due to this property, it is also said that cinnamon can be a replacement for common drugs. The highly medicinal values of cinnamon make it a perfect choice as a natural medicine, which is 100% safe and healthy for human consumption.

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The research concluded with the suggestion that using cinnamon for the food industry is a wise idea, which can be used to control the obesity trends. The increased obesity trends have become a problem in the entire world and the processed or canned food is one of the biggest culprits for it.


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