Warning- Hormone Therapy For Prostate Cancer May Increase Cardiac Diseases

Warning- Hormone Therapy For Prostate Cancer May Increase Cardiac Diseases

Prostate cancer is a chronic health condition, which is targeting many people, especially in the USA. One common treatment option that you might have heard for prostate cancer is a hormone therapy.Hormone therapy is basically an androgen-deprivation therapy that is now found to increase the risk of heart and related issues.

The new research is showing that this concern is true. Prostate cancer is dependent upon testosterone to spread. The androgen deprivation therapy commonly called ADT is helpful to reduce the amount of testosterone inside the body.

This ADT therapy makes the testosterone minimum, equal to zero. Hence the risk of prostate cancer is reduced to zero. These research findings are very controversial because ADT is a successful therapy for prostate cancer along with radiation therapy.

Only using the radiation therapy will not help. Also, ADT is recommended for the chronic cases of prostate cancer. Some medical practitioners don’t follow it and use ADT even on localized prostate cancer cases.

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Here one thing is important to know that the localized prostate cancer is not much helped when you are using ADT therapy on it. It only works better for the severe and chronic form of prostate cancer.

A surprising fact to know is that the incidence of localized prostate cancer in all over the world has been increased so much high in the last few years. There are other side effects of ADT therapy too that include diabetes, bone density loss, swelling, gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction and others. This leads to the evidence that low testosterone levels may increase the risk of heart problems more.

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Looking forward to ADT-CVD links

All the studies that elaborate the link between CVD and ADT are mostly conflicting. That is why it is difficult for the scientists to reach an accurate conclusion to show the relationship between heart health and ADT.

All these studies had multiple small problems. Some of them were based on older patients. Some had no information about the medicines, which might interact to show heart problems.

The new research by Kaiser Permanente Southern California in Pasadena showed in their research that ADT and CVD do have some linkage between them. They took the basic medical history to determine the PSA levels, medications, risk factors etc. Read the complete research here.

The subject was more than 7 thousand men, which have been clinically diagnosed with prostate cancer. Only 30% of these patients received ADT therapy. They were followed up for more or less 13 years afterward.

The study showed that individuals, who were suffering from prostate cancer and had ADT with no pre-existing CVD, were at 81% higher risk of heart failure.

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Similarly, 44% of them show a high risk of body arrhythmia, which is a conduction disorder. Also, they concluded that low testosterone means more fat mass, which is a high risk for CVD.

Low testosterone level means irregular lipid profile and various other factors i.e. hypertension, inflammation, fatigue etc. The researchers are hopeful that these findings will help to find a safer treatment for prostate cancer.



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