Cannabis Can Now Help Against Psoriasis

Cannabis Can Now Help Against Psoriasis

Cannabis and psoriasis may look like an odd combination for you. The new suggestion by research is that cannabis can help to treat psoriasis. Want to know more about it? Here is the complete story.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition, which shows as bumpy red scales on the skin. It is a condition in which the skin cells dry up and become like scaly patches. Cannabis is thought to be the new age treatment for psoriasis. Do you think it is possible?

Recent years have been a huge advancement to know the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. More than a recreational drug it has other benefits too. The active ingredients of cannabis are called cannabinoids that are responsible for all the effects of cannabis.

Psoriasis is a painful skin condition, which is due to the immune system problems. The abnormality in immune system makes the body to grow too many cells. When there are excessive cells built, they are pushed upwards before they mature.

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These extra cells cause bumps and red patches, which you may see on your skin while psoriasis hits you. In severe condition, this skin can become all cracked and it may start bleeding too. Inflammation is a common symptom to show up while suffering from it.

Psoriasis in the USA

In the USA, the incidence of psoriasis is very high. There are so many cases. The situation turns worse when it develops into a secondary infection. As per data suggestion, more than 30% of the psoriasis patients develop psoriatic arthritis, which is a chronic form of the disease.

In psoriatic arthritis, the internal inflammation affects the joints too much that they start to become still. This is a very painful condition.

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Unfortunately, there is no treatment option for psoriasis for now. You can reduce the uncomforting effects caused by psoriasis but be an immune system problem there is no as such treatment for it.

That is why scientists are always trying to find solutions to make this disease less discomforting for you.

How does cannabis help against Psoriasis?

Cannabis has chemicals inside it, which are called cannabinoids. The cannabis contains chemicals called cannabinoids when inside the body; they perform a number of beneficial functions such as.

  • Enhance immunity
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Regulate appetite
  • Uplifts the mood
  • Enhances fertility
  • Governs pressure on eyes

After a person takes the high dose of cannabis, it may interact with these functions and make them work improperly. But the thing is that cannabis is proven by research to be helpful against numerous health benefits. Some of them are as follows.

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Risks with using cannabis for psoriasis

The foremost thing that you must know is that it is not the only treatment option available for you. By any chance, if you are suffering from psoriasis, you should not use cannabis as the first treatment option.

It is a wise idea to consult a doctor and ask him about using cannabis medically. He will suggest you the best possible way and a suitable dosage to try. For general use, it is the best to use cannabis tincture to apply on skin white suffering from psoriasis.

One thing that you shouldn’t forget is that cannabis is not legal everywhere. In the USA, it is only legal in a few states. Check the status of your residential state before you try to grab it.


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