Coffee Can Save You From Heart Failure And Stroke

Coffee Can Save You From Heart Failure And Stroke

Who doesn’t love coffee? Especially when you aren’t much of a morning person, it is the coffee, which makes you active for study or work. For all the coffee lovers out there, here is good news to share.

Now you can totally rely on your coffee for the heart health and other health benefits. The latest research tells that drinking coffee daily reduce the risk of heart failure and stroke.

For many people, one-cup coffee is not enough, they need a maximum of it. It actually makes sense because the coffee makes you active and energetic before doing a difficult task. It is good to make your tedious day well going.

Fortunately, now coffee has scientific evidence to prove its efficiency. It is good to be used against the myths that people tell you. One of such common myths is that drinking coffee makes you unhealthy, it is addictive and what not.

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There is this amazing research that is making headlines these days. It is performed by University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora by the doctoral candidates.

The traditional data analysis was further added up to machine learning techniques and other modern analytical tools. It showed the effective link between coffee and the heart health.

The research is published and presented at the American Heart Association’s scientific session 2017, which was held in Anaheim, CA.

At initial findings, the scientists were able to perform random forests algorithm in machine learning. The data, which this research used, was taken from the sources of Framingham Heart Study. It has been functional since 1947 and been help for cardiovascular diseases awareness.

Following the resources, scientists concluded that only a single extra cup of your coffee every week will help to reduce the heart failure risk by 7% and stroke risk by 8%.

The results were repeatedly checked and crosschecked for the accuracy of the findings and it showed the same result. Read the complete research here.

Although the findings were consistent, the researchers emphasize that the association is not necessarily causal, so we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions just yet.

The study also has a segment, which studied how much red meat we add to our diet when we are at high risks of stroke and heart failure. The study took red meat as a potential health threat as it contributes greatly to develop certain health conditions, especially cardiovascular problems.

The data analysis of the research told that red meat lovers also have a low risk to develop heart problems. It is not verified by scientific reasons on what difference does it make. But it is evident that it does has some link.

For now, American Heart Associations advises using less red meat when you have or are at a risk of cardiovascular diseases. It increases the cholesterol, as it is high in fat content. Using chicken, fish, and beans for protein is better when you have a cardiovascular condition.

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The research also predicted the model to know targets as congestive heart failure and others. All the risk factors were studied to determine the newly discovered connection between coffee and heart health.

The scientists will be learning and studying more risk factors for these two conditions and how do they affect a person. It is a hopeful news that machine learning methods are helpful to determine the unknown conditions behind many health problems. Also, it will open the way for the same strategic study to be done for other diseases too.




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