Psoriasis And Diabetes Have Some Link In-between- Research Says

Psoriasis And Diabetes Have Some Link In-between- Research Says

Psoriasis is an autoimmune system disease and diabetes is a hormonal disease. The headline saying psoriasis and diabetes are interlinked doesn’t make much sense especially when you are not that informative about how our body works.

This is an outcome of one latest research that says that people who have psoriasis have a high risk of type 2 diabetes. It gets worse as the condition becomes severe in psoriasis. This research was conducted and performed by the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine.

It is published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology. The research studies the pattern of this interlinking and how it affects when psoriasis turns very bad for the patient. The research suggests that there is a biological reason on why these two seem to be connected.

Psoriasis is a severe problem that affects a high population worldwide. Only in the USA, it affects more than 7 million people annually. It is when your immune system experiences a flaw and starts affecting the skin and joints.

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Maximum percentage of these affected people suffers from plaque psoriasis. It is an inflammatory reaction, which is due to the miscommunication of the immune system. It falsely orders the skin cells to grow fast which is beyond normal.

When these excessively made new cells make their way to the surface of the skin. They interact and die. This process makes the lesions appear on the skin. It appears like thick reddish shaded patches, which are scaly.

The patches are more likely to hit you on specific body parts that include elbows, knees, face, scalp, back, feet sole, thighs, genitals etc.

A more severe form of psoriasis is psoriasis arthritis, which is more likely to hit the elderly patients. About 40% people that suffer from psoriasis end on having psoriatic arthritis. It is a disease that has intense inflammation of joints.

As you can relate that having psoriasis gives way to the other diseases to hit the person. All these secondary infections have more chances to affect you if you are already suffering from psoriasis.

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One of such diseases is diabetes type-2. It is a problem in which the body is unable to use insulin, which is a hormone This insulin hormone is essentially required to convert blood sugar into the energy, which the body cells need to work.Diabetes is so prevalent that only in the USA, more than 30 million people are diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes.

Coming back to the research study, the team of scientists used data on subjects, all of which were adults. They were divided into two groups, one was people which have psoriasis and the other was without psoriasis. The data was of 4 years long for a detailed analysis.

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While this data was taken from a survey report of general practitioners in the United Kingdom. It even had a record of psoriasis severity called body surface area (BSA), which tells you the precise percentage of the body area affected by psoriasis.

This data told that 3.44% people from the psoriasis group and 2.44% of the non-psoriasis group were diagnosed with diabetes in less than 4 years time period. Next was to study the risk factors i.e. gender, BMI etc.The research concluded that psoriasis patients with a BSA of 2% had 21% higher risk of getting hit by diabetes in a comparison with those, which didn’t have psoriasis.

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BSA of 10% and higher among the patients with psoriasis were even at a higher risk which was 64% to get diabetes. The risk increases additionally 20% when psoriasis gets worse. Read the complete research here.

It is an obvious thing to relate that both these diseases have some connection. In order to prevent diabetes, the care of psoriasis is mandatory. Also, there should be more studies on how exactly psoriasis increases the risk of diabetes in detail. For now, only this information is sufficient for the patients with psoriasis and diabetes both, to understand this connection and make suitable measures to prevent the condition at later stages.

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