Eat Nuts To Reduce The Risk Of Heart Problems

Eat Nuts To Reduce The Risk Of Heart Problems

Heart problems are one leading health concern, which is rapidly affecting people of all regions. Nuts are overall good for the health and there are plenty of reasons why should you eat them in daily routine. For these benefits, nuts are a part of specialized diets and even when you are losing weight.

How are nuts beneficial for your health, this question has lots of medical researchers to proof itself. It is now a well-known fact that even a handful of nuts give you certain health advances.

There is this latest research, which is published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, which elaborates the value of nuts. It is a groundbreaking research to support that nuts are helpful to reduce your risk for the cardiovascular diseases.

It further explains that diabetes risk reduces up to 40% only if you use 20grams of nuts each day. It will further help to reduce the risk of other infectious diseases by as much as 75%. Now, this is something, which you cannot ignore.

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Using a little amount only the 20grams of nuts gives you so many benefits. It even helps to build memory and enhance intelligence. You won’t need to take any nootropics supplement if you make a habit of eating a handful of nuts each day.

How do nuts help you to retrieve cardiovascular health? The study by the Department of Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health studies the link between these two factors.

In this research, approximately 210,000 people were a part of the data extraction. These subjects were a part of Nurses’ Health Study I and II as well as the Health Professionals Follow-up Study.

The study was constituted in the span of 32 years. The basic information i.e. medical and lifestyle and habits. This information was recollected every 2 years through the self-administered questionnaires.

The researchers were inclined to study major heart diseases such as myocardial infections, stroke, fatal cardiovascular diseases. Another health issue that they studies was coronary heart disease.

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There were more or less14,136 cases of the cardiovascular disease reported. Coronary heart disease had, 8,390 of which were coronary heart disease and 5,910 were the cases of a stroke.

How do nuts help to reduce the risk?

Interestingly, nut consumption and cardiovascular diseases are interrelated. If someone consumes nuts in daily routine, it significantly reduces to lower the heart diseases. A more particulate analysis suggested that walnuts are the best for this reason.

If a user consumes walnuts only two to three times a week, it reduces the cardiovascular risk by 19%. The best help is against coronary heart disease, which makes 21% of all cardiovascular diseases.

Second, best is to eat peanuts. Using peanuts in your recipes at least twice a week helps to reduce the cardiovascular disease risk by 13%. It further suppresses the risk of coronary heart disease by 15%.

Moreover, tree nuts help in 15% reduction in symptoms of the cardiovascular diseases. Tree nuts reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases by 23%, which is quiet, something worth it. Read the complete research here. 

Fortunately, there are so many options available if you want to incorporate nuts into your daily routine. You can eat roasted mixed nuts just a handful every day. Keep it in your bag and eat when you are feeling hungry.

Or you can add any nuts of your choice in your favorite food recipes. Not only the eateries, you can also add them to drinks i.e. smoothies, milkshakes etc. A balanced concept of diet has nuts as a vital part of it. It is better to take them each day for the overall immunity boost as well.



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