Eat Low-Calorie Foods To Reverse Diabetes Type 2 Naturally

Eat Low-Calorie Foods To Reverse Diabetes Type 2 Naturally

Diabetes is one primary health concern that is affecting a large number of people globally. It is an improper functioning of the body in which the blood glucose levels become high. It is not normal. Thus the condition is called hyperglycemia.

Between both types of diabetes, type 2 is the more severe and frequent form of diabetes. For someone who is suffering from type two diabetes, the body is unable to use insulin properly. This initiates a condition called insulin resistance.

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The pancreas turns slow, and eventually, it doesn’t make less or no insulin for your body.This is a condition, which is a hot subject of research these days. People are looking for alternative therapies to manage and control it.

The latest research study proposes that intake of a very low-calorie food can cause diabetes type 2 to reverse.

This fantastic research, which has recently marked new treatment for diabetes type 2. Though it is studied on animal models and not on human models yet.

The study is conducted by Yale University, which is published in the journal named Cell Metabolism. It says that diabetes is so prevalent in the USA that one in three

People in the USA will have diabetes by the year 2050 as confirmed by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention report.

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The reports are further elaborate that diabetes type 2 is much less among people that undergo fat loss surgeries. In this case, they are on a restricted calorie plan. It exhibits a condition that if your food intake is below a certain level, you are less likely to have diabetes type 2.

This research study focuses on understanding the mechanisms through which the caloric deficiency helps diabetes to prevent. This calorie intake is much lower than usual and even the half of the regular food intake.

They targeted the effects of very-low-calorie diet also known as VLCD. It is one-quarter of the average food intake. This study was performed on rodent models. Read the complete research here.

The researchers used a novel stable isotope to calculate the metabolic processes. In this way, they studied the glucose regulation and the role played by the liver in it.

They used the method PINTA for studying the comprehensive details of the metabolic fluxes that were thought to be contributing to insulin resistance. It also helps in producing excessive glucose, making body high on sugar, otherwise known as hyperglycemia.

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The research findings described that it helped to control the glucose production and to maintain a healthy level of glucose inside the body. This is a milestone in modern disease prevention and control strategies. It can be very fruitful if administered carefully.

The future of this research is to confirm if the results are equally useful on people that follow a specific diet plan and lifestyle. The same research team has started preparation to study the PINTA model on humans too.

The results from the future similar researches will help us to control diabetes type 2, without a medical surveillance. If the experiments turned out to be well, we might be able to manage the risk of diabetes that is rapidly affecting people worldwide.



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