A Cancer-Causing Virus That Mostly Affects Men Is Making Headlines

A Cancer-Causing Virus That Mostly Affects Men Is Making Headlines

A new thing, which you may like to read, is the prevalence of a virus that eventually causes cancer in men has set new risk factors these days. Here we are talking about human Papillomavirus, which is also called as HPV.

HPV has the highest risk associated with the development of cancer in both men and women. However, it has more susceptibility to target women.

The latest research study that published in the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine” highlights the increasing prevalence of HPV. The rate has drastically increased for men. As per statistics it is 11.5%, which means that it has affected 11 million men nationwide. Read the complete research paper here. 

In contrast to women, the rate is only 3.2%, which signifies that it has affected 3.2 million women. These prevalence patterns are so diverse that it is obvious to judge that men in the USA are more victims of HPV than women.

The chances are that men get more oral HPV than women, which is a further type of HPV infection. There is no as such research on the reason behind it. However, it is a good point to cover in any future research.

The research further explains that between the years 2008 and 2012, there were approximately 38,793 cases of HPV that ended with cancer. 59% targets of these cases were women and only 41% targets were males, surprisingly.

The current information about HPV as per CDC tells that most of the cervical cancer cases along with the cancer of the reproductive organs HPV are the real culprit. It is for both men and women.

It further explains that 1 in 9 US men has oral HPV infection hitting him It makes nearly 12% of the US men infected with this particular virus which usually ends on cancer.

Nearly 9000 men and women were part of this study, which was between the ages of 18 and 69. The oral samples were collected under the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2011 through 2014.

Even more shocking information is that the high risk of oral HPV was visible in 7% of the men. In women, it was as low as 1%. The most common target of HPV in men was the age range of 50-54, which is surprising. The HPV linked cancer in the US is the oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma that has the highest prevalence.

Cancer doesn’t have a vaccine but HPV has three vaccines that are approved by FDA and are available. These three include Gardasil, Gardasil-9, and Cervarix. HPV is a severe infection, which can become even more destructive when it turns into cancer.

The research emphasizes that we shouldn’t take HPV infection a discriminative but to administer it’s widespread, more studies should be planned. The best is to look for preventive strategies, which can help to make you less susceptible to HPV and all other similar infections.

Not the young or middle aged but the older men are at a higher risk. There is a dire need to develop a regular screening test, preventive measures, and healthy lifestyle to be adopted in young or middle ages. So that the risk of HPV or HPV linked cancer is minimized in older age.


The author is a Medical Microbiologist and a healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health.

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