The New Treatment Can Make Cancer Cells Self Destructive- Research Suggests

The New Treatment Can Make Cancer Cells Self Destructive- Research Suggests

Cancer is a chronic condition, which is not just one but a number of diseases. There are so many situations that can turn into cancer. For a basic understanding, cancer is an abnormal cell division of the body cells.

Once they grow large in size, they become a tumor, which is dangerous for the humans. They multiply so rapidly and spread to the whole body, causing death in severe cases. There is no vaccine and no as such treatment for cancer till date.

The good news is that future of cancer is now in our hands. Due to the widespread expansion, it has been a popular topic for the research. One research group of leading scientists has recently declared that they have found a way to treat it.

Yes, that’s right, the team of researchers says that they have found a compound that targets the cancer cells and makes them kill themselves. In this way, the other body cells are least affected and the cancer tumors are demolished.

This research group is from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, which has declared this profound news. They have found a way, which activates a self-destructive mechanism of the cancer cell, which is called apoptosis.

Apoptosis is the natural method of a programmed cell death which body undergoes in order to get rid of the unwanted cells. In this special research, the cancer cells were studied as the target.

There is a protein called executioner protein that is located in the cell called BAX. It attacks the energy-producing mechanisms of the cell, which later makes the cell to kill itself. This is how this programmed cell death works.

The problem with cancer cells was that they are smart. They are adaptable to the common ways, as per programmed cell death; they are able to suppress the BAX. It means they cannot be controlled in this way.

In order to find an alternative therapy, the research group targeted a compound, which will make the BAX protein strong enough to stand in front of cancer cells. They tried literally millions of compounds and shortlisted the one which had a little impact on BAX.

The next was to screen the best working compound and modify it’s working for the BAX strengthening plan. Eventually, they have now found a compound named as BTSA1, which stands for BAX triggering site activator 1.

This BTSA1 when applied to the BAX, makes the protein stable even against the cancer cells, thus making it go through the apoptosis process. The BTSA1 is tested on human blood samples, which were taken from the patients that had a high risk of acute myeloid leukaemia.

It was proven by repeated tests that BTSA1 worked and made the cancer cells to self-destruct themselves. It was also tested on mice and was noticed that BTSA1 has the maximum survival rate in targets. Read the complete research here. 

This research is a milestone to adopt new treatment options for cancer. It also suggests that in future, the treatment with the self-destruction of cancer calls will involve BTSA1.

For now, it is tested against myeloid leukemia but for future, it can be checked against other types of cancer too. There are high chances that it will be equally helpful to find therapies for other types of cancers as well.






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