Dong Quai- A Chinese Herb Of Countless Health benefits

Dong Quai- A Chinese Herb Of Countless Health benefits

Dong Quai is a famous herb from Chinese lands, which has recently, came in front of the world. It is a part of many traditional medicines and many remedies. In case you are wondering, it has been around for many thousands of years.

The benefits of dong quai make it a medicinal herb, which improves the health and helps to ease the symptoms of various health conditions. As the latest research studied it, it has been proven to be beneficial for diabetes, internal inflammation, cardiovascular health and overall immunity.

It is now available in the market in various forms. You can get it in powder form to make tea, supplements, liquid extract, etc. All of these types are helpful; it’s just a personal choice on what you select.

Here is more information that you should know about dong quai.

Origin and history of dong quai

Dong quai is the Chinese name of this herb. Talking scientifically, it is called Angelica sinensis. An alternate name of it is the female ginseng. The other family members of this herb are carrots, coriander, parsley, etc.

Dong quai is an herb of cold temperatures. It grows in selective parts of China, Japan, and Korea. It is used in traditional medicines of all three regions, which are neighboring by geography.

The benefits of dong quai are countless. It is a natural help for many problems both psychological and physical. After the modern research, it has become a distinct name to help in hormonal balance and several issues related to them.

The active chemical compound in dong quai is called coumarin. It is a phytochemical which is a part of many herbs. In dong quai, it gives it the properties, which labels it to be a medicinal herb.

It is used in powder form for most of the treatments. Native people like to brew it like a tea and sip it for health benefits. The taste is bitter, and it is very similar to that of anise.

Best health benefits of dong quai

Following are some reasons, which will make you think twice to consider dong quai for daily use. Let’s take a look at them.

  • It makes your bones stronger

When you age, your body becomes weak gradually. The bones become to be brittle and softer. Most of the times, there are risks to developing bone diseases such as osteoporosis. It makes you vulnerable to physical injury more than ordinary people.

It hits women more, and the reason is that this regulation of bones is completed through a hormone called estrogen. When women pass menopause, estrogen levels gradually decrease. So when this time of estrogen reduction comes, dong quai helps you.

Using dong quai strengthens the bones. It also stimulates the cells to form bones. It is even proven by the research that the bones developed by the help of dong quai are mineral rich. So there is no way to think that is bone formation is not natural.

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  • It regulates the blood sugar level

More sugar flowing in the blood makes you susceptible to various diseases. One of such problem is diabetes, which hits you when the blood sugar levels are high. It may cause some other issues too such as uncontrolled urination, thirst, weight reduction, etc.

Dong quai is studied to be helpful for reducing the blood sugar levels. Maintaining an average blood sugar level and insulin resistance is significant. Insulin is also a hormone which regulates the transfer of sugar from the blood to the cells.

Insulin resistance is a phenomenon, which occurs when high insulin levels are sustained in the blood. By the end, the body becomes resistant to it, and the insulin is no longer helpful to regulate the blood sugar.

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  • It enhances cardiovascular health

Heart problems are the most common reasons of deaths in the world. It is enormously high in the United States too. Coronary heart disease is the most frequent reason of death and the lifelong heart problems.

Coronary heart disease is caused when excessive plaque and cholesterol piles in the arteries and block them. Maintaining the cholesterol levels is necessary. It ensures the cleaner pathway for blood flow, and hence the heart is protected against possible risks.

Dong quai is proven to be one useful herb which when combined with another plant called Huang qi, it reduces the cholesterol from the body. It also helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure and weight.

  • It fights against internal inflammations

Inflammation is the body’s response to tell that something is not going smoothly inside the body. When the body is injured or infected, the swelling shows up which is a part of natural defense mechanism.

An extreme inflammation is a different thing, which can be a negative sign. It shows that some specific disease such as heart, cancer, diabetes or related problems are prevailing. There is extensive research on this internal inflammation on its natural ways of control.

In this regard, dong quai is said to be having such unusual properties that reduce the inflammation. In this way, it helps to lower down the risk of any chronic disease such as heart problems.

For preventive measures, it is not donged quai alone that will help you. Using a healthy diet that has high antioxidant-rich food and water intake can help you to get a perfect health. Also, incorporate exercise or any form of physical exertion to watch your weight.

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  • It eases the phase of menopause

Menopause is a crucial time in the life of a woman. It is a natural phase, which hits every woman between her 40s and 50s. It is a decline in the hormonal system of the body, which shows some very uncomfortable effects.

Some everyday things to experience during menopause are hot flashes, cold flashes, sweats, mood swings, hair loss, fatigue, stress, depression, etc. Women try many things to make this process smooth and less tiring than usual.

For this therapy, some specific medicines are helpful. The analysis of dong quai shows that it is equally beneficial as these medicines. Additionally, it doesn’t have side effects. It shows that dong quai is a better alternative to drugs.

It reduces the physical and mental stress, regulates the sleep, stabilizes the mood and helps you to feel better about yourself. All these factors are helpful to pass the time of menopause.

  • It helps against depression

Now that you know that dong quai has so many benefits, the next in line is stress. A constant stress may cause depression, which brings negativity to life. Using dong quai will improve the functioning of the body and overcomes the negative with positive.

It is proven by animal study models that herbal preparations of dong quai are helpful against depression. It is particularly in use for centuries to treat stress and its related problems, i.e., depression.

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Interesting facts about dong quai herb

  • In Chinese language, dong quai means “the husband returns to wife.”
  • Dong quai only grows in China and its neighboring areas, i.e., Japan, Korea.
  • It is a natural hormone regulator.
  • It is an aphrodisiac agent, which increases the libido.
  • It is also used in the traditional medicines of other regions, i.e., Ayurveda.
  • It controls the blood pressure.

How can you use dong quai?

Dong quai is commercially harvested and dried in the sun. It is later cut into small pieces, which can be further ground to make powder. One can simmer, cook, brew or add it into recipes.

But if you don’t want all this mess, you can try supplements of dong quai. They are readily available in the market. You can also add a few drops of its liquid tincture in liquid food or tea. Make sure that you are buying it from a reputed company.







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