8 Amazing Food Facts That You Didn’t Know

 8 Amazing Food Facts That You Didn’t Know

Do you have a habit of reading food labels? If yes, that’s good, if not, you might need to do that after reading this article. Knowing the product before buying gives you a good idea of what it is and what are you about to consume.

It also tells you about the food ingredients that you are consuming. There is a huge possibility that you won’t know any of these facts, which are written below. If you know about food ingredients, following eight facts might excite you to an extreme.

Take a closer look.

  • There is a delicacy called “Bird’s saliva” which is very expensive to buy

So you thought only truffles, caviar, etc. is costly and their cant be anything weirder than these? Here is the bird’s saliva, which is made in China.

The Birds nest soup is the most famous cuisine from China, which is made from the saliva of small swiftlets. Nest has been an ingredient in Chinese cooking for a long time. They are dissolved in water to make a perfect consistency, which is soup. It is famous for its unique flavor and the health benefits.

These birds’ nests are very expensive to buy and are considered as one of the most costly food dishes consumed by humans.

  • Your food can legally contain tracts of insects

Traces of insects in food? Sounds weird but that is true that if you buy your food and you expect it to be insect free and believe that the law ensures it to be true, that is not true. You will be surprised to know that some elements are allowed to be a part of the food that you may purchase, only in small amounts.

The Food and Drug Administration department of USA allows some natural defects in eatables, which mean the food, can have traces of anything.

That thing which you otherwise would never like to have in your food or anywhere near to your food. The law only applies to it when their quantity goes slightly above than what it is expected to be.

  • Natural food sources are not that nutritious as you think they are

Natural foods, fruits, vegetable juices, and all these names sound so healthy to you, don’t they? You may be eating the right portion of fresh foods in your diet, but they may never be as nutritious as you think they are.

There are some reasons for it. For example, one big reason is that modern agricultural practices have made fruits and vegetables less nutritious than they were in the past. The excessive use of chemicals, poor harvesting, improper storage and many other factors contribute more to it.

To get the full benefit out of your natural foods, try to eat a high amount of them, your regular portions may be too small for nutrition for your body. Also, try to use organic products, which are usually better for health.

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  • Pre-packed salads and greens are neither healthy nor clean

Watching your diet and don’t want to eat carbs, so you prefer to buy prepared salads? Bad, bad idea let us tell you. When you purchase the salads, green foods in pre-packed form, they appear to be clean and healthy.

You see all those fancy descriptions and calorie details on it. Can you doubt it to be unclean and unhealthy? Of course not, but to your surprise, many consumer reports tested these pre-washed salads, and 39% of 200 plus samples had bacteria in them which is a clear case of contamination.

Usually, the salad ingredients have a structure, which favors the growth of bacteria such as spinach leaves. The best is to wash all the greens, even if the label says clean. Try to avoid the pre-packed salads and try to make your salad recipes. If in a hurry, look for better alternatives.

  • Not just a clove but coffee bean can make your bad breath go in minutes.

There are so many people, which have been doing the clove thing to get rid of the bad breath. If you are a surfer of bad breath too and prefer to chew a gym or use mouth spray, there is something, which is more comfortable and tastier to try.

The solution to this problem is a single coffee bean. Yes, chewing the roasted coffee bean help you to get over your bad breath in no time. It is so useful that the bad smell of garlic and onion can also fade with this simple home remedy.

If you don’t like the taste of coffee, there are more alternative of it too. For example, you can try mint leaves or parsley leaves. However, coffee has antibacterial properties too and chewing the coffee bean will help you to maintain a good oral hygiene too.

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  •  Chocolate is not bad but healthy as anything

If you ask anyone which one is more vigorous, chocolate bar or fruit, he will choose the fruit. Why? Because our common perception makes us think that chocolate is not healthy. There is no way that it can be healthy, so it is always damaging.

The latest researchers are now telling that chocolate is as healthy as eating fruit. The dark chocolate has so many health benefits that it is comparable to the fruit juices made with antioxidant-rich fruits, i.e., strawberries, blueberries, pomegranate, etc.

Dark chocolate is healthier and tastier, and by dark, it means 70% or more amount of cocoa in it. It has antioxidants, which help the body to fight against all the disease-causing pathogens.

All these good things are related to the dark chocolate and not the milk chocolate. If you have a choice, always prefer the dark chocolate to milk. The milk chocolate has extra sugar, milk and is a more processed product than dark chocolate.

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  •  You may get out of chocolate soon.

More than a fact, it is news, that too a sad news. If you are a chocolate lover and live on chocolate, you may be disappointed to know that it is going into a shortage. Sounds insane but the price of chocolate has been increased rapidly in previous years.

The other thing is that these bars are shrinking in size. You might have wondered what your favorite childhood chocolates have now reduced in size but increased in price by so many times. That is a fun fact, which we usually ignore. You may not know, but the global demand for chocolate has been increased rapidly in last few years.

The new massive emerging markets such as India, China, Brazil, Russia, etc. need a lot of these products to run their trades. Chocolate may be a processed product, but the beans that it uses are natural. There are not enough cacao trees to meet the supply demand. That is why there is a possibility of having a shortfall soon.

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  • Real honey has a never-ending shelf life

Purchased a jar of honey some time ago and it has started to turn bad in a few months? The chances are that you have purchased a wrong product. As per research, the original honey can never go bad, no matter how long you store it.

The honey’s PH, the absence of water, viscosity and the reason that there is hydrogen peroxide in it makes it nearly impossible for it to get contaminated by anything. That is the reason that the real honey can never go bad, spoil or show growth in it. It has a lifelong shelf life.

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