Diabetes Prevention Tips

Diabetes Prevention Tips

We have heard since our early ages that prevention is better than cure. So we need to monitor ourselves to prevent diabetes and stay healthy and afresh. Diabetes is often just considered an elimination of sugary stuff from life but it has much broader meanings.

Dibaetes is a chronic disease in which your pancreas is unable to produce insulin or might be possible body gets incapable to utilize that insulin.you might be pondering on the word insulin. The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin which absorbs the glucose from the food eaten and passes it to the cells through the bloodstreams for energy. Well, failure in doing so may raise the glucose level of blood and meanwhile, damages all the organs.

Current studies have revealed that type 1 diabetes cannot be avoided at all that is the result of fault by the body’s system and fight against insulin destroying the insulin cells produced by the pancreas. Whereas type 2 of diabetes is mainly the result of our lifestyle and technological advancements.

We have become highly dependent on machines and quite inactive. The sedimentary level of activity has caused obesity, resulting in type 2 diabetes. Therefore, type 1 diabetes is a result of a failure of the pancreas to produce insulin cells while the other one is just due to insulin resistance.

Results revealed that 86 million adults are prone to prediabetics, the normal sugar level is quite raised.So the question arises, how can we prevent diabetes?

The answer lies just in front of our eyes which we are continuously ignoring in the luxuries and comfortable lifestyle. If you are one of these, so beware and mark all the mandatory points to save yourself from the disease. Don’t forget diabetes is the root cause of all diseases.

Here we go.

Changes in Lifestyle

Sedentary life should be changed to prevent diabetes. If your work involves a lot of sitting so stand up while talking on the phone or walk for short intervals in between your working hours.

This might sound hard to do and less practical but once done, it can be very productive. Oh yes! If you are sort of couch potato or being lethargic, so set your time and have a walk for 30 minutes. A valuable advice indeed by the physicians.

Changes in Food Portions

No matter if you plan to eat a number of times a day, not more than six times, still your portion sizes should be reduced. Less of carbohydrates and more should be given to vegetables and fruits.instead of having a glass of juice and consuming 3-4 fruits at a time, cut and eat to control your portion and sugar intake. Don’t eat much food at one time because there is a likelihood of having diabetes later on.

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A controlled trial of 12 weeks showed that prediabetic can control their sugar with portion control, as well may avoid the risk of diabetes. Eliminate refined sugar and carbohydrates at first from your diet.

Loose weight

Obesity is the root cause of many diseases.so if you fall into the category of overweight or obesity, start any of the exercises like Jillian Michaels 30 days shred plan or Leslie walk for the less intensive plan.

You can even go for a simple brisk walk to lose weight! Prediabetes may notice fat in their midsection and around abdominal organs such as the liver. So remind you, if you have this visceral fat, it might increase your inflammation and insulin resistance making you more prone to diabetes.

Exercise on Regular BasisRemember the golden key! Practicing exercise on regular basis will prevent diabetes. It has been noticed that exercises increase the insulin sensitivity of the cells. so less insulin is needed to keep your sugar under control. Aerobics, high-intensity interval training, Zumba and strength training are the preferred types of exercises to assist you in your fitness journey!

Opt for Natural Herbs

Get hold of these natural herbs because they are effective enough to enhance your insulin sensitivity and reduce the chances of diabetes in upcoming years.

CurcuminCurcumin which has been the part of regular turmeric. It has been known for Ayurvedic treatment for years. It reduces insulin level and risk of diabetes too. It even reduces the inflammatory effect of prediabetes.Research of controlled nine months has shown that 240 adults who took 750 gm of curcumin had no diabetes, still, 16.4% had it.


Berberine is constituent of many herbs and it has been the essence of all Chinese medicines since ages. It has the property to reduce cholesterol and it will definitely save you from heart attacks. Several studies have unveiled that berberine will lower sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Drinking Coffee or Tea

 No one has ever imagined in their wildest dreams that coffee and tea intake will reduce sugar levels, resulting in high insulin sensitivity and risks of diabetes. Their antioxidants called
Polyphenols are responsible for preventing diabetes. The green tea with the antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) increases the insulin sensitivity and saves from diabetes.

High Fiber Diet
Follow the low-calorie diet and increase your fiber intake to the maximum. Gut health as well weight management can be easier with plenty of fiber intake. Fiber is categorized into soluble and insoluble. Insoluble will not absorb water while soluble will.
Soluble fiber forms a gel with water in the digestive tracts.

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This raises the blood sugar gradually. Whereas, insoluble fiber will reduce the sugar level and risks of debates too. So get serious about your health. Start taking care so you can prevent yourself from diabetes because not to forget, health is wealth.


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