Five Common Diseases Encountered By Every Woman

Five Common Diseases Encountered By Every Woman

Women are the most intricate creation of God. No one can deny the intricate body but yet loads of courage blended in a powerful soul, to encounter all the issues in everyday life. Let it be household to issues related to her health, she has the strong will and soul to sustain all the pressure exerted from the world.

Busy in the hustle bustle of life, generally ladies tend to pay the least attention to their health by ignoring all the appearing symptoms. It may eventually lead to numerous diseases.

#1: Heart Attacks

Heart attacks in women are more dangerous because it kills every one lady among three ladies that is approximately one woman is dead in almost every 80 seconds. Women are prone to heart attacks but they have little knowledge of the symptoms and ignore it.

Remember the symptoms and don’t be negligent towards yourself. Heart attacks do not wait for certain age. Women of nowadays may experience attacks due to many reasons underlying reasons. It can be obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, inactivity, and stress level.

Though both the genders may have equal death rates the symptoms may vary. Women have the first heart attack at an average of seven years later than men. Women may experience the pain in the chest just like men and they have same strokes.

However, the strokes rates are quite higher in women. the coronary blockage is widely noticed in which the small vessels are blocked and make the victim more likely for a heart attack.

#2: Breast cancer

Breast cancer has been ranked the most killing disease for the women, after lung cancer. With the treatments being diversified and modified, the disease is increasing rapidly among women. It has been noticed that most of the women do not visit the respective doctors showing too much negligence towards their health.

They are often found reluctant to visit doctors for screening or in too much pressure, go for mastectomy. Many measures to cure have been developed. Women must have strong control on their emotions and take care if any of the below factors are occurring in their body:

  • With the aging factor
  • In genes, 5-10% approximately experiences due to the mutation of their genes, specifically with   BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes).
  • In family history
  • In personal history
  • Races. African American tend to be at lesser risk of the disease while their mortality rates are high due to the disease in comparison to the white who have the disease more but die lesser due to this disease.
  • Earlier exposure to radiation
  • Earlier abrupt breast biopsy
  • Earlier staring of mensuration from less than 12 years and menopause later than 55  years.
  • Infertility
  • Excessive use of alcoholic drinks
  • Overweight
  •  Don’t be scared, at times despite with the above factors, the person does not get cancer and it also happens that person without family history develops the disease.

#3: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)


None of the Women of today are unaware of the term because 10% of reproductive ages are stricken with it.Most of them are badly affected due to this, as developing polycystic ovaries engage the person in the vicious cycle. Women may experience excruciating pain in the sides or to the capturing of cysts or being infected and affecting the uterus causing infertility.

Due to PCOS, females keep on gaining weight and become less productive. Whilst, on another hand their overweight is the primary cause of the disease. It disturbs the mensuration cycles and prolongs them, at times triggering depression and health issues. Not to ignore, excessive hair growth and acne. The disease suggests a remedy for itself that the patients must adopt the healthy lifestyle and maintain their weight to avoid the disease.

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#4: Osteoporosis

It is affecting men and women both but the larger number of females are bearing this disease. It makes the bones weaker and resilient, that will ultimately lead to numerous fractures and weaker bones.

Many other factors contribute to the disease are due to age, obesity, and lack of vitamin D and less calcium intake. Asian women are more prone to Osteoporosis ladies are experiencing severity because of giving birth and transferring their calcium at the time of birth.

Too much use of alcohols or smoking is also responsible for it. Women have weaker bones than men and by the time, they reach their menopause age, their estrogen which is responsible to protect bones diminishes quickly so women have more chances to osteoporosis.

Statistics have revealed that among the osteoporosis patients, 80% are ladies and they are likely to have the hip bone broken just like the way, they are exposed to breast, ovarian and uterine cancer. It is for sure that they are very much likely to have one bone break in any phase of life.

#5: Depression

Depression has never been easy but despite technological advancements and convenience and saving of time, people remain still busy and short of time for each other. The self-centered and dependency on gadgets for entertainment has further grieved the grievances. Not only this, in fact, ladies with hormonal changes or family history may also experience the same pain. This is the reason 50% more ladies have depression in comparison to men.

Depression has different levels, varying from person to person depending on the situations. Ladies are generally hit by. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). Clinical depression is the worst form of depression which inflicts sadness, anxiety, anger, and frustration.

Reasons for depression are not very obvious or predefined.yet the remedies are clear and effective. Whenever your loved one is undergoing through depression, give maximum and quality time to her. You can even engage her in some physical outdoor activities because the fresh air will definitely rejuvenate and refresh their souls. Inculcating positivity will make them capable of eliminating their sarcastic behavior and come back to life.

Yes! Do not forget to consult the psychiatrist for quick healing. Work on if any below symptoms is noticed:

  • Sadness and empty mood
  • Pessimistic behaviour
  • Easily being irritated
  • Lower energy levels and easily being tired
  • Low esteem
  • Decrease in the interest of hobbies and leisure activities
  • Low concentration, decision making and weaker memory to retain
  • Loss of appetite or fluctuation in weight

At times, women may encounter Perinatal Depression during the period of pregnancy and that can result in mood swings, irritability, and disturbed sleeping and eating patterns. That’s not the end, Perimenopausal Depression may also hit the poor soul if they near to their menopause period. Hot flashes, anger, irritation and mood swings may prevail. So the key to depression of any kind is thought positive and be positive!



As a graduate of Public Health and Policy, Andrea developed an interest in disease development, food and safety and the latest advancements in health. She is a Freelance writer who had affiliations with multiple blogs. Andrea is now pursuing her post-doctorate in Behavioral Sciences.

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