Enroll Yourself in Some of the Top Rated Health Insurance Plans in NYC

Enroll Yourself in Some of the Top Rated Health Insurance Plans in NYC

New York is a developed state and it has brought health care reforms earlier than the rest of the country. According to the New York state’s latest enrollment report, more than 2.8 million people now receive health insurance through the New York State of Health, and the uninsured rate has been cut in half in three years.

Under the Affordable Care Act commonly known as ObamaCare legislation, most Americans need to sign up for health insurance or pay a penalty at income tax time if uninsured. Generally, you don’t need to buy insurance through the Marketplace if you are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE, or an employer-sponsored plan.

When it comes to health care insurance options, a lot has changed in the past years. Before the Affordable Care Act, workers without employer-subsidized health insurance were living in a difficult state. Those with pre-existing conditions didn’t get coverage or had to pay out of pocket.

An analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that only 57 percent of enrollees will get three or more plans to choose from Across the United States. The entire state of New Jersey is down to only two insurers. In New York, 100 percent of enrollees will choose from among at least three insurers. New York City, the state’s most populous region, offers nine insurers from which to choose.

In order to find best health care plans for you and your family you first need to check for all the available insurance programs in your region. A lot of information is available for you openly to go through even before enrollment. Consult your doctor and about the major programs they accept patients from.

About the New York State of Health insurance Marketplace WebMD,

Health care insurance is where eligible residents can shop for and buy insurance in person, online, or by phone. In New York, the Marketplace is run by the state government. The Marketplace, also called an Exchange, is mainly for people who:

-Don’t have insurance

-Aren’t insured by their employer

-Don’t have Medicare

-Aren’t included in their spouse’s employer insurance

-Have pre-existing conditions and may have had trouble getting insurance before

-Have private insurance but want to look at other options

-Own a small business

Enrollment in the NY State of Health — including QHPs (private plans), the Essential Plan, Medicaid, and Child Health Plus — reached more than 3.6 million by the end of January 2017 (when open enrollment ended for QHPs). That was an increase of 800,000 over the prior year’s total enrollment.

If you live in New York and need to buy a private or employer-based healthcare cover, this guide is for you to find one successfully.The list below has been made for you to find out about the features offered by health care plans in New York and choose the best plan that suits you and your family.

It turns out New York City is pretty healthy compared to the rest of the country. New York’s health care system stands out.

Here are some key takeaways by Business Insider,

Among the 10 largest cities, New York City has the fourth lowest obesity rate behind Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Diego.

NYC ranks better than the large metro average in obesity, diabetes, and Americans who have health insurance; NYC ranks worse than the large metro area average for frequent exercise, frequent produce consumption, and city optimism

NYC ranks better than the national average for obesity, diabetes and frequent produce consumption; NYC ranks worse than the national average for frequent exercise, city optimism and people who have health insurance.

We present you some of the top-rated New York health insurance companies to provide you with hefty of good reasons to enroll with them.

Empire Blue Cross

Anthem Inc parents the company Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. It is the largest healthcare organization since 1934. This company provides health insurance to individuals as well as other companies. It offers all kinds of healthcare cover services that include dental, vision and group life insurance.

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield made their plan more comprehensive in 2017 by providing access to in-network doctors that work in their Enhanced Personal Health Care program (EPO). The company works all across the state and you can use it wherever you live or work in the US through an electronic network named ‘BlueCard’.  The company also offers a variety of health plans for businesses.


Cigna is another leading name in healthcare plan providers around the globe. The company was founded in 1982 when Connecticut General Life Insurance Company and the Insurance Company of North America (INA) merged.

Cigna provides health care insurance throughout the world not only in the United States. Other insurance services offered are vision care, dental, group disability and group life insurance. It is available in 30 other countries while the headquarter is located in Philadelphia.

Cigna offers group benefit features to all kinds of businesses in the market. Cigna has a large largest network of doctors and hospitals in the tri-state region. The health plans are designed to fit all kinds of organizations.

The company offers any type of health care coverage you can imagine ranging from PPO Plans (Preferred Provider Organization), HMO Plans (Health Maintenance Organization) and HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts). To fit and avail plans designed and offered by Cigna you need to have employees more than 51 in number.


HealthPass was created in 1990 by the Giuliani administration. It is a private health insurance business that provides 18 different health care plans that come altogether under 1 program. The company offers its services to small businesses mainly in the downstate NYC area and some areas in upstate New York.

HealthPass plans include well-reputed providers such as Oxford, CareConnect, Guardian, and Soltice. The company covers health problems including vision, dental, medical, life, disability and much more. If you are a small business, HealthPass will help you cut down your bills by receiving hassle-free plan options.

Employees with financial limitations can go for low-cost CareConnect plans and employees looking for a comprehensive coverage,  may opt for the Oxford plans. It will help you administer your health care program in a simplified way by offering any health plan chosen by the employee under a single bill.

Emblem Health

Emblem or HealthEmblem provides health care plans equally to both small and large business groups. Employees from small groups can choose the Select Care Network which consists of more than 34,000 specialists and primary care doctors with leading hospitals.

In order to avail this network, your small business should be located in any one of the New York counties including the New York City itself, its surrounding regions and the north of Albany. Emblem offers several plan policies including EPO Plans, PPO Plans and HMO Plans which use the Emblem Health National Network.



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