People living in higher Air pollution areas have weaker hearts – researchers says

People living in higher Air pollution areas have weaker hearts – researchers says

In a fresh news released from the UK, it was found that people living in the areas of higher air pollution tend to have high chances of facing heart problems than compared to people living in the areas who breath clean and fresh air.

According to the report, the pollution in the air causes the heart size to increase resulting in extra efforts for the heart to function effectively and circulating the blood throughout the body.

Dr, Aung who presented this research at the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging Conference strictly recommended people to avoid working and walking in the place and time where there are high levels of pollution.

He further advised people that if they need to walk in areas of high pollution then they should take the path farthest from the cars or if they need to cycle then they must take the quieter route, in this way people would be able to breathe in less the pollution at maximum.

He further said that those with already cardio – respiratory diseases must limit their outdoor activity in the rush hours. Since the inhalation of particles in the air produced by the pollution causes inflammation of the lungs, which causes a more systematic inflammation affecting the whole body.

The study used the magnetic resonance imagining technique to study 4,225 people at an average of 62. The study then compared the heart size and function of parts with the average annual level of fine particles of pollution, which is known as PM2.5.

The results of the study showed that a 5 microgram per cubic meter increase in exposure to PM2.5 resulted in the increase of the size of the left ventricle by 4 to 8% with a 2 % decrease in its pumping power.

It also confirmed that the small particle released in the air by the diesel fumes were the main source of cardiac and respiratory problems, which are first inhaled in the lungs and are then assimilated and absorbed into the blood stream.

In the UK where 8 out 10 people are at a risk of heart diseases and attacks, the researcher further concluded that air pollution is hazardous and the government should instantly look into this matter of public concern.

The study also informed the readers that, harmful results of diesel particles were found in the study even when the level of diesel pollution was less than half the safety standards set by the European Union. Hence it showed that the current levels of safety standards set by the European Union were not permissible and need to be lowered further.

Many campaigns have been initiated in the UK to force the government to take some concrete actions regarding the increasing in the air pollution day by day. Andrea Lee, a healthy air campaigner at Client Earth, also strongly supported the research terming it as another evidence of pollution having a real impact on the lives of the people.

She further suggested that the country needs the network of clean air zones so that the dirtiest vehicles emitting large particle of diesel be kept out of the areas and towns.

The reports tend to have high significance since in the recent World Health Organization report the UK has the rate of 25.7 per 100,000 people death of people associated with air pollution when compared with the Sweden’s 0.4 per 100,000 and 14.7 per 100,000 in Spain.

According to all the researchers, the diesel fuel is termed to be the most dangerous fuel for the lives of the human being and have asked the government to take strict action since they believe people have due rights to live and breathe in the safe and clean environment.


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