Athletic Greens Vs Patriot Power Greens – Which one is better?

Athletic Greens Vs Patriot Power Greens – Which one is better?

To get a superfood is a healthy idea which is essentially helpful to boost the user’s health. It is not something new, superfood powders are one of the most common daily health products, especially in the USA.

Talking about different brands and names, you may get confused with so much variety around you. One of such emerging name which you may hear is Patriot power greens. Ask anyone and you will be surprised to know that more than 80% of people prefer to use it.

Athletic Greens is another name which is equally popular as Patriot Power Greens. Both of them may look similar but they are a little different in many ways. But the best thing is that both of them engage their users to prolong their use.

What could be the reason to use Patriot Power Greens and Athletic Greens? Why would someone use them? What if you have a choice and can use anyone, what would you use? Several questions like this will storm to your mind.

Here is the answer to all such questions. Find out more by reading this article on the comparison of Patriot Power Greens and Athletic Greens.

All about Patriot Greens

The name may not do them justice but this amazing product is a superfood which is a combination of more than 40 selected vegetables, fruits, probiotics, enzymes, nutrients and herbs which are helpful to maintain a good health.

Using these ingredients in the right formula is what makes a user enable to enjoy the benefits of it. These ingredients are from natural foods which leave less space to doubt the user requirement of this superfood.

Using Patriot Greens daily will ensure the nutritional requirements of the user to be self-sufficient. Let’s find out more about it.

What would you get after using Patriot Power Greens?

The reason that Patriot Power Greens is helpful to maintain a healthy body status makes sense. But it is necessary to know the specific benefits which it can provide to the users.

  • Some of the best effects of using Patriot Power Greens are as follows.
  • It boosts the energy levels to the maximum level.
  • It makes the process of weight loss rapid.
  • It improves the digestion of the food.
  • It helps to confine the focus and concentration.
  • It helps to get a strong lean mass.
  • It enhances the bone density thus maintains the bone health.
  • It enhances the natural immunity of the body.
  • It provides protection against the pathogenic attack.
  • It maintains a healthy PH of the body.
  • It reduces the stress levels for the user.
  • It works like a natural cleanser and an antioxidant.

Who manufacturers Patriot Power Greens?

Patriot Power Greens is manufactured by Patriotic Health Alliance. It is a USA based company which has its head office in Utah. They said to be donating some part of their gross sales to the US Army which is a very impressive thing.

The team head who has manufactured this amazing product is Dr. Lane Sebring. It is said to be helpful for the overall healthy development of the user. There are no known side effects or user complaints against it online.

The working of Patriot Power Greens

Patriot Power Greens has probiotics and special enzymes in it which are helpful for many internal problems. It helps to maintain the ph, reduce inflammation and keep up the health.

It also helps to lose weight by properly digesting the food particles. It can repair the damage which is internally done to the body through malnutrition. The result is a better health which reflects through the good skin, nail, and hair.

It also helps to provide nootropic assistance to the body by strengthening the brain. The result is an efficient cerebral work which eventually improves the whole system. The best thing is that it has all natural ingredients.

What is inside Patriot Power Greens?

The ingredients which you will find inside Patriot Power Greens are as follows.

Green and Seafood, Organic Chicory, Organic fruits and vegetables, Beet juice powder, Goji berry extract, Arnia, Acai, Probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

Additional Information

Patriotic Health Alliance is famous for producing multiple health supplements. Patriot Power Greens is only one of their product which is highly competent for its given benefits.

The users are satisfied with its results and there are millions of its users worldwide. There are additional things which make it famous i.e. customer services, refund and returns etc.

If you doubt it to be a scam, there is nothing like it. There are no side effects, no negative comments and absolutely no complaints by the users against it. Seems like this is a right thing to buy.

For the price, there are many things that you should know. The pricing has different packages. It is available in one, three and five bottle packing. If you want to buy just one, the price will be $59.00 USD approximately.

But three bottles would be available for $159.00 USD and five bottles is same as three. There is a free trial pack offer which only allows you to pay delivery charges. Read about the delivery charges before buying it.

Comparison of Patriot Power Greens and Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is something which is a similar product as of Patriot Power Greens. Both of them are health boosters which naturally help to improve the quality of your life. The functions are more or less the same and also they work on similar grounds.

Athletic Greens has an alkaline formula which enriches the devastated cells. It increases the metabolic rate, helps to lose fat and gives you a lean, strong mass with solid bones. It also works to improve the immunity overall and the body is less likely to feel sick.

Differences among manufacturing

Patriot Greens has Dr. Lane Sebring behind its amazing formula. It was to help the US Army men to feel better about their bodies while on a mission. Till the date, one of its largest purchasers is US army people.

Athletic Greens has no such background. Rather a nutritionist has formulated it. Mr. Chris is famous for developing this formula of Athletic Greens along with many experienced doctors.

Patriot Power Greens had approximately 40 ingredients which include fruits, vegetables, herbs, probiotics etc. Athletic Greens has 11 essential supplements inside it. It is one of its kind of superfood powder which has the best of everything it.

Price difference

You can buy both these supplements with ease at your doorstep. Both have their own respective websites and work online. They facilitate international orders and plus they provide money back guarantee. What could be better than this?

In comparison, Patriot Green has a bigger customer market than Athletic Greens. It also gives free gifts to the customers which could be anything from the list below.

  • A shaking bottle.
  • Informative booklets on how to avoid the drugs.
  • Informative booklets on how to cure pains
  • Free shipment options
  • Free donations for the military.

Difference in taste 

Talking about the comparisons, there must be a difference in taste between these two.

Athletic Greens taste great but its taste is very different from Patriot Power Greens. It has a more fruity, a little creamy with a tinge of ginger in it. The fruity flavor means that you will feel that you are drinking a smoothie of papaya, carrot, pineapples, with flavor enhancers like vanilla and ginger.

In case of Patriot Powers Green, the dominant flavor is berry. It is not a particular berry flavor but you will feel that you are eating a bowl of mixed berries. It also has a hint of passionfruit and apple in it. The taste is a lot sweeter than Athletic Greens.

It doesn’t mean that one has a good flavor and the other doesn’t have it. It’s just a matter of choice. If you like all sweet and fruity flavors, Patriot Power Greens is the product for you. But if you don’t want a very sweet thing, you should definitely prefer Athletic Greens over Patriot Power Greens.

Difference by ingredients 

To compare the ingredients, one must analyze both the products thoroughly. In the case of Athletic Greens, there are over seventy-five ingredients which make up this amazing product. They are divided into further groups which are alkaline ingredients, nutrient-dense ingredients, and raw superfoods complex.

these categories make up 70% of the total mass of Atheltic Greens. Additional ingredients are nutrient dense natural extracts, herbs and antioxidants, digestive enzymes and super mushroom complex and dairy free probiotics.

If you analyze these ingredients separately, you will know that it is a complete power pack. It provides energy, ensure a good health and is best for enhancing immunity. Comparing it with Patriot Power Greens, the ingredients in Patriot Power Greens are comparatively less in number.

There are some ingredients which are common in both, it includes inulin, enzymes, spinach, goji berries, beets, spirulina etc. As per fruity content, it has raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, orange, apples, prunes, passion fruit, pomegranate and what not. The vegetables are also a vital part but major ingredients are fruits.

If you compare these ingredients with Athletic Green’s ingredients, you will see that Athletic Greens has more variety of ingredients. But the Patriot Power Greens have more strains of probiotics in it. There are a total of nine probiotic bacteria in Patriot Power Greens which are not in Athletic Greens.

Difference In Effectiveness 

one major factor to compare two products is to compare them by effects. For this, one should know what does each of these products do for you.

Starting from Athletic Greens, the up listed information suggests that there are a number of benefits that it promises to us. It includes stress relief, digestion, health, and immunity.  It has antioxidants and nutrients which are rich by density.

Patriot Power Greens has lesser ingredients which are mostly fruits, vegetables, and probiotics. They are also very much beneficent for the health but in comparison with Athletic Greens, these are a little less. Also, we can’t compare these two because there is no nutritional information available on Patriot Power Greens.

Athletic Greens has all its nutritional values and quantities mentioned on the label which is also accessible online. But unfortunately, none such information is available for Patriot Power Greens so the comparison here would be useless.

Do they have any side effect?

Both of them are green powders which are made from superfoods. There is no way for them to go wrong against you. They are health boosters and there is nothing in them which may cause a harmful effect or even allergy.

It means that the formula is 100% natural and it doesn’t have any side effect. This is same for both Patriot Power Greens and Athletic Greens. So you can use it with ease, without the fear of getting any unwanted effect.

General analysis of Athletic Greens and Patriot Power Greens

Athletic Greens and Patriot Power Greens are two best-selling superfood drinks that are ruling the supplement markets. Though they look like the same product in real they are different. The only common feature is that both are healthy and immunity enhancers.

Athletic Greens is a modern world product which has its limited audience to target whereas Patriot Power Greens is focused on mainly the aged population and immuno-deficient people.

Conclusion – Which one is the best?

A comparison of Patriot Greens and Athletic Greens tell that both of them are equally good products. They fulfill the requirements of the body and help to make it work better at a cellular level.

If you use it properly, you will get amazing benefits especially at the age of 40 plus. Evaluating both Patriot Power Greens and Athletic Greens, it is clear that both are equally good. However, when price, feasibility and user reviews come, it is clear that Patriot Power Greens has a bigger fan following than Athletic Green.

However, it doesn’t mean that Athletic Greens is not a helpful product. You may try any of these, based on your usage and requirement. Both of them will help you one way or the other.



The author is a Medical Microbiologist and a healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health.

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