Best Kale Smoothie recipes to help you

Best Kale Smoothie recipes to help you

Everyone knows about Kale. It is one great vegetable which has so many health benefits to offer. It is a part of many delicious recipes and an excellent choice if you are watching our daily calorie intake.

It has such a high nutritional value. It is enriched with proteins, vitamins, fiber, minerals and what not. It helps the body against so many diseases by providing it vital immunity to work better. It is also considered as one of the superfoods available in the market easily.

Some of its benefits are as follows.

  • It has the high amount of vitamins.
  • It has extremely high amounts of antioxidants in it.
  • It has the high concentration of vitamin C.
  • It helps to lower down cholesterol.
  • It lowers the risk of heart issues.
  • It has anti-cancer properties.
  • It ensures the health of eyes.
  • It helps to lose weight.

Kale is a leafy cabbage lie vegetable which is scientifically called Brassica oleracea. It may have green or purplish leaves. It is a close relative of wild cabbage and a domestic version of it.

Coming back to the Kale recipes, surprisingly there are not many people who like to eat it. It doesn’t taste as good as its benefits are. It tastes more like a medicinal thing and not an enjoyable food product.

The only way to make your Kale taste good is to make something good out of it. You can infuse your regular meal with Kale, making them super fantastic and healthy. One highly likely food recipe is a smoothie. Smoothies are delicious and healthy. They are often a part of healthy diet plans.

Here are a few things that you can try to add Kale to your diet. Hope they will be a part of your daily food items list.

Best smoothies to be made with Kale

Here are a few ideas to make delicious and healthy kale smoothies at home.

  • Kale in almond milk smoothie

The top of this list is this amazing Kale recipe infused in almond milk. Most of the recipes that you may see online will be very sweet to overcome the bad taste of Kale. But this recipe is something which doesn’t have a high sugar count yet tastes good.

You only need a few ingredients to make this smoothie. Some additional ingredients for taste and nutrition could be pineapple juice, fresh pineapple slices, and banana.

For one serving, take one cup almond milk, half cup pineapple juice and sliced pineapples each. Take one cup chopped Kale and one banana. While this list is for one serving.

To make a smoothie, combine all ingredients in a blender. Mix them until you get the right consistency. Make sure that your almond milk isn’t sweetened to calculate your calorie count quickly.

  • Kale detox smoothie

Detox drinks are the need of the hour. The overeating or wrong food choices may make you lay on the verge of having a health issue. It is the right time to detox your body with the right ingredients. For a fresh start, you can try this Kale detox smoothie too.

Using Kale detox recipe will give a new chance to your body. It will make sure to restart the body repair mechanism internally. Plus, it tastes good too. This smoothie is easy to make as it uses the standard ingredients.

You only need almond milk, banana, blueberries, ginger, kale, cinnamon, and honey. Use them as per your preferences, but cinnamon and honey are only flavor enhancers. They should be less in quantity, and the rest is the actual ingredients.

Combine all these products in the blender. Blend it well till you get a smooth mixture. You can taste it at this point and add more flavor enhancers, i.e., ginger, honey, and cinnamon. If you feel that flavor enhancer are higher in quantity, add more almond milk.

  • Kale ice cream smoothie

Not a very healthy and natural on calorie recipe but it makes the kale taste so good. It is more of a dessert than a smoothie. For ice cream lovers it may be a heavenly dream. It is an all green smoothie, so it is naturally refreshing too.

You can either use almond milk or water in this recipe. Add a few small chunks of ginger, some bananas, one cup kale in chopped form. Add any nuts of your choice. Use vanilla extract for enhancing the flavor. Add salt and ice as per your choice.

Mix all these ingredients in a blender. Make it get a rich, creamy texture. Taste it and add more flavoring ingredients if you want. Top it with fresh bananas or blueberries and enjoy.

  • Vegan kale smoothie

Kale doesn’t disappoint anyone and surely not if you are a vegan. In this case, you can make a smoothie with kale and apples. It is healthy, lightly sweetened and easy to digest. You can easily make it at home.

You only need unsweetened almond milk, ice, kale, celery, apple and flax seeds. You can additionally use agave nectar for enhancing flavor. Take all these ingredients and mix them well in a blender. Taste it to get the right consistency and flavor.

  • Chocolate kale smoothie

For all the chocolate lovers, this is one recipe which can never fail to satisfy you. It is a mouth-watering recipe which has high nutritional value. You can make it with almond milk or vanilla almond milk both. Use Kale leaves without chopping them. Add bananas and chocolate protein powder. You can additionally use almond butter which is very healthy and ice for the perfect coldness.

Blend all these ingredients until you get a thick smoothie. Additionally, you can add chia seeds if you are a weight watcher. Top it with sliced bananas and blackberries for the beautiful presentation.

  • Strawberry kale smoothie

If you are in need of antioxidant, there is one recipe which will give you loads of them. Strawberry and kale smoothie is an extremely energy boosting formula which makes you active and fresh.

You can experiment and add more ingredients to it too, but the basic recipe only has these two ingredients, kale, and strawberries.

Take kale, strawberries and blend them with coconut water. You can additionally add coconut chunks, hemp seeds, maple syrup, strawberry extract, and nuts. Don’t forget to add ice. Blend all these ingredients and enjoy the deliciousness with healthy benefits.

  • Low-calorie kale smoothie

A green smoothie which is less in calories is something always desirable by many people. It is one fabulous recipe which you can customize as per your daily plan of calories.

Take fresh baby kale leaves, half banana, a little lemon juice, strawberries, hemp seeds and mix them into the water. You can use ice though. Make a delicious, creamy solution and season it with fresh fruits if you want.

  • Kale coconut smoothie

If you miss holidays and want to enjoy them again, here is one thing that can help you. It is none other than our refreshing kale coconut smoothie which has the best effects of sunny tropical days.

It is as refreshing as pina colada with of course lesser calories. Use canned coconut milk, water, pineapple chunks, banana, kale leaves, spinach and coconut pieces for more refreshing effect.  Mix all these ingredients well in a blender and enjoy sipping it every other day.



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