Reasons why Women need probiotics more than men

Reasons why Women need probiotics more than men

Probiotics have the highest importance when we relate them to the women. They are beneficial for men but for women, their value has twice more significance in terms of maintaining the health.

As you already know that men and women have a different body structure. It is kind of obvious but it also means that the nutritional requirements for both are different. Same vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are differently required for both.

The perfect idea of health for both of them means an addition of probiotics in the diet. It helps to regulate all the metabolic functions, maintaining the digestive system overall. It leads to a better and improved health.

In addition to common health nutrients, there is a dire need to add probiotic in a diet. When it is about women, having a healthy body is mainly dependent upon probiotics. The main function which probiotics work inside our bodies is to strengthen it and defense against the bacteria.

Bacteria are very much important for maintaining a healthy gut. Some of them are in fact a normal part of gut’s microflora. Somehow they become an opportunistic pathogen and cause a disease. It is important to know that the quantity of probiotics is changing inside the body which determines the different levels of immunity.

What do you understand by “probiotics”?

Don’t have a background in science? Not a problem. Probiotics are not some deep complex and the weird scientific thing which you may not understand. It is simple to know. Probiotics are the live bacteria, which are similar to the natural microorganism of the body.

You may think that bacteria cannot be good as you always hear stories about bacterial infections and various lethal bacterial strains. The thing is that bacteria are not always a foe, especially in this case, they are more of a friend.

Probiotics have a certain type of bacteria which are responsible for performing many tasks inside the body. From the breakdown of food to fight against disease-causing bacteria, they help at every end.

Probiotics are also called good bacteria and generally, they are obtained from certain types of food items. If you have a low probiotic count, you may consider taking probiotic supplements too which are available in the form of pills, liquids or nutritional supplementary powders.

After you start taking probiotics, they travel and reach to the digestive system and colonize themselves. Their primary function is to synthesize the minerals and produce specific vitamins and enzymes which aid in making the digestive system function.

What are different types of Probiotics?

There are two general categories in which we group probiotics. They are written as follows.

Lactobacillus: Lactobacillus is a common name which you must have heard before. It is found in yogurt, milk and other related products. Lactobacillus is very effective to support the digestion by treating the common metabolic problems. Some lactobacillus is also useful to prevent colic in infants and babies. Also, they protect against irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, lung infections and ulcerative colitis.

Bifidobacterium: The second type of probiotics is also obtained from dairy products. It is the main constituent of cheese and yogurt. Bifidobacterium helps to ease the health problems like constipation, lungs problems, ulcerative colitis

Major reasons of taking probiotics in diet

Following are basic reasons which you can ever count on fingertips on why should women take probiotics in the diet.

  1. They restore the quantity of good bacteria in the gut. They can ever recover to maintain the natural microflora after an intense antibiotic therapy.
  2. They prevent the risk of traveler’s diarrhea. Lactobacillus particularly help to save you from bathroom emergencies. It also makes you secure from diarrhea.
  3. It treats the vaginal infections, urogenital infections, and vaginosis which is caused by the bacteria. It maintains the microbiome in a balance which further controls all bacterial diseases.
  4. It prevents from getting urinary tract infections. A common problem can become so much uncomfortable when a bacterial pathogen attaches itself to it. In this case, UTI infections are treated easily if you are taking rich probiotics.
  5. It improves the fertility. For those women which want to consider the family, it is best to be balanced on fertility-related factors. A good ratio of certain bacterial strain adds up the chances of fertility.
  6. It bolsters your immunity. It reduces the severity of common problems like cold and flu.
  7. It helps against the skin infections. It’s not that the benefits of probiotics are with internal microbial health. Probiotics actually improve the texture and quality of your skin. Also, it prevents some skin diseases such as eczema, acne, and rosacea etc.

Why are Probiotics important for women?

For women, the intake and quantity of probiotics matter a lot more than men. The main reason is that they are more subjected to digestive problems. You might have seen that women around you have more health problems like gas, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, and others. Even the yeast vaginal infections are a lot more common.

The increased amount of probiotics make sure that you have a sufficient supply of healthy bacteria in your gut. This quantity can be increased through the food intake. For example, some foods like fermented foods are more likely to be probiotic rich. Women need to take this food to increase their probiotic levels.

Apart from making the probiotic levels more, there is a dire need to reduce the food which degrades the probiotic amounts. These things are mainly nonfermented foods especially those which have a high amount of sugar and fats in them. Women should avoid them at any cost.

To maintain the probiotic count, women should take probiotic supplements. The natural sources of probiotics are good but they may not be sufficient for everyone. No one can eat the same food items again and again so it is better to take probiotic supplements.

Prebiotics and probiotics

There has been a lot of research on prebiotics and probiotics. The final research shows that the probiotics are not self-supported. It means there must be something which supports the growth of probiotics, luckily scientists have found it to be prebiotics in this case.

Prebiotics are the elements which make the growth of probiotics more and better. You need to have prebiotics inside your body too if you want to make the probiotics work for you.

Scientific evidence to signify prebiotics

Prebiotics is a new name for many of our readers. To tell how much importance do they have, many studies show the measurable proof of probiotic supplements and certain food types with prebiotics in them. They are shown to have the following impact on women’s health.

  • They improve the immunity.
  • They increase the mineral absorption rate of the body.
  • The balance the functions of the digestive system.
  • They maintain a standard PH.
  • They aid in internal inflammation.
  • They prevent the cancer of the colon.
  • They improve the functioning of the heart.

Special instructions for using probiotics and prebiotics

If you are planning to take supplements, you should know that there is less information on the safety measures of these supplements. Especially if you are a pregnant or a breastfeeding mother, you need to know your chances before using supplements.

In some cases, probiotics can also cause a problem. For which you should never take these supplements on your own. Always consult a doctor before you plan on start taking any of the dietary supplements.



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