Diet Changes To Reduce The Risk Of Dementia And Memory Loss

Diet Changes To Reduce The Risk Of Dementia And Memory Loss

Dementia is a slowly increasing old age disorder which a prime concern these days. As per international statistics, it has affected more than 47.0 million people worldwide, and yet it is not under control. The health experts say that by the end of 2050 these affected people will increase by 300% if not controlled.

Dementia is a cognitive decline which induces forgetfulness in a person. Many people believe that it is a normal part of aging, but in real there are certain factors to contribute to it. It mostly affects older people, but a new case of dementia is being reported every 4 seconds, worldwide.

The latest research is more focused towards finding ways to control it. There is no as such medication of dementia which can revert it back. The only way to control it is through the controlled technique which is major food and lifestyle changes.

One must understand that these changing factors like diet, stress, workload, emotional instability and much more are governing the quality of life and health overall. The risks of certain diseases are much more increased with a disturbance in any of these factors.

Recent research suggested the easy controlling strategy for dementia. It has been published in a journal named Age and Ageing. The researchers of this study investigated the relationship of food, nutrients and eating habits with the risk of dementia.

Although it may not sound believable, the study revealed that these two are highly connected. Food habits especially the meals per day suggest the immune system boost up. So eating at least three portions a day with two fruit servings lowers the chance of catching dementia at a later stage.

The World Health Organization also called for WHO is concerned about the rapidly increasing rate of dementia. It also emphasizes the importance of healthy and clean eating which has a certain amount of fresh fruits and vegetables per day to reduce the body from this potential disease. Not only dementia, but such an approach is also effective to control cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological problems and cancer too.

A similar disease as that of dementia is Alzheimer’s. The benefits of such modifying lifestyle habits leave less space for any of such disease to prevail.

The particular study was done by Dr. Linda Lam from the Department of Psychiatry at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and her fellow researchers. It suggests that eating 3-5 times a day reduces the risk by a significantly higher number.

This research is a detailed study of health and diet among 17,700 participants which were Chinese adults. They were notified before collecting the respective data. These participants were free of dementia or any similar disease at the time of data collection. They were continues for study for a long period of 6 years which was to determine any common sign of dementia.

The details were analyzed with the people who didn’t have a routine of eating more than three times and day with a continuous use of fresh vegetables and fruits. They were at a greater risk of developing the condition only in 3-6 years.

The risk was further low in participants who had small serving size but more meal sizes. The average was five meals a day which was mainly vegetable base.

It is suggested that the high antioxidants of the fresh food sources play a vital role in it. The process which plays a role in confirming dementia is called oxidative stress. It is an imbalanced state of free radical production and toxicity level inside the body. If they aren’t controlled, they can enhance the risk of memory linked diseases. The high antioxidant content of natural foods, further supported with vitamins and minerals reduce this oxidative stress, reducing the risk of potential diseases.

This study also has some correlating factors such as age, gender, smoking status, alcohol consumption, any other medical condition, etc.

Overall this study signifies the importance of a balanced diet which is more composed of fresh food ingredients like fruits and vegetables. The preference of fresh organic food over processed food lesser the danger of any memory linked disease.



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