How to avoid pregnancy- Myths and realities

How to avoid pregnancy- Myths and realities

Want to enjoy your love life but don’t want to get pregnant? Contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly reasonable if you are not ready for it. Parenthood is a responsibility which you should only take if you are willing to fulfill it with care.

The general questions which people ask are what should they know before making up a mind on it. What are the basics which everyone should be aware of pregnancy? This article is a guide on how to avoid pregnancy, what is termination and what exactly an unwanted pregnancy is. Let’s start with the basics.

The myths about pregnancy

The subject pregnancy has various mysteries and myths related to it. There are social taboos, legal restrictions, and medical complications. The most common among them is the social stuff which you hear randomly from people.

Old wives, relatives, friends, several people will tell you tales about pregnancy. Many of them are fascinating, but there are various horror stories too. Even after all these things, if you plan to continue your pregnancy, it’s completely understandable and welcoming.

But if you don’t want a pregnancy or are unable to keep it, there may be several things which you should know before making up a decision. After all, it’s not the dark era when people never knew what causes pregnancy. It is not clear, and all the information is available even online.

The common myths with avoiding pregnancy

Following are some common myths related to how to avoid pregnancy.

  • A withdrawal will prevent pregnancy

Perhaps you have heard that during intercourse if the man removes his penis shaft out of the vagina before ejaculation, it is more likely to avoid pregnancy. This is called withdrawal method, but to your surprise, it is not accurate.

You cannot rely on it because sperm is usually released before complete ejaculation. You never really know if you already have sperms inside you or not. It was a myth which was not approved by the research, but still many people believe it.

  • You can’t be pregnant if it’s your first time

Another popular myth which has no evidence to prove its authenticity is that you can’t get pregnant if you are having sex for the first time. This is never really right. You can’t get pregnant only when you don’t have sex or use a birth control method.

There are plenty of women who get pregnant on their first time. A disturbing reality is that in many rape cases at under developed countries, victims get pregnant. However, it could be their first time. Ignoring it is not a justification on you didn’t know about it before.

  • Douching prevents pregnancy

Douching is a common practice which means that you wash the sperms out of your vagina after having the sexual intercourse. It never actually works, and it doesn’t make sense if you have some scientific background. The way how our body work is different from how you imagine it to be.

Washing just doesn’t work on preventing pregnancy. The man ejaculates right at the entrance of cervix which is an entry to the womb. This is the closest point, and the strongest sperm out of all reaches to the cervix and attaches to the egg within two minutes.

Do you realize how fast this set up is? Even the slowest sperm has a chance to meet up with the egg because the point where it is released is not under your control. If you are washing to avoid pregnancy, it is never going to work.

  • Ovulation prevents a pregnancy

Ovulation is the proper process of the human female body when it is most capable of getting pregnant. It is a routine process which is a part of your menstrual cycle. It is easily predictable. If you have a 28-day cycle of menses, the ovulation will start after 14 days of your first day of the period.

Women’s body is very smartly designed. It is intended to produce babies, and all her organs are matching for this same purpose. There is now way that you can avoid a natural process by unnatural means and it’s a very healthy thing to consider.

  • Sex during period will not get you pregnant

Again, it’s just false information. This idea is a myth that you can’t get pregnant if you are on your period. You don’t know when your body will release the ovum which attaches to the sperm. There is no way to know it before. Also, you can’t feel it, so there is the least probability for you to predict when will you conceive.

  • Jumping and running after sex will not get you pregnant

Probably the most bizarre idea of avoiding the pregnancy is that when you move a lot or jump or may be run after sex, it is less likely to make you pregnant. And even the more weird thing is that people try it. Instead of following the medicated ways to avoid pregnancy, they go for these strange myths.

It may sound hard, but this is funny to be a reason. Sperms are capable of swimming even against the gravity. Nature is pretty encouraging and easy for them to work on. Once the sperm is inside your body, there is no way that it won’t make you pregnant unless you are on birth control. It suggests useless jumping and running is not at all a solution to avoid pregnancy.

How to prevent pregnancy in real?

Contrary to the popular myths, there are some actual ways which will help you to prevent the pregnancy. Some of them are as follows.

  • Don’t agree for a sexual intercourse

How simple is it to understand that for no pregnancy, you need to stop having sex. If it’s not a love relation or a legal bonding, hooking up with random people and praying for not getting pregnant is never going to work.

It is the most useful and admirable piece of information which everyone should know, understand and respect regardless of their gender. Not only the women but men should also know that they have to stop their sexual cravings if they don’t want to father a baby.

  • Avoid penetrative sex

In a love relation, feeling loved is not always associated with the penetrative sex. Talk to your partner about it and agree on something which is mutually agreed. There are many couples which prefer just the stimulation, foreplay and oral sex but not the penetrative sex just to refrain from an unwanted pregnancy.

It is normal if you are taking such precautionary measures. It is satisfying, and it keeps their relation heated without the slightest risk of being pregnant. Remember it takes only sperm to get pregnant. Doing it for one time, thinking that it’s only one time is not a saver.

  • Use contraceptive measures

Contraception is something which everyone should know about. You should visit your local health system practitioner for getting some reliable contraception. Even this is not 100% accurate, but it works best with all other methods.

The only risk with contraception not working is that when you don’t use it properly. For example, if you are given a birth control pill, and you forget to take it, it’s not that contraception that has failed but you who have managed to ruin it.

  • Try to avoid Addictive drugs and alcohol

This is not a right thing, but many teenagers are involved in such activities which leave them high. In that feeling, the chances of getting pregnant are highest. It’s not a medical reason but more of a social problem.

Having unprotected sex will not only get you pregnant but also it increases the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease. Just to be on safe side, avoid such a situation which will lead you to an indefinite problem.

What if you get pregnant?

In any case, if you get pregnant, you should immediately talk to your doctor about it. If it’s an unwanted pregnancy and there is no legal complication in it, the doctor will make sure to help you for it.

It takes less time to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy. By any chance, if you happen to suffer from it, spare some minutes out to reconsider it before you go straight to the doctor. Reconsideration is always a better idea. If there is a hard no pregnancy situation, it is better to follow the precautions from the start.


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