Major health risks for women

Major health risks for women

We as a whole realize that ladies, and specifically those at or near middle age, have various major health risks. Regardless of your present well-being status, in case you’re a woman, you will need to experience some standard testing frequently.

It is necessary because women are prone to some serious health risks in their middle age. Thus, therefore, women health seeks greater attention.

As men and women are two different types, women health risk factors are different from men. Women body react differently to various treatment approaches.

Major health risks for women

Let us discuss some serious health risks for women

  • Risk of heart problems

Risk of having heart disease is the #1 risk factor of ladies health in the United States. Thus, it is urgent that you discover how to lessen your danger of cardiovascular issues, and guarantee that you carry on with a healthy, wealthy and long life.

As per the most recent assessments, one in every three ladies will die because of heart stroke, heart attack or any other coronary disease.

It is a disturbing figure. So, now you can understand that why the health of heart must be a priority in case of women.

Unfortunately, most of the ladies do not have awareness about the severity of the risk. Risk of heart diseases increases as soon as a woman enters menopause.

Research demonstrates that you can enhance your heart well-being altogether by opting for heart friendly diets and exercise.

Some of tips and tricks to reduce the risk of heart problems are:

  • To see where you stand right now, consult your doctor and get proper blood tests. Cholesterol, triglycerides, homocysteine, and CRP (C Reactive Protein) are the key healthy heart marker.
  • Simple dietary changes can be beneficial. Avoid deep fried items, frizzy drinks, sweet tooth, trans fats and hydrogenated oil. Eat fresh fruits and green leafy veggies. In particular, Omega 3s, garlic, and additional virgin olive oil can decrease cholesterol levels.
  • Exercise can enhance a woman’s heart well-being by firming up the cardiovascular system. Moreover, it also encourages the transportation of oxygen and supplements to cells and tissues. It likewise eases stress.
  • Smoking is among the primary sources of heart problems. Thus, if you do smoke, just quit it. You’d be stunned at how well your body can repair itself once you stop smoking.
  • If you are overweight, try to shed those extra kilos and pounds. Fat stresses your cardiovascular muscles and overall system.
  • Osteoporosis

Particularly for ladies, Osteoporosis has been a noteworthy well-being concern. This health risk is mostly associated with elder age. However, young females are too on the verge of this disease.

In young girls, individuals who face an interruption in menstrual functions may have a risk of having osteoporosis. Estrogen deficiency and lack of physical movements and exercise are the noteworthy hazard factors for osteoporosis.

Bone Mass is created until the ages of 35 to 40 years. The volume of bone mass, a lady, has by age 35 will emphatically impact her susceptibility to fissures and fractures in later years.

Thus, therefore it is necessary for young girls to include calcium in their diet as most of the bone mass a woman has in her 14 to 24 years of age. Some of the preventive measures are:

  • Incorporate calcium into your eating routine. Low-fat products like yogurt, milk, and cheese are best sources of calcium.
  • Use skim milk to make soups.
  • Add low-fat cheddar to plates of mixed salads and pasta dishes in grated forms.
  • Eat yogurt in your snack time.
  • Prepare hot chocolate with skimmed milk.

The eating regimen which has a prescribed calcium is helpful in increasing bone mass. Resultantly it will keep away the risk of osteoporosis.

  • Breast cancer- the silent killer

Another crucial thing about tumor or cancer is simply its name. It may have drastic impacts psychologically. This is one of the significant medical issues found in ladies everywhere throughout the world.

This tumor influences the lobules or inner lining of the milk ducts in the breasts. On the basis of the origin of cancer, it is named as ductal cancer or lobular carcinoma. Depending on the genetic makeup and stages, breast cancer is classified into various kinds.

This tumor represents around 10% of all cancer cases and is the second most common nonskin kind of cancer.

The detectable sign of this malignancy is the development of a bump/lump in the breast.

It can be effortlessly distinguished since it appears quite different from the breast tissues. These bumps are not confined to the breasts alone and can be found in the arm pits also.

Some other common manifestations incorporate dimpling of the skin, discharge from the areola (nipples), areola becomes inversed.

Furthermore, change in the shading, and the surface of the areola may also appear. Besides these signs, the patient may feel sharp pain, swelling, and redness in the breast area.

Treatment includes surgery followed by drugs and radiation therapy. Radiation treatment decreases the danger of tumor reappearance by just about 50-60%.

  • Unseen risks of abdominal fat for women

The fat that is somewhere present deep inside the abdomen and surrounding areas is visceral fat and among major health risks in women. Shockingly, these days it is thought to be a greater health risk factor as compared to the subcutaneous fat.

Waist, more than 35 inches for a woman, may be a potential threat to her health.

Fat-burning food which incorporates lean proteins and whole grains may be good option to get rid of visceral fat.

You additionally need to take your essential fats that will help you to dispose of visceral fat. Oil of fish is an excellent source of omega 3s (essential fatty acid). Try to build muscle mass by weight training programs.

  • Stroke

Consistently around 800,000 Americans have an intermittent or another stroke. It happens when a vein in the cerebrum obstructs by bursting or coagulation.

With stroke being the third driving reason for death for ladies and the fifth driving reason for death for men, this is a serious health risk factor for Americans.

Rules for averting stroke concentrate on controlling diabetes and hypertension.

More physical movement or fat burning exercises and a healthy diet may be also helpful in avoiding a stroke in women. Stroke risks are higher in following circumstances.


In pregnancy strokes are not exceptionally normal but rather the risk of having it is still higher. The risk is higher particularly in the last trimester and right after delivery.

Contraceptive Pills

It is advisbale to check for hypertension before taking oral contraceptives. Combination of hypertension and contraceptive pills build the danger of strokes.

  • Mental health

Approximately 1 in every 5 women are victims of mental disorders or disturbances. it one of the common health risks for women. There are two normal clarifications of this circumstance.

One is the social variables; which presumes that ladies are inclined to emotional stress due to social components particular to their gender specific roles.

The other factor is that ladies can get themselves discouraged or anxious. There is always the likelihood of emotional pains, which can affect psychological behavior.

A few tragedies including abusive behavior at home or loss of a friend or family member can cause this emotional pain and disturbances.

One factor which may likewise influence psychological well-being for ladies is the change in physical well-being.

Depression, PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome), anxiety and few specific phobias, Schizophrenia and eating disorder are some of the problems which are more prevalent in women.

Depression is among the most widely recognized mental issue. The ratio of having this disease is double for women as compared to men.


The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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