Hormonal imbalance in women- Reasons and prevention

Hormonal imbalance in women- Reasons and prevention

From adolescence to menopause your hormones are always fluctuating and it is quite normal. It prepares the body for ovulation and conceiving. If this does not happen then the menstrual cycle starts and the procedure begins once again.

While hormones are normally fluctuating, issues begin to happen when this fluctuation goes out of balance.  Healthy body and mind that is free from the fear of cancer or tumors can be possible with hormonal balance however this balance can be disturbed in a number of ways.

Hormones fluctuate during adolescence, pre menopause, and menopause. Toxins in the body and an uneven and unhealthy way of life may also disrupt hormonal balance. In overall general health of the body, hormones play their vital roles.

They transfer compound signals (messages) throughout the body which helps to keep our emotions and body systems under control. The reproductive system is among one of the key body systems which affect the hormonal balance.

Infertility, endometriosis or heavy periods are some of the most common signs of hormonal imbalance in females. Once a lady moves beyond 40 years old hormone levels begin to decrease, this will, in the end, prompt menopause at around 50-52 years old.

Hormonal imbalance can cause a ton of side effects in both your body and your psyche. The most widely recognized imbalance is an abundance of estrogen as compared to progesterone which is known as the dominance of estrogen.

This can clearly be caused by the body making excessively estrogen or you may have ordinary estrogen however insufficient progesterone. Both of these conditions may show the same signs but the treatment to cure the imbalance will be different.

What are the causes that mark hormonal imbalance?

In order to prevent this imbalance, we must need to understand the reasons at first. The body has an extremely sensitive science. Changes in that science can rapidly deliver observable side effects and other medical issues. Hormonal imbalance usually caused by:

  • High anxiety or stress levels

Stress is one of the greatest reasons for the imbalance in hormones. Stress may link with emotional disturbances like relationships, or physical anxiety like restlessness, pain or any injury which is a noteworthy reason for stress or anxiety.

Lastly, it can be caused by from a junk, fatty or processed food which are the reasons of inflammatory reactions. For example, gluten stress triggers excessive production of cortisol leading to the reduction in levels of progesterone.

Furthermore, it can likewise cause an inflammatory reaction which will hinder the progesterone receptors. So, regardless of the possibility that you have enough progesterone, the high cortisol will prevent it from working.

High cortisol will influence the messages originating from your hypothalamus and pituitary organ in the cerebrum which are the key controllers of the hormones. Stress is the main thing to address. Having a saliva test for adrenal hormones will help you to check the levels of stress hormones.

  • Problems with digestion

Diarrheas, abdominal bloating, heartburn/acid reflux and constipation are some of the signs that indicate inflammation and dysbiosis in the gut. Dysbiosis is the medical term that implies to the imbalance of good and bad bacteria found in the gut.

Due to this inflammation, pituitary gland and hypothalamus suppresses and give signals to produce thyroid hormones, adrenal hormones, and sex hormones. Consequently, poor gut capacity can negatively affect different aspects of your well-being.

The liver is the place where metabolization of estrogen and progesterone takes place. If you are having issues with stage one or stage 2 detoxification, this can prompt abundance estrogen as well.

Poor metabolism of estrogen by the liver can likewise prompt the unhealthy and deteriorated types of estrogen being delivered like 4 and 16 hydroxy estrone. Unfortunately, these types of estrogen levels are related to breast cancer.

  • Function of Thyroid

Decreased production of progesterone may also connect with the function of thyroid gland. Thus, therefore, it is truly essential to check the function of thyroid while evaluating a balance of sex hormone.

However, when you go to the specialist you will find that they generally test for TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). But to evaluate the root cause, sometimes, TSH test is not enough. Instead of it, get an extensive test for thyroid.

Sometimes, the body is not producing sufficient active T3 hormones and usually delivering abnormal numbers of T3 reverse hormones. It happens due to some underlying nutritional deficiencies or inflammation. Thus, therefore, extensive thyroid test will be helpful.

Side effects of drug store medicines to treat hormonal imbalance

Ordinary medicines to treat imbalance hormones generally include contraceptive pills, insulin infusions, thyroid drugs and others. Tragically, these medications frequently do three things:

  • It makes individuals reliant on taking professionally prescribed medications to keep the signs and symptoms under check.
  • These drug store medicines essentially just hides the side effects, yet doesn’t treat them. It implies to the fact that the patient can keep on developing disorders and abnormalities in different zones of the body. Moreover, the hormonal balance gets worse.
  • Stroke, osteoporosis, tension, reproductive disorders, malignancy or tumors/ cancer are some of the side effects of these medications.

Preventive measures to treat hormonal imbalance

The best part of the article is that these imbalances can be cured naturally. Some of these preventive measures include:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids assume an imperative part in creating hormones, thus they are exceedingly helpful in adjusting them. They are especially advantageous for ladies as they help decrease menstrual issues and menopausal side effects.

Because of their cancer prevention agent, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties, omega-3 fats additionally profoundly affect your well-being. Soy beans, tofu, fish, flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, and olive oil are some of the main sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

You can likewise take omega-3 supplements by the suggestion as per your doctor. The general dose is 500 mg for every day.

  • Utilize essential oils

To adjust and balance your hormones normally, it’s vital that you detox your body by avoiding the products that are made with conceivably unsafe chemicals including DEA (diethanolamine), sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, propylene, and glycol.

Instead, use natural products made from essential oils, castor oil or Shea butter. Some useful essential oils that help in hormone balancing are:

  • Fennel essential oil

Problems with your gut well-being have been found to cause thyroid issue. Utilize fennel fundamental oil to soothe your body. It will enhance your assimilation and gut well-being.

Moreover, it also helps in your digestion and will lessen irritation and inflammation. You can rub 2 drops of fennel into your stomach or add 1-2 drops to warm water or tea.

  • Thyme essential oil

Thyme oil enhances progesterone creation, which treats medical problems like PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), menopause, melancholy, fibroids, sleeping disorder, and infertility.

To balance your hormones normally, include 2 drops of thyme oil to a warm water shower or rub 2-3 drops with equivalent amounts of coconut oil into your abdominal area.

  • Clary sage essential oil

Clary sage adjusts estrogen levels since it contains regular phytoestrogens. It can be utilized to manage your menstrual cycle, alleviate PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome) indications, and treat PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

To ease issues and pain, rub 5 drops of clary sage with 5 drops of coconut oil into your stomach and some other region of concern.

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D influences your pituitary organ. Pituitary organ supposes to produce a number of hormones. It can assist to subside the side effects related to low estrogen levels. It additionally influences your weight and craving.

In case of deficiency of vitamin D, it may lead to the abnormal production of the Parathyroid hormone. A couple of minutes under the sun can be of incredible help for the body for making vitamin D to maintain your hormones.

You can likewise eat foods that are rich in vitamin D like milk and eggs. Another alternative is to take vitamin D supplements. For an appropriate dose, it is suggested to consult your doctor.

  • Physical activities

Taking part in physical activities is an extraordinary approach to balance your hormones as it influences the production of hormones. It likewise brings down cortisol levels. Cortisol is an anxiety and stress hormone that halt the estrogen and is adverse to your general well-being.

Swimming, strolling, running or do other light activities for 20 to 30 minutes every day or possibly a couple of times each week are a better option and can reduce the risk of hormonal imbalance. You can also do yoga to invigorate the functions of hormones and reduce anxiety and stress.


The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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