4 Things to know about breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the leading health concerns in modern days. The awareness programs on breast cancer are everywhere and there are very few people, which don’t know about it now. There are some basic things, which you may need to know as a part of the breast cancer awareness program.

The color pink is associated with cancer. It is one favorite color, which is linked with girls. Be it a dress, makeup or cupcakes, pink signifies womanhood worldwide. You may have noticed that pink color is also the shade of ribbon, which symbolizes breast cancer.

In every October, breast cancer awareness programs start to honor the ladies, which have suffered and defeated this deadly disease, all by themselves. It is also a strengthening plan for those, which are still suffering, and awareness to those who are at a risk of it.

Breast cancer is a leading health concern in the USA where one in every eight women are at a high risk of blood cancer at any stage of her life. Breast cancer has high risks associated with it but today we have many strong women around us, which are living a peaceful and healthy life after defeating it.

For the readers, here are four amazing facts about breast cancer that everyone should know. You don’t have to be necessarily women to know these. These are informative facts, which are important for all genders. Here we go.

1- It is a global event

Breast cancer awareness plans are not area bound. Just in case you read that the USA has high risks of breast cancer, it doesn’t mean that it is only celebrated in the USA. It is celebrated worldwide. All the health-based, women empowerment, charities, and trusts organize global events to promote the information on breast cancer.

The researches on breast cancer are celebrated and major funding for such researches is gathered through the donation and charity events. All thanks to the common public, breast cancer gathers sufficient funding each year for research and treatment plans.

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2- It is not a new trend

You might have seen that breast cancer awareness plans have recently become famous. Before a few years, they were not such common. To your surprise, it is not something new. Breast cancer awareness plan started back in 1985 when American cancer society collaborated with a pharmaceutical division.

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3- Estée Lauder and the pink ribbon

Breast cancer wasn’t such symbolized historically, even when it was started as we see it today. It didn’t even have its signature pink ribbon associated with it. The pink color ribbon is the creative work of Beauty Empire Estée Lauder. Also, it is the pioneer of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation since 1993.

4- The biggest event on breast cancer awareness

The biggest event on breast cancer awareness till the date is the Susan G. Komen’s 3-day walk. Each year, Susan G. Komen hosts a 3-Day walk, which is 60-miles in total. It is to raise money to fund the research and education on breast cancer. To your surprise in the past 14 years, since it started, Susan has hosted 156 events for the same reason.

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