Lose weight in 7 days with this simple plan

Lose weight in 7 days with this simple plan

Having an important event in one week? Want to look more appealing and lovely? Want to lose some weight for it? If this is what you want, here is good news for you. You can lose weight just in seven days to look gorgeous.

It will help to overcome extra pounds, hunger pangs and what not. Probably the best diet plan which you will ever read is just seconds away from you. However, you need to know some basic information before jumping to the program.

What should you know before dieting?

Forget about crash diet, stressful eating and crying about your weight. You can evaluate any diet plan before practically trying it. Usually, the best diet plan is which has real and whole foods in it. You must eat lots of vegetables, proteins, whole carbs, fiber, healthy fats, and nuts.

You might be thinking that this is not what the internet has been telling you about. Most of the diet plans which you see online are nothing but crash dieting. It will make you weak inside and outside. Your physical and cognitive abilities will be affected at large.

A good diet plan is which roughly has 1200-1500 calories per day. Almost 40% of these calories come from whole foods which are fiber rich. Only 30% part should be protein and equal should be fat. This initiates a need of balance between all food types.

Vegetables are recommended more than all other nutritional elements by the amount in every day. You can even take them twice a day. It is helpful for the reason that your body will never be antioxidant deficient. Also, it has additional fiber to add up to the diet.

The Diet Plan

This is a simple diet plan for seven days. It is inspired from various authentic nutritional sources. The purpose of making this plan is to help the user with digestive issues, energy, and healthy weight loss.


Breakfast; Eat 7 oz of full fat plain Greek yogurt. You can add one tablespoon of Chia seeds into it. Chia seeds have amazing weight loss benefits. Additionally, you will feel fuller which doesn’t feel like dieting. This is more of a perfect start of the day meal.

Snack: For a snack, you can eat 4-6 celery sticks. If you don’t like raw, dip them into two tsp almond butter or peanut butter.

Lunch: Make any favorite salad of yours. Our recommendation is to make chicken and spinach salad. Try any recipe or make your own. Just don’t add salad dressing and mayonnaise. Only use one tsp olive oil for seasoning.

Snack: Take one standard size milk latte. For better effects, use almond or soy milk. Enjoy it with 7-10 cashew nuts or almonds.

Dinner; Take any fish, preferably cod. Marinate it with green tea and eat one portion of lentil salad with it.


Breakfast; Eat broccoli rabe and egg toast. You can make it creatively or try any online recipe.

Snack; Take one cup sugar snap peas with 1 oz cheese, sprinkled with fresh thyme. You can spin it in an oven for the warming effect for no more than three minutes.

Lunch; Make a seafood salad. For example, you can make shrimp salad by using only fresh vegetables, prawns, lemon juice and olive oil.

Snack; Fruit time it is. You can take one green apple. If you are craving for sugar, eat two tablespoon peanut butter.

Dinner; Bake one small sized sweet potato, eat it with one small cup boiled or sautéed spinach and 4 oz grilled or cooked chicken.


Breakfast; Make a yummy smoothie today. You can make an avocado and banana smoothie without sugar. Add protein powder for added benefits.

Snack; Take five carrot sticks and dip them into hummus for the taste.

Lunch; Make a different salad today. This is the vegetable day, and you can make a salad such as a carrot and quinoa chick pea salad.

Snack; No tea today, however you can eat 10-12 small olives and 1 oz parmesan cheese.

Dinner; To balance proteins, make a steak today. You can use chicken or fish as per your personal choice. It should be only 4 oz by size. Take a side of vegetables, i.e., red cabbage.


Breakfast; Treat yourself with salmon pesto Tartine. You can get its recipe online.

Snack; Eat jicama slices with only two tablespoons of tzatziki. Make sure you don’t eat more than one cup of jicama.

Lunch; Make tuna salad today. Like usual, don’t use salad dressing. Only use one tablespoon olive oil.

Snack; Eat 8-10 blue berries which roughly make a cup. Also, eat ten almonds or cashew nuts today.

Dinner; Eat grilled chicken or pork tenderloin. Take a portion of salad.


Breakfast; Today is oats day. Take 1/3 cups of oats and cook them in water. Don’t add sugar. Add one banana and two teaspoons almond/peanut butter. Sprinkle cinnamon for flavor.

Snack; Eat one cucumber today. Cut it into slices or sticks, eat it with two tablespoon guacamole

Lunch; Make a vegetable salad of your choice. Another idea is to make avocado and cucumber salad or rolls.

Snack; Eat 7oz Green yogurt with full fats. Add one tablespoon flax seeds into it.

Dinner; Bake 4 oz chicken or fish with lemon juice, mustard, and fresh parsley. Eat it with 2 cups sautéed spinach.


Breakfast; Yummy day today. Eat oatmeal pancakes by taking one whole egg, two egg whites, and ¼ cup quick oats. Add a pinch of cinnamon for taste. You can also use a topping of low-fat cheese.

Snack; The good old celery sticks, preferably 4-6 in number. Eat them with peanut or almond butter.

Lunch; Make any green salad today. You can also use chickpeas, mushroom, and bacon into it. For seasoning, use olive oil, pepper, turmeric, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar.

Snack; Eat one small or ½ big grape fruit. Eat ten walnuts today in a snack.

Dinner; Make a different recipe today, One of such recipes is to make
Quinoa stuffed bell peppers.


Breakfast; Make scrambled eggs by combining one whole egg and two egg whites. Season it with oregano and eat 1/3 cup cooked quinoa with it.

Snack; Make a salad or eat slices of one red bell pepper with
Two tablespoons of guacamole with it.

Lunch; Make Kale chicken salad today. Find a recipe online. Do not add any processed ingredient to it.

Snack; You can enjoy 5 cups of air popped popcorns today.

Dinner; Eat one portion or boiled, grilled or baked meat with bean salad.


  • Keep hydrated. Drink the at least 8-12 glass of water per day.
  • Avoid pasteurized and processed foods. Eat fresh.
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours s a day.
  • Combine a physical workout, walk or jogging with it for more quick weight loss.
  • You can repeat this diet now and then. Take a gap of few days before starting it again.

What to expect?

After seven days, you will feel energy and stamina in your body; Your skin will look fresh and radiant. You will feel more active and young. The best part is that your body, mainly tummy will look toned and stiff. The flabby belly will no more be there.

You may drop 1-3 pounds from this diet within a week. This weight loss is not same for all. Some may lose less, and some may lose more. It depends more on the user health status.

The likely effect of this diet is to make a difference in your appearance. More than that, your internal systems will be boosted up, overall improving your health.


The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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