Home remedies for a sinus headache

Home remedies for a sinus headache

A sinus headache is the typical side effect of some allergies like flu and cold. A huge number of individuals experience the ill effects of it. A sinus headache happens with the inflammation of the lining of the sphenoid sinus cavity.

This cavity is located just above the eyes in the lower portion of the head. This irritation causes terrible headaches and discomfort behind the eye.

However, it is always suggested to go to a professional doctor for appropriate treatment; there are a substantial number of home solutions for a sinus headache. These cures are great since they provide instant relief.

Symptoms of a sinus headache

The clearest signs and symptoms of this kind of a sinus headache are:

  • Constant feeling of tenderness in the cheekbones, area around eyes brows and nose bridge. It aggravates the condition in case of any kind of movement.
  • Runny nose
  • Fullness in the ear region
  • Hyperthermia

Home remedies for a sinus headache

Regular home remedies for getting relief from a sinus headache that decreases swelling, thin mucous discharge or secretions, and increases sinus draining are helpful. Let us discuss some tried and tested remedies for a sinus headache.

Some mixtures for topical application

One of the most effective remedies for a sinus headache comprises of making certain combinations and applying them on the brow area or forehead. Some of these mixtures are:

  1. Make paste of one teaspoon cinnamon powder in water and apply it on the forehead.
  2. Make a paste of ginger powder in milk or water. Now add 3 to 4 cloves and approximately 20 basil leaves in the ginger paste. Apply this mixture on the forehead to get an instant soothing effect.

Take steam

This home cure is exceptionally efficient.

Number of ways to take steam

There are number of ways to take a good steam like:

  1. you just need to boil water and breathe in the steam.
  2. Besides that, if you have a tub at home, you can run heated water from the shower. Sit by the tub and take in the steam.
  3. You may likewise include the eucalyptus oil to help soothe nasal clog. The steam of eucalyptus oil, when breathed in, is found to have mending impacts for sinus diseases.
  4. Another option of taking good steam is to make a big bowl of boiled water. Cover your head with a thick towel, and inhale the steam for around 15-20 minutes to clear the respiratory tracks of all the stuck mucus.
  5. A hot pack can likewise be put on the nose to alleviate the problem. By this procedure, the warmth will help the mucus to drip out, and it calms the nerves.

Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice is proven as an effective remedy for the cure of a sinus headache as it contains an enzyme known as bromelain. Bromelain is approved by the German Commission E (governmental regulatory agency of Germany) for the treatment of the inflamed nose due to sinusitis.

It also reduces the swelling of the lining of the sphenoid sinus cavity. Remember, you should take pineapple juice in between your meals on an empty stomach. By this, it will maximize the absorption and help in providing relief from a sinus headache.



Apart from being a food ingredient, it can decrease any irritation and inflammation of the membranes. Moreover, It likewise has properties that can improve the immunity to avoid attacking microscopic organisms and infections.

What licorice does is to create a thin film on the mucilage (throat). The mucilage prevents the excessive irritation of delicate mucus membranes and tissues, and it might help to repair harmed tissues.

Boil licorice root in water for few minutes and take it twice to thrice a day for better results. Remember, licorice root can cause hypertension, so if you are taking the drug for high blood pressure, it is crucial to consult your family doctor prior using this herb.

Lemon balm tea

Lemon balm is a herb that works against infections and microbes. It has soothing effects and accessible as tea. This tea is also helpful in fighting the microscopic organisms and infections related with sinusitis.

Lemon balm tea is additionally viable in preventing the awful breath, the basic side effect of sinus disease. You can drink this tea twice a day. You can also utilize this herb as a swish to clear the passage of throat.

Use pungent spices to ease a sinus headache

Have you experienced runny nose after spicy and pungent spices like cayenne pepper? Utilize this further bolstering the process during a sinus headache.

Many individuals confirm that hot and spicy foods like peppers, horse radish and jalapenos open up their nasal sections and gives them some alleviation from a sinus headache.

According to medical research, there is great confirmation that capsaicin (the ingredient found in Chile peppers), is compelling in mitigating a few sorts of terrible pains.

With mitigating and antibacterial properties, cayenne pepper help in separating and depleting out congested mucus.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a superb gift from nature with numerous medical advantages. You can take 2 to three tablespoons of it in hot water thrice a day. It will help disperse clogged mucus providing relief from blockage and sinus pressure. You can also mix it with organic honey and lemon to taste it better.

Rubbing or massaging the sinus areas

It is trusted that gently rubbing the sinus areas can decrease the irritation and inflammation. There are five pressure points of sinus massage. These are:

  • Between your eyes
  • Sides of the nostrils
  • Nose bridge
  • Under the cheekbones
  • Brow area

Massaging these areas help animate the blocked sinuses so they can deplete appropriately. Resultantly, it will ease a sinus headache.

Alternate cold and hot compresses will do the trick

A standout amongst other solutions to treat a sinus headache is hot and cold packs alternatively. By applying moderate heat on sinus area will ease the pain and helps in loosening the clogged mucus. However, cold compress provides alleviation from the pain by constricting the veins in the sinus area.

How to take hot and cold compress.

  • Take some hot water to such an extent that your facial skin can deal with it.
  • Soak a face towel in this water and wring it out to drain excess water.
  • Cover your face including sinus areas like forehead, cheeks, and nose.
  • Keep it for three minutes.
  • Now remove the towel and soak it in ice water.
  • Wring out excess water and place it on forehead region for approximately 30 seconds. Close your eyes and relax for few minutes.
  • Make it sure to repeat the procedure twice to thrice a day.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil contains menthol which has stunning soporific, antibacterial, antiviral, calming, carminative and antispasmodic properties. It serves to help sinus blockage and cerebral pain. By adding few drops in boiling water, you can take steam of it.

You can also use it with any carrier oil like almond oil. Rub the mixture of both tenderly on the sinus areas which include, nose, brows, temple, cheeks, and forehead.

Tips to avoid sinus pain triggers

The most critical thing to avoid the sinus pain triggers is to maintain a distance from over-the-counter nasal decongestant sprays or droppers. They may give some quick alleviation, however following a couple of days they influence sinus to aggravate and nasal clog much more awful.

Some different things you can do to counteract a sinus headache is to stay away from beer and other alcoholic drinks which can irritate sinus sphenoid cavity. Wash your bedding in boiling water to reduce allergy exposure. Do not swim, dive, or flying when you have sinusitis.


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