Uses Of Paraffin Wax

Uses Of Paraffin Wax

Wax is a part of various remedies at home. It is an ancient tool which became gradually famous with the development of beauty parlors and spa. The major role of wax is associated with getting rid of unwanted hair.

The word paraffin determines a particular type of wax which is common to make candles. It is also a part of crayon colors. It is a softer type of wax which is a derivative of petroleum jelly.

It has a low melting point which gives it an edge of being user-friendly for the skin. It doesn’t burn the skin if used on hands or feet. This quality makes it easy for human use. It suggests t that paraffin wax can be utilized for various skin treatments too.

Origin of Paraffin wax usage

The treatments involving paraffin wax gained popularity during the first-word war. The French physician Edmond Barthe De Sandford was the first person to develop an effective treatment for burns using paraffin wax. He referred it as keritherapy.

He even got the method for its patent on his name. The method of preparation was appointed as a membrane which is the oil of amber resin and an ancient form of new paraffin wax.

After this, other physicians also tried it, and the best product was named n0.7 paraffin which had 67% hard paraffin. The other components of it included less heavy form was 25% paraffin, 5% olive oil, 2% eucalyptus oil and 1% resorcin.

This mixture was a blessing for burnt victims who helped to retain their actual skin back. It was later on proven useful for joints pain, rheumatism, and several beauty procedures.

What is a paraffin wax treatment?

You might have heard about the paraffin wax treatment in spas. It is a simple process which is a part of skin care. In this method, hot paraffin wax is applied to the skin, particularly on hands, feet, elbow, and ankles for the smoother skin.

It removes the hard and rough skin patch and turns it into the softer feeling skin. For those which are a victim of the hardness of body parts, it is best to take paraffin treatment of dipping hands and feet into warm wax. Also, this treatment works with coatings layers on to the skin.

How does paraffin wax benefits?

Paraffin wax is used in some treatments. The basic function of it is to soften the hard skin of the user. It increases the elasticity of the skin which makes it smooth. It is also an effective remedy for arthritis and osteoporosis based problems such as joint pain or joint stiffness.

How to use Paraffin wax on hands and feet?

Hands and feet are two organs that are in contact with the extreme environments. The skin of hands and feet is often a subject of hardness and stiffness of the upper most layer which feels uncomfortable.

The common remedies for the hands and feet skin are the manicure and pedicure which is either done at home or spas. Paraffin becomes a part of such treatments which adds extra moisture to the skin.

For the home based treatments, paraffin wax is one of the most desirable things to use. An additional benefit is that it is easier to apply which means there is no complication to using it.

The unique paraffin manicure and pedicure

If you are a regular spa person, a chance is that you often come across the multiple options available in manicure and pedicure. You beautician may ask you which one of these would you like to have.

It is a common observation that many of the women are unaware of all these options are. They even don’t discuss the possibilities and go with the regular one. That is why paraffin manicure and paraffin pedicure are not that common.

This unique manicure and pedicure are a lot more beneficial than the usual one. The smoothness of wax adds moisture to the dead scaly skin of hands and feet, leaving behind the beautiful and nourished skin.

What should you know about paraffin wax therapies?

More than the moisture there are some advantages which paraffin wax usage gives you. Probably no one would tell you these advantages unless you know already about them. Some of these are as follows.

Pore cleanser
Paraffin wax is an excellent pore cleanser. Using it hot will unclog the blocked pores and the skin will look radiantly beautiful and cleaner.

Skin exfoliate
There is no need to use an additional exfoliate when you have paraffin wax with you. It gently removes the top layer of the skin which helps to get rid of dead cells and dirt. The skin underneath is baby fresh and clean which looks is as good as the new skin.

Skin Rejuvenation
This means the same as moisturizing. A substance like paraffin wax adds moisture to the skin which helps to up level the lost moisture levels. It maintains this balance for long. This particular property is helpful for age defying effect too.

• The damage repair mechanism
Once skin is under treatment for its moisture, dead cells, pores and clogs, the result is a complete restore system of skin which heals and feels amazing.

• Tightening the skin
No one may tell you, but the paraffin wax has a natural effect as a tightening agent for skin. It helps the flexible skin movements which mean that it also reduces the chances to get wrinkles.

How to do a paraffin treatment with ease?

To do the paraffin treatment either you can hire services at the spa or do it at home. It is better to get it done from the spa for the initial times and learn how do they do it professionally. Otherwise, several online tutorials can also help.

Follow these steps for completing the paraffin treatment.

  • Start by washing the hands and feet.
  • Take a small tub and add melted hot paraffin into it.
  • You are required to dip your hands and feet into it.
  • Don’t get scared because paraffin wax can not burn your skin. It is mild and gentle.
  • Tip for a few seconds and take the hands and feet out.
  • Let it dry in air.
  • Soak the hands and feet again until a thick layer of wax is formed.
  • Cover the hands and feet inside the plastic wraps. You can use the simple sling wraps too which are used in the kitchen.
  • Wrap in a hot towel.
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes.
  • Peel it off, it will quickly leave your skin because it is less adhesive than other substances.
  • Afterwards, you need a massage with a soft moisturizer.
  • It is better to perform it on hairless arms and feet to avoid discomfort.
  • Clean the hands and feet thoroughly.
  • Especially make sure that there is no wax remaining inside the nails.
  • Repeat it after 15-20 days.

Using it regularly will make your hands and feet extra clean, soft and beautiful. A few things which you need to take care are, never buy a substandard wax. Avoid overheating the wax which becomes unbearable for the skin, to avoid this always test the wax before dipping.

Make a habit of self-grooming practices like home manicure and pedicure. It adds points to your beauty and makes you attractive as a charming person.


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