Six Months Pregnant- What should You know?

Six Months Pregnant- What should You know?

If you are pregnant and six months have been passed, you know that the happy time is near. There are only three months left to see the fruitful result which your body is carrying whole this term of nine months. It would be better to register yourself in an early childbirth preparatory course which is to educate the young mothers to be about the process of delivery and after care.  These courses are common to found and many maternity or welfare centers offer them in almost every city.

It would be better to register yourself in an early childbirth preparatory course which is to educate the young mothers to be about the process of delivery and after care.  These courses are common to found and many maternity or welfare centers offer them in almost every city.

It would be better to register yourself in an early childbirth preparatory course which is to educate the young mothers to be about the process of delivery and after care.  These courses are common to found and many maternity or welfare centers offer them in almost every city.

How does your belly look like?

After six months of pregnancy, the belly becomes completely round and it may look abnormally big. A load of this extra weight affects the whole body. Many of the women complain about back muscle and spine pain. It feels that you are carrying the extra load. The body is still in the growth phase and even the blood cells are growing.

At this stage, the body is more prone to face a deficiency of red blood cells. It is characterized as anemia which is a shortage of hemoglobin levels. It affects more than 90% of the pregnant women as the growing baby needs more RBCs from the mother.

But this extraction initiates anemia condition in mothers. Another common reason to suffer from this insomnia is that the body has the poor inflow of Vitamin B12 and folic acid which leads towards a severe anemic condition.


  • Compressed uterus feeling

Another distinct part of this phase is the uterine tightening. The mother may feel a compression in her uterus. It is due to the movements of the baby and there is nothing to worry about. These movements are necessary to prepare the uterus for the delivery. This is a natural process of the body which is teaching you to prepare yourself for the childbirth.

  • Edema

Somewhere between the fifth and sixth month, you will feel that your limbs appear swollen. It particularly includes feet and ankles. It is called edema and it is normal. there is nothing to worry about. The body naturally retains the fluid to nourish your body. When the pressure on the body in increased, this edema appears as a sign of this pressure. A little swelling is common but if it prolongs for more time and becomes problematic and painful, you should consult your gynecologist.

  • Itchy abdomen

Some pregnant women may complain that they feel a dire need to scratch their tummies during or after the sixth month. This itching is not an unusual thing, neither it is a skin condition. The skin of your abdomen dries as the result of stretching which the body is under doing while carrying the baby. You can use moisturizing creams to prevent this dryness.

  • Indigestion and Anal bleeding

One rare thing to experience is the anal bleeding. Don’t get scared if you feel that coming. It is not a threat for the pregnancy but only the hemorrhoids. Some times after six months, hemorrhoids appear in the rectum, making it hard for you to pass the stool. The extra pressure that you exert on the walls of anus due to constipation causes them to erupt. Consulting a doctor in such condition is the best idea. Usually, theses hemorrhoids go away on their own but if they sustain, go for medical help.

  • Increased appetite

Some women may feel that their appetite has been increased. That is true because whatever you eat is directly making a part of your baby’s development. You worn body would also require some food ingredients to work. That is why the need of appetite becomes doubles or sometimes more than that. It is completely normal.

  • Insomnia

Some mothers to feel irregular sleeping routine which often times end up at insomnia.

It usually affects in the third trimester but it starts in the sixth month. The frequent need to use the bathroom may disturb your routine and you feel insomniac. Or, the movements of the baby may not let you sleep. Handling this type of insomnia doesn’t need medicines. To control this, eat your last meal (dinner) before time. For example, eat it before two hours you hit the bed. The risk of indigestion will be reduced. Do not take fizzy drinks and coffee before you plan to sleep. DO something which relaxes you like reading a book, watching TV or listening to some soulful music. It will help you to induce sleep peacefully.

Development of the baby

The baby’s development keeps on going until the ninth month. The sixth month is actually beginning of the second half of pregnancy phase. The weight of your baby should be 1-2 pounds ideally. However, it could be a little more or less. Its length is up to 10-12 inches now and the weight increase per day, for the baby is 0.02 pounds.  At this stage, the nails are formed already, bones and joints are gaining strength, making it clear for the body to draw a complete pattern of the newborn.

After 23 weeks of the development in the baby, the weight gain is immediate and constant. Even the facial structure is developed, eye brows and eye lashes can be seen. The brain develops two section by this time, middle brain and cerebellum. Immunity, at this stage, is immunoglobulin based which is transferred from mother to the growing baby. The baby sleeps and even dreams. Once it wakes up he listens to what mother is saying or doing in the outer world.

The liver starts its function and the glycogen accumulation starts. Even the digestive system is functional at this time. The constant respiratory movements in combination to all these systems make the baby understand the world he will be soon experiencing.

Visits to your gynecologist

This is high time you start your regular gynecologist visits. These checkups are required every second week to check if the baby’s development is going smooth and the mother is not facing any problem.

These checkups are basic. The doctor will listen to the baby’s heartbeat with a stethoscope. The doctor will also check the health conditions of the mother, if she needs any health supplements or not.

Usually, at this stage, many women need multivitamins, minerals, iron or folic acid supplements to make the health of the mother better. The basic things to check in each visit, the doctor will check the following things.

  • Weight gain process
  • Fundal height of uterus
  • Diet changes
  • Internal inflammation
  • Varicose veins

Medical checks to perform at the sixth month

The sixth month of pregnancy is a mid way between your journey for a healthy childbirth. Any complication at this stage may become a problem if not treated and diagnosed on time. It suggests that your doctor will keep a record of the mother’s health through regular tests. Some of these tests are as follows.

  • Measuring the weight
  • Measuring the blood pressure
  • The tests for urine (Proteins and sugar)
  • Heart rate
  • Measuring the size of baby
  • Determination of the position of baby
  • Physical examination of the limbs to check swelling
  • The extra problem or health condition which the mother may feel

When should you see a doctor?

If everything is under control and is going well, probably there is no need to go to a doctor. But if you feel any of the following symptoms, rush to your gynecologist immediately.

  • If you feel that the fetus is not moving or the movements are less than 10 counts per hour, rush to your doctor immediately.
  • An unusual bleeding which you feel from time to time, take it seriously.
  • If the uterine contractions are so many and they leave you helpless, seek medical help.
  • If you feel pain from uterus to all the way till vaginal opening or the extremely painful urination, go to the doctor.
  • If you feel prolonged pains in abdomen, leaving you helpless to move.
  • A stiffness of the back which radiates to the lower back.
  • If you feel a bursting of water all of a sudden.
  • If you feel heaviness and bloated in the lower part of the pelvis, seek a doctor.

Additional tips for six months pregnant mothers

In addition to all the information above written, following are some basic tips which you must follow to make this time relaxed for you.

  • Do not carry weight. Especially, don’t put the extra pressure on your legs because the body is already carrying the extra weight of the baby.
  • Relax your body and avoid the body positions which are unnatural.
  • Never ignore a swelling.
  • In a case of shin spasms, deal it with light exercise while laying in the bed. Do not take extra pain killers for it.
  • For the limbs pain, give yourself a massage.
  • Take care of the diet so that the risk of constipation is reduced. It will further reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.
  • Do not keep on standing for long. Avoid standing in queues and make your sitting comfortable.
  • Only take the prescription based medicines.
  • If you are worried about the childbirth process, take help from the counselor. It is not a thing to worry about once all this is clear to you. Ask questions to your gynecologist if you are not certain of anything. Also, never hide your symptoms and illness from the gynecologist. They can only treat you once the diagnose is made on clear conditions.
  • Hydrate your body. Maintain a healthy food routine.
  • Do not eat junk food, also do not try a weight loss plan.
  • Sleep at least 8-10 hours a day and don’t take the stress.
  • Plan your delivery, share it with your closed ones and spend time in shopping the useful things.
  • Be positive and maintain this healthy optimistic approach throughout your pregnancy.



The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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