Seasonal Sickness and Flu? Here’s What You Can Do

Seasonal Sickness and Flu? Here’s What You Can Do
Reactions to seasonal changes can be hard for a good number of people especially the ones with weaker immune systems. Unfortunately, diets deprived of nutritional value are becoming increasingly common in all age groups.
This can further cause the body to have a less capable immune system. Also, exposure to chemicals disturbed sleep patterns, and other health conditions can worsen the case of bodily reactions to environmental changes.
One of such reactions is getting flu. Catching a flu virus from seasonal alterations, exposure to toxins or nutritional deficiencies or any other reason can disturb any person’s routine.
It can serve as a reaction as well as a decreased performance at work or school.

What is Flu and what are its Symptoms?

Flu is a common respiratory illness that also happens to be one of the most contagious viral sicknesses in the world. The influenza virus has reportedly become the most popular pathogen next to others such as E. Coli.
The virus is so contagious that it can spread through the air between an infected person and a non-infected one even if they are at a considerable distance. Some of the most common symptoms of this condition are:
  • A runny nose
  • Fever
  • A cough
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • A cough
  • Watery eyes
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Body and Muscle Aches
Flu is prevalent especially when there are weather changes like the shifting from summers to winters. People are more prone to the virus during cold seasons than warm ones. Although all age groups are affected by this virus, people with depressed immunity can get flu many times.
Examples of such people include children, adults who have crossed the age of 50, severe nutrient-deficient people like the ones with anorexia nervosa and pregnant women.
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What Is the Usual Treatment?

Fortunately, there are enough medicines that can help with the case of flu such as vaccines or antiviral drugs where the latter is suggested more often over the former because of side effects observed in some of the people who took them.
A study published in 2014 showed flu shots have preservatives and dangerous chemicals. These toxic substances and preservatives can inflict considerable damage to the body. Most of the people have allergic reactions to them.

What About Flu Shots?

In fact, other cases of taking flu shots have shown that it can even be proven fatal in people with other health conditions.
The study mentioned one of the patients who previously only had high blood pressure issues had severe cardiovascular issues and increased chances of a heart attack after trying a flu shot.
Taking drugs over vaccines is better especially in the case of flu along with some other health guidelines. Following the recommended ways improves the condition of the flu in a shorter period of time.
Additionally, the CDC added further suggestions to the original guidelines published back in 2007 on non-pharmaceutical interventions to get rid of flu as quickly as possible or avoid getting it in the first place.
Basic Tips 
Following are some of those guidelines that can help people prevent or treat flu in fast ways:
  • Getting enough rest when feeling sick
  • Spending more time at home
  • Taking an antiviral drug immediately after exposure to a sick friend or relative
  • Keeping your hands clean and washing them often
  • Carrying a hand sanitizer
  • Covering coughs and sneezes (not with hands)
  • Using tissues over one handkerchief
  • Wearing a mask to avoid spreading flu or catching it in an environment that is likely to have it
  • Avoid holding in a sneeze or a cough
  • Get proper sleep
All of these tips can help a person in successfully preventing flu or giving the virus to others. These have been guaranteed to start working a few hours after a person tries them and help the body in overcoming flu in 2-3 days. How to Treat Flu Fast
The guidelines CDC will surely help anyone trying to get relief from flu as soon as possible but there have been a number of proven home remedies that can aid the body in recovering from flu virus in a period as short as of 24 hours.

What Else Can You  Do?

Try the following remedies for getting rid of the flu:


Vitamin C

Vitamin C has great benefits for the immune system. This is why doctors and nutritionists suggest that the daily diets should it. It should be at least 1000 milligrams to ensure safety from foreign invaders.
Taking this dosage of Vitamin C daily can keep cold and flu away as well as help a person relieve flu symptoms. Try taking 4000 milligrams of Vitamin C when having the signs of influenza attack either with supplements or by adding vitamin C rich fruits and veggies to diet. Vitamin D
People with weaker immunity tend to have a Vitamin D deficiency. Why is this so? Because Vitamin D is there for regulation of expression of 0ver 1500 genes including the ones involved in the immune system in the body.
Researchers have shown that the cause of Vitamin D deficiencies and one of the reasons why rates of flu cases go up in the winters is because of less exposure to the biggest source of the vitamin – the sun.
The daily recommendations of 200-400 units per day have increased to 2000.
Try taking 2000 units per kilogram of body weight as soon as the signs of influenza virus attack start to appear. It will effectively reduce the chances of development of flu.

Oregano Oil and other essential oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries for treating illnesses such as flu attacks. One of the most effective oil with antiviral properties is Oregano oil. Try rubbing oregano oil to the neck and bottom of the feet twice a day to support the immune system.
Also, in case unavailability of oregano oil, peppermint oil, frankincense oil, and clove oil can be work as well.


This is the first choice when wanting to get rid of flu symptoms on the very first day since it starts working as soon the person takes it. The nutrient has a proven antiviral effect and supports the immune system in the body.
Try eating zinc-rich foods over zinc supplements as the latter are not as efficient as food. Take 5-120 milligrams of zinc daily to avoid catching the flu virus.


Probiotics and probiotic-rich foods such as fermented yogurt and kefir have many benefits. They are responsible for restoring healthy bacteria in the gut which in return boost the immune system.

Seasonal Sickness and Flu? Here's What You Can Do
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Water is a fundamental part of recovery from the majority of the health conditions. It is good specifically the ones including bacterial and viral attacks. Drinking enough water will help flush out the bacteria or the virus in a faster way. Try to drink at least 8 ounces of water every hour.
In addition, green or black tea or similar fluids can be taken to stay hydrated. In fact, such drinks have added benefits such as antioxidant boost. Ginger and oolong tea are among the most popular teas that can help with flu and or cold. Light Meals


Having the right diet is very important when trying to get rid of flu especially if the person gets signs of diarrhea along with the flu. Try to eat light foods that are easier to digest. Ditch processed, oil and sugary food. Opt for cooked or grilled vegetables and soups for a lesser load on the digestive system.
Secondly, try adding the aforementioned herbal teas to your diet or other warm beverages that are light to help soothe other symptoms such as a sore throat.
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