Is Trump’s new healthcare policy going to put Americans under a huge financial Dilemma?

Is Trump’s new healthcare policy going to put Americans under a huge financial Dilemma?

Trump’s “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” and the Proposed American Health Care Policy may Crush Most of the Americans under a Huge Financial Dilemma.

Since he took the office, President Mr. Donald Trump has been in a constant effort to completely wipe out any signs of the Obama regime from the United States of America.

He wants to kill the Obama’s Climate Plan, he wants to tear up the Obama Energy policies and he also appears to be firm and fully committed to dismantle the Obamacare health reform law. President Trump wants to scrap all of the Obama care subsidies and it is dreaded that the health insurance premiums would spike considerably.

One of the biggest hurdles to taking down the Affordable Care Act is that much of the Obamacare is controlled by law and tight regulations that an executive order simply cannot undo like that. But President Trump and the Republicans are determined on defending their robust health bill, and lately, they seem to have moved a step closer to delivering on their promise to reshape American Health Care without mandated insurance coverage.

If the Trump’s healthcare plan replaces the affordable Obamacare it is dreaded that the prices for individual health plans may sharply increase by the year 2018. The health insurance premiums would rise beyond expectations and this could result in a financial burden on low-income people, paying out of their pockets for health services.

Another major blow that people might suffer would be increased in the health insurance fees for the pregnant women. The new bill intends to raise the fees for pregnant women, but not men with erectile dysfunction.

The insurance companies will be allowed to charge high fees for those who have “pre-existing conditions”, and the Donald Trump healthcare bill lists having a baby as a “pre-existing condition”. Resultantly, Donald Trump’s new healthcare bill will allow the insurers to charge higher fees to women who have had children.

As a result, the pregnancy would cost women 425% more under the Donald Trump’s health plan as compared to the Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act. The women have completed their pregnancy without any complication will be liable to pay $17060 more than what they used to pay for the Obama care.

People will lung or brain cancer could see a rise of $71880 while those suffering from metastatic cancer could be liable to a $140510 surcharge.

The premiums would also spike for people with kidney diseases, colorectal and other cancers, as well as autism and Alzheimer’s.

The bill also plans to cut on the Medicaid program for low-income people, allowing states impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients making things even difficult for the low earning class.

Those with uncomplicated diabetes will also have to pay $5600 more for their health insurance.

The only class that seems to enjoy the benefits from this bill will be the higher-earning people and the health industry. Not only would they earn more than the majority of the Americans but tax penalties that hit people who do not buy the health coverage, and the tax increases on the higher earning populace of the country will also be eliminated and erased.

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