Worst Sleeping Mistakes To Avoid

Worst Sleeping Mistakes To Avoid

Sleep is an important part of our routine, as it provides us with physical and mental rejuvenation. Those who sleep better at night have been studied to perform better in memory recall and retention, focus, concentration, and have been known to have healthier immune systems.

During sleep, our muscles relax and rebuild and our brains process all the recent information and reorganize memories. All of this makes us feel refreshed and sharp after a good night’s sleep. But many of us are plagued by the bad quality of sleep, leaving us groggy and dull in the morning. Here are 5 sleep mistakes to avoid, for healthy sleep and a refreshed you.

  • Sleeping Position

Sleeping position can affect the quality of sleep drastically. Sleeping on your back can cause the airways to get restricted leading to snoring, which is a sign of unhealthy sleep. Sleeping on the side is suggested to be the ideal sleeping position because it helps with normal breathing and better circulation of blood through the body.

Also, it is better for your posture especially your spine which needs to be in its natural curved shape so that it can decompress properly. All these factors combined can lead to healthier and fulfilling sleep.

  • Technology

Many of us have a habit of watching TV or using our cell phones in our bed. Although it might seem comfortable and relaxing, it is very detrimental to our sleep.

Recent studies show that being exposed to blue and white light given off by phones, laptops and other electronic gadgets at night prevents the brain from releasing melatonin, the sleep inducing hormone. It is suggested that not using our devices for roughly an hour before bed could help induce sleep faster.

  • Routine And Duration

Not having a routine can confuse the brain and upset our biological clocks along with disrupting sleep patterns. It can become increasingly difficult to get the required quantity and quality of sleep with an inconsistent routine. Having a fixed routine and duration of sleep helps the brain synchronize body and brain function leading to better and healthier sleep. Sleeping in on the weekend may sound tempting but can sabotage your sleep schedule. Try to avoid inconsistencies in your routine to achieve invigorating sleep.

  • Sleeping Conditions

The conditions we sleep in can also affect our sleep. Wearing uncomfortable clothes can cause discomfort while sleeping and can hinder the quality of sleep. Also, setting the thermostat wrong can lead to insufficient sleep as sleep is greatly affected by ambient and body temperature. In fact, your body temperature plays a part in your sleep cycle – a slight drop in temperature is what induces sleep. Lastly, lighting conditions of your bedroom also play a role since the biological clock is ruled by light. Too much can cause the brain to become alerted and complete darkness can cause the brain to relax and eventually sleep. Try dimming the lights to a more comfortable level to avoid disruption of the body’s biological clock.

  • Stress

One of the major factors to cause sleep loss or deterioration of sleep quality is stress. The places we sleep in should be rid of stress inducing conditions. The bed should only serve the purpose of sleep and rest.

Stressful work and serious discussions should not take place in that area, as the brain can associate the bed with stress causing you to think of stressful things and situations when trying to sleep. They can, in turn, hinder the sleeping experience and also cause loss of sleep. It’s best to leave the stress out of the bedroom for a healthy night’s sleep.


The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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