Research Found Link Between CA and Gut Microbiome

Research Found Link Between CA and Gut Microbiome

A new research found that there is a link between cavernous angiomas (CA), a type of brain blood vessel abnormality, and the gut microbiome’s composition.

Cavernous angiomas:

CA is a type of abnormal blood vessel in brain of humans. 0.5% of the total population of the world has these abnormal vessels. Out of them, 40% show symptoms, because of vessel hemorrhaging.

Visual disturbance, stroke, seizures and headache are the symptoms for having the abnormal vessels.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans can be used to monitor CA. However, some people may need surgery.

It can be inherited from parents as it is found that CA have genetic component.

In a previous research performed on mice, this was found that gut microbiome can also effect CA.

Scientists suggest that there is a link between gut microbiome and CA, yet there are no full details available. The type microbiome is present in people with CA is not known yet.

Researchers, who have performed the present research, are trying to determine which type of bacteria do people with CA have.

Advanced Genomic Analysis:

For this research, researchers analyzed stool samples of 122 people with at least one CA. They compared the samples with another group of people who had no CA at all.

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They found that people with CA had more gram-negative gut bacteria. The other group had more gram-positive bacteria.

The people with CA had particular types of gut bacteria. Even when the researchers took into account the confounding factors, such as sex, genetics, or geographic location, the results didn’t vary.

Researchers also found that gut bacteria produce more lipopolysaccharide molecules in people with CA. The authors noticed the link with CA production in mice.

The researchers also found that composition of gut bacteria can help find how aggressive the CA will be.

Experts determine the severity of brain disorder  by analyzing a specific type of microbiomes along with blood plasma.

Future research:

The researchers say that diet effects on microbiome and resultantly on CA should also be determined. Experts believe more research is still require to practically use the results. Microbiota-gut-brain axis is the focus of current health science researches. The relation between gut and the brain is not very simple. It is not clear yet.

However, the study will prove to be the milestone for further research. Further research might find the relation and solution for the CA.

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