“India Playing Pharmacy of The World Role” :SCO

“India Playing Pharmacy of The World Role” :SCO

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Secretary-General Vladimir Norov has says that India has a deep knowledge of medicine and is playing key role in world pharmacy during COVID-19.

SCO is a ‘Eurasian political, economic, and security alliance’ (WIKIPEDIA). India and Pakistan were added to the group in 2017.

India is supplying medicines to 133 countries to fight the pandemic. Indian government has also taken urgent measures to prevent COVID-19 at national level, Norov told.

He added that it is a great example of responsibility by a ‘major power’. It is also ‘complementary and mutual support’ of the member states of the SCO.

India has also won an election for a non-permanent seat in United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Norov had visited New Delhi this January. He commented on the elections that India’s entry in UN organ is much more than symbolic.

“This is more than symbolic now as India secures its non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council for the period of 2021-2022.”

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Health and India

Indian scientist and health experts will contribute in world efforts regarding the COVID-19, maybe they would develop a vaccine, he added.

India’s contribution in world pharmacy during the pandemic is notably great in global context.

The former minister of Uzbekistan said that India is providing medicines to many countries. He said that India has a good reason for it, it relies on its vast experience and deep knowledge in the field of medicine and health management, including the production of high quality, affordable medicines, equipment and vaccines.”

India is producing 20% of the world’s generic medicines. It makes up 62 percent of vaccine demand in the world.

The Secretary-General of the grouping says that opportunities for ‘full-scale cooperation’ have now opened as India is now a full member of the SCO.

At the Bishkek Summit, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, said that health is one of the priorities of the government. The role of India in the pharmacy of the world has proved the efforts of the governments.

“At the last SCO Summit, Modi made a number of proposals to activate key areas of interaction. He noted that there should be a common vision of strengthening healthy cooperation in our region.” Norov said.

Narendra Modi said that letters in the word ‘Health’ can be a format of collaboration: H- Healthcare cooperation, E- Economic cooperation, A- Alternative energy sources, L- Literature and culture, T- Terrorism free society, H- Humanitarian cooperation.

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