Brazil Reaches 1 Million COVID-19 Cases

Brazil Reaches 1 Million COVID-19 Cases

Brazil has reached 1 million COVD-19 positive cases. It has become the second country to hit 1 million; US was the first country.

The Brazilian health ministry confirmed ‘more than 54,000’ cases on Friday. The death rate reached 1,200 per day. It is the fourth consecutive day of 1,200 deaths.

First coronavirus case in Brazil was confirmed on 26 February. Brazil has reported 1 million cases in less than 4 months.

Brazil is also facing economic problems and tense political situation within the country. There is a fear of collapse of economy after struggle of years to reach here.

About 54,700 cases are reported today. The virus is now spreading at a very high speed and is now almost uncontrollable.

Globally COVID-19 cases are 8.6 million. Out of the total cases, 3.39 million cases are reported in US and Brazil only. This is more than one-third of total coronavirus cases.

Current Situation:

There were no measures taken at national level to keep people save from the virus. States governors adopted different safety measures to fight COVID-19.

The infection is spreading fastly especially in deprived neighborhoods and remote areas.

Economy is also getting worse. Millions of people have lost their jobs. The Brazilian government has started temporary payments but most of the people are being thrown to poverty.

The government had removed the data of COVID-19 cases and deaths the website earlier. But court ordered to publish it again.

President Jair Bolsonaro

Experts say that the severity of the pandemic is partially because of the presidents’ behavior of not following the scientific advice and the WHO’s recommended measures.

At the start of pandemic, the president even participated in anti-lock down rallies. The rallies could be another cause of spreading but they didn’t last much longer.

Mr. Bolsonaro said that locking down the country would have a bad impact on economy than the virus. His way of handling the pandemic has led to the resignation of two doctors as health ministers.

At present, the health minister is an army general who has no experience of handling matters related to health especially a pandemic.

President looks impressed of US president Donald Trump’s way to handle the pandemic and is doing almost the same.

The president supports the treatment of the patients using hydroxychloroquine. He also received around 2 million doses of the drug from US as an aid.

Amid the pandemic, the president is facing a lot of political resistance. He is facing an investigation about using police for political purposes. Supreme Court of Brazil is also conducting two inquiries into his allies.

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